Well then my fellow musketeers.
Following my foray into the realms of volunteering in aid of science and the future generations.
I’ve now got a a date for my biopsy.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: I have not unwittingly opened pandora’s
I have to have a camera :camera_flash: shoved down my throat and pieces snipped off the inside of my esophagus on the 20th of June and even worse I’ll have to have it done without sedation as I don’t have a responsibile adult as a chaperone.
I now have 12 appointments with 40 mile round trips to attend from the 5th of June through to the 20th of July.

Sick :face_vomiting: as a parrot.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I’m just a lonely​:musical_note::notes:
lonely and blue​:musical_score::musical_note:
I’m all alone :musical_note::musical_note:
with too much to do​:notes::musical_note:
I’ve got every ailment :musical_score::notes::musical_note:
you could think of :musical_note::notes::musical_note:
but right at this moment :notes::musical_note:
I just want to f​:guitar::trumpet:k off :mobile_phone_off: :musical_note::musical_note::notes:


Hi wish I was living nearer I, would chaperone but admit I might not meet the responsible bit but I would still do it all being well going out looking at fish tanks on Thursday done plenty of research seems bigger is better and supposed to be easier to look after so will probably give it another shot
Pete and mam


Funny sue says that as well


Hi all I hope that you are all doing okay. By the way Royi I like the last house too. Enjoy your house hunting.

Peter I do hope all goes well with the fish tank.
Regards ro Mam too.

Hi Tommy I hope that you get on well with your hospital appts will be thinking of you. You brave soul.

I too wished I lived nearer and then Phil could go with you. But like Peter I am so far away and no way could I resemble a responsible adult as now I can’t even look after myself.

What a bunch of pals you have eh Tommy?

Thinking of you all. Babs x x x


Naebiddy luvs me
Evrybiddy hates me
A fink Al goan ea worms.

Honestly though thanks guys
I know what you would like to do.
It’s just more the non sedation I’m concerned about.
I need the meds for courage :lion::lion:
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Nice to hear from you Babswood I hope you are well.
As for everyone else I require some advice.
The letter I got says I will be able to breathe through my nose when I swallow the camera.
Buuut however I have had pollops up my hooter for years and use a spray called Avamys to shrink them to just be able to breathe in a normal situation.
Yes Babswood that is why I sound like Liam Gallagher when I read a poem on radio parkies.
Is it possible to learn to breathe through the ears?
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill::ear::ear::ear:


Hi all

What a lovely day
PHIL ANDI are at Ayr Racecourse as If you know me we love to go to the racing. We are staying overnight at the hotel next to the race course. Just can’t believe the weather. Enjoying our day at the races.

Babs x x x


Hi Babswood and Phil
Sounds great it’s fantastic to hear you sound so happy.


Erm? Best tell them you can’t Tommy?

Saw neurologist today, he’s added Levodopa to my list of meds (told him I was no worse but no better). He thinks I might have arthritis in my hands so blood test & x-ray required.

Viewed the last house today, I liked it but it’s for m’lady to make a decision (bless her) & she doesn’t like the kitchen or the location much…


Oh and evening all!



Hi all sorry not been in touch with you all but been rejigging my cds and dvds in bedroom was hoping to squeeze a 90l tank in but have room for 125l almost be able to swim in it lol between your music and mine things proving to be a bit of a challenge you need to inform them you can’t breathe through your nose Tommy still counting your winnings I hope babs off to bed now as been upby 2,am last3nights
Pete and mam YNWA


Well I never ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ brings back memories, old memories :hushed::thinking:


Cheers Roy
I was on levodopa nearly three years ago.
Strange med for me but I appreciate it may be different in your case.
I bought so much crazy stuff that I really didn’t want or need for that matter and on a much more serious and honest note, after a few months I found myself compelled to watch or look at things I normally would find quite wrong or repulsive even including violent images of execution I’m ashamed to admit but for the people on the forum I think it’s something they should be aware of as it creeps up slowly.
I’m truly not making light of this side effect as it still leaves me cold thinking about it all now. So please be aware anyone.
On a slightly different note over the last week or so I have started to get what’s called silent reflux (a very common symptom of FND) Not…
This is basically reflux either awake or asleep that rises without the warning of heartburn or indeed any sourness and is easily aspirated.
Please forgive me for being slightly graphic but is sincerely believe it’s important info.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi everyone another great day outside hope it’s the same where you are pots to water first and then off to check out aquarium and cabinet combos taking the plunge and going for a 90 /125 litre double my last one if it fails will get shoal of pirhanas and get in with them lol this time will run it in old fashioned way hope you are all well and mam sends her regards to you all
Pete and mam


Thanks for making me aware of that Tommy, quite scary! Lesley would argue that my existing meds have made me a little obsessive about buying watches (she may be right) but I’ve been selling some as well so not too out of pocket. I’m really not looking forward to having to take yet more pills, let’s just say I’m not rushing to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.

Sorry to hear about your reflux problem, I take Omeprazole for that as well.

Morning everybody, yet another house viewing this morning, this time it’s the shabby looking bungalow with the 70s stone clad chimney. Think this one’s going to be a ‘project’ :slight_smile:


You’re welcome Roy
I would think in your case it probably would be watches or maybe 70s hi fi equipment that would become compulsive but as you say at least they are resalable.
My neuro simply went too far increasing my meds 12 fold in the hope of stopping my leg tremor.
And when it failed he sent a letter to my GP advising him to get me off them RAPIDLY and I then ended up with temper issues because they were stopped too fast.
So i had to return to them and slowly reduce.
I solved the frankly repugnant habit of maybe looking at some poor human being stoned, I know shocking isn’t it?
By altering the Google settings on my phone so that no trending pop ups appeared.
I do however have to stress that the dose I was on was huge and a med called clonazepam was also increased 12 fold during this experiment.
But alls well that ends well to quote Shakespeare.
I now merely kick the dog.
JOKING I would rather gouge my own eyes out indeed I’m very happy née proud to say that I absolutely adore my dog and I think he likes me a little.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Peter and Mam
I truly hope that you are a complete success in your foray into the larger volume tank.
However if you do have to go down the piranha route and you want a volunteer I’d be only too happy as I even annoy myself these days.
Hi Babswood looking forward to hearing about your day at the races with Phil yesterday.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


If you don’t mind me asking Tommy what dosage were you on?

As we feared the bungalow we eventually viewed this morning (the agent forgot about us, luckily their office is nearby so they sent someone down with the keys) was a sixties time capsule, you would have had to give it to a builder to gut then replace everything in it. Also plot was quite small not giving any scope for extension & it was this close to a main road -


(We knew it was close, just not this close!)


Hi Roy
If I remember correctly the peak dose I was on was 6 of the 25/100 levodopa and sinamet 3 per day but I don’t recall the strength of them and clonazepam which I have been on since 1999 increased from 0.5 a day to 6mg per day.
Also at one point for around 2 weeks levodopa was changed to the 50/100 at 6 per day.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: