I, m sure you’ll find what you are looking for soon


Hi Peter and Mam
Is that old spice you’re wearing?
Does Mam use a volumiser for her inhaler as they guarantee 100% of the medication without having to do it in one breath.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi musketeers
Does anyone suffer reflux when sleeping.
This is fairly new to me, I’ve woken up with heartburn.
But last night I was virtually drowning in my sleep and managed to get to the edge of the bed and Sue got my inhaler which I took by myself and lay back down.
Sue told me in the morning that she could not understand any of the words I was saying.
But even worse I have no memory of the incident whatsoever.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:



Hi Tommy my father used to suffer from reflux are you on any meds for it think he used to take lansoprozle twice a day the memory part is out of my league it couldn’t be your new tabs could it I don’t normally read side effects but maybe you should check it out
Pete and mam


Cheers Peter
I’m already on lansoprole one a day.
I’ve booked an appointment with my GP as I now have a chest infection.
Regards to Mam

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi mam was on 1 lansoprozle a day and renal specialist told her you need 2 a day for them to be effective regards to Sue from us both bit worried about Laney posted her twice not heard anything back which is unlike her been sorting few things in garden just off for shower catch you later
Pete and mam


In the past I’ve woken up choking a couple of times. I went to my GP about an irritating cough I had I she reckoned it might be connected to reflux and prescribed omeprazole which did sort it but since I’ve been taking it I’ve also not experienced any choking at night.


Hi morning everyone hope you are all well can I ask what type of cough you had was it dry and thickly as I have had mine for weeks now doesn’t seem to want to go don’t worry Roy if you don’t remember if it still with me in a couple of weeks I’ll make appointment with gp
Regards to all from mam and me


Precisely that Peter, like I kept needing to clear my throat. I’ve actually started getting it back on & off over the last couple of weeks & I’m wondering if the omeprazole has become less effective?


Hi all
Sorry I have not been in much but I’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather. As I love nothing more than sitting in the sun. Now the weather is to change. Awe no.
I think it has actually been good for me as sometimes I think I was on here just too much. You actually get quite addicted don’t you.?

Not that I’ve forgotten my friends I can assure you I. Have most deffinetly not.

My garden is now looking good. Hoping that we have more sun to get and the last few days have not been our summer. Babs x x x


Good to hear from you as long as you are ok
Pete and mam


Yes thanks Peter, my eyes also have been really bad that is closing all the time. But was told there is nothing more can be done. Won’t moan too much. Glad to hear that Mam is doing okay

Will speak with you tomorrow.

Babsx x x


Hullawrerr China
Good to see you again
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:





Hi babs,
Sorry to hear about your eyes,i have an appointment at ninewells next fri tosee the plastic surgery specialist about botox,i think you have already had this,how many treatments did you get,Iwas horrified to read that nothing else could be done.My eyes are


Also closing most of the time,i thought if botox didnt work you could get an operation that would help hopefully you may get something like that,you have lots to put up with already this is the last thing you need.Cheers Anne D


Hi Peter and Mam and all the musketeers.
I have listened to the album you suggested and thought it was excellent to chill out to.
The song Poison Love got me going I could sit on the sofa with my shaking leg, get the spoons out and look normal for a wee bit.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Tommy and all the gang glad you enjoyed first heard her duets album with Robert plant got hooked now have about dozen or more there is a stunning live album out there it, s also on dvd should see her play fiddle mam sends her regards to you and Sue
Pete and mam


I could imagine her singing with Neil Diamond like Streisand.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: