Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley, Laney and sheffy still on ceiling after last night even mam caught the emotion when crowd sang never walk alone to all players she reckon never seen so many grown men cry just put few words on creative corner (our dream) if your interested hope everyone is as happy as I feel I know I go on about my beloved reds I can, t explain how my passion keeps me going just that it does along with my new family on here
Pete and mam YNWA


Morning Peter and mam
I didn’t listen to the game last night as I am ashamed to say that I had written lfc off.
Could not believe it when I got up about 3am this morning, thought I was dreaming.
Hi Babswood was at the G. P yesterday and he said that I’ve to refuse to be discharged by my original neurologist in July but agreed that I should not see the second one in December as I have totally lost trust in him, he also agreed that there is a conflict of interest and said my letter was harsh but fair.
Anyway I may have lost the battle but not the war, inspired by lfc.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


I, m glad your gp is onside with you hopefully you can see a consultant who can at least be sympathetic to your problems I am however disappointed you never kept the faith lol told you it, s a special club even Lineker refused to apologise for klopp swearing he said after watching that he earned right to say it suppose too much to ask for Brighton to help us out
Pete and mam


Hi all yes my break away was brilliant.

It feels just like winter here so cold.

I’m away to have a look at your poem Peter

Babsx x x


Hope you and Phil are well mam sends her love our window cleaner give me stick yesterday before the game said if we knock barcalona out I, d shave beard off mam decided she wants me to keep it now good result as hate shaving glad you enjoyed yourself hopefully summer is back next week
Pete and mam


I lose my faith easily Peter!
Just ask my neuro.!
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:™:pray::pray:


Hi gang lovely morning here just off to shower before breakfast and then off to do some shopping my fav chore lol still someone has to do it hope all is well with you all will catch you all later regards to you all from mam
Pete and mam


Hi all hope that you are all doing well.
I am going to start physio for my hand next week and als go to the hosp to get my foot checked out so keep fingers crossed for me as I keep getting the feeling that something is wrong with my foot… Babs x x x


Hi babs keep positive I, m sure you’ll be OK let us know how you get on mam sends her regards to you and Phil how is Phil just realised I never ask after him I do apologise hope Brighton can do us a good turn by taking a point off man City just going to read papers lost another of my idols Freddie star saw him in torquay when he was at his peak best impersonation of elvis I, ve seen or heard you should read his autobiography 5star read
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi morning everyone hope you are all well, and looking forward to the weekend looks like another nice day here mam off to town later with her sister to spend all my inheritance lol quiet day for me hopefully saving myself for tomorrow though just put 2nd load of washing out catch youall later
Pete and mam


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley, Laney and sheffy another nice morning here hope you are all well well it, s d-day last day for league we need to beat wolves and hope Brighton Don, t lose to man City will be missing as usual from 3pm till 5pm fingers crossed we are both ok today is day beard may go unless I get extention to champions league final lol
Pete and mam YNWA


Well Good Day to Peter and Mam, Roy and Lesley, Laney, Tommy hope that you are all enjoying this weather.

Tommy I hope you are doing OK. When do you go back to see your doctor. Say hello to Sue from me.

Roy I was just wondering if Lesley found the right house to buy.
Or are you still looking.

Babs x x x


Hi there musketeers
Hope you are all shiny happy people.
Hi Babswood and Phil, sue says hello back.
I’m supposed to have an appointment in July buuut however since I have sacked the neurologist because he was worse than the Brighton manager, who knows? Or cares for that matter.
F. N. D. = f*#*in, no diagnosis…
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Tommy that’s shocking. At least you have kept your sense of humour.

I hope that things are not too bad for you just now.

Babsx x x


Afternoon all, hope everyone’s well.

We’re still looking Babs, there hasn’t been much coming on but the agent’s been onto Les today with a ‘possible’ that we’re hoping to view on Wednesday, it’s a 4 bed detached bungalow in an area we like at a realistic price so fingers crossed.


Good luck hope it, s what you are after been off line fault on line but bt fixed in under 8hrs well pleased make most of the weather as I bought new shorts so expect rain
Pete and mam


Thanks Peter. We’re neither of us getting any younger & with mobility issues in the future it makes more sense to look at bungalows but most we’ve seen so far have been quite small, this one sounds quite substantial.


Just to let you all know I, m not too down
Oh well another season gone
And still no league crown
But boy we got close
So we won’t get down

The records we broke
There for all to see
This team is special
To all reds like me

Wow they can play
And match all the rest
It won’t be too long
Before we, re the best

We got really close
And it’s hard to take
Just two more points
Out of what was at stake

We will bounce back
We know we must
Because in Jurgen our manager
We always will trust

Hope everything is OK with you all sorry to bore you to death before breakfast
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Roy, Lesley and rest of gang do i need to change my aftershave nobody posting today just wondering how was house hunting? Hope it went well have to tell you that mam been on new inhalers for 2 days now my mate called today and noticed how much better her breathing is she finally admitted I was right and she wasn’t getting enough out of previous inhalers this could have been sorted months ago
Pete and mam


Hello Peter, hello everyone, what a lovely day!

I’m sure your aftershave is fine Peter (that old Brut was good enough for Del boy). We’re viewing a property tomorrow but we’ve already had a look on Google streetview & we don’t fancy it.