Thanks Tommy, don’t know what dose I’m on, can’t read his handwriting (and he said mine was crap!). Haven’t been for the new drugs yet, thought I’d get it tomorrow & start it on Saturday (something for the weekend sir?)


I’m sure you’ll be fine as long as you keep the times well 'like clockwork really as you may grind to a halt in a robot fashion.
And ask lesley to be aware of any subtle changes like maybe gambling or buying lots of lottery tickets.
These things are common but getting the munchies for chocolate and munching it before you get home is extremely common.

Anyway back to me me me!
I posted a message early this morning because I woke up on the floor my pyjama top soaked in the contents of my stomach with absolutely no sense of any heartburn symptoms.
And the only one who will listen is my GP.
My three Neurological experts completely indifferent.
I do have a reason for posting this and it is not sympathy.
It is simply a premeditated way of leaving evidence in the event that I drown in my sleep.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi guys sorry about the meds Roy and bungalow hope your OK Tommy mam send regards Kind wishes to rest of gang got my tank my lucky day got a third off rrp


My first dry run won, t fillit till sat when my mate can help
Pete and mam


Looking good Peter and so is the tank.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Test will come when we fill it with water just need to find nice size piece of wood for centre of the tank hope you and Sue are well mam just gone to bed went to town with her sister so is buggered up Don, t forget I, m here if you want anything


Thank you Peter and Mam
I certainly won’t forget because you two pop into my mind every day.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Morning Musketeers
A little enquiry first
Mrs t, laney star, kieth what’s going on, we need you.!

Peter and Mam, Roy and Lesley, Babswood and Phil.
Good morning and good health to you all, well as good as it can be anyway.

I can’t believe what’s going on with me at the moment.
Today is the final day of antibiotics and steroids for my nasty chest infection.

Buuut however it now seems I have some sort of fungus spreading along my esophagus and tomorrow I start a new 2 week course of different antibiotics and here’s me thinking the NHS were trying to cut back on their use.

I’m supposed to record a couple of things for DJ Johnny for tomorrow night’s show.
At least the listeners will be impressed that he has managed to get Bonnie Tyler and Rod Stewart on his programme.
I have however noticed that I have been hallucinating a little so can only presume I’m internally producing my own magic mushrooms.
Every Cloud Eh?

Nave a dice nay.


Hi Peter and Mam
Any joy with the tank?


Hi Tommy just checked it following instructions put sand and plants in plus 2 inches of water level still same put another 2 inches in in the morning need 2 more things for bottom as long as it holds when I get back then big fill is on my mate is coming up to give me hand we plan a bite to eat and if all is OK then going to watch my Welsh team Newport County go for promotion in play off hope your both OK regards from the 2of us
Pete and mam


Morning Babs, Peter, Tommy & all our absent friends (have you heard anything from the easy rider lately Tommy?).

First day on the Sinemet, I’m taking the 12.5/50 twice a day to begin with, upping the dose to three times a day after a fortnight. One of the side effects is discoloured urine, can’t wait to see what colour I get :slight_smile: .

Lesley’s considering a second viewing of the house you all liked, the only sticking point is the small kitchen, it might need a builder to have a look at the floorplan to see if there’s a solution?

Good luck with the new tank Peter & I hope the new course of anti biotics help this time Tommy.


Hi Roy
I have heard from Barry Sheene.
I spoke to him on Thursday, unfortunately he was back in his second home, hospital again!
But he did say that he would get parole yesterday.
So he should be at home.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi again Roy
Talking about urine have you seen my latest work on the parkinsons is 2019 thread.

I myself was just a little jammie when on colour changing meds.
My colours were rainbow :rainbow:
I was treated like a star when visiting Brighton.
I was stamping autographs all day, signing them no longer being an option for me now.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Roy, Lesley, Tommy, babs and all the missing in silence I, m on double your dose and sorry to disappoint mine is limeade if only tank is full but cloudy as sand not clear just yet will post a photo as soon as is clear hope your all OK
Pete and mam


Good morning to all Musketeers both present and in absence and any future members.
I Tommy of the North Do
Hereby announce on this the Insomnia thread.
That I have just had an encounter with the most amazing sleep in many a year.

And I feel FREAKING fantastic.
In addition to this overwhelming News
It is my beautiful Wife’s birthday
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Tommy glad to hear your news and happy birthday wishes for Sue from mam and me morning to everyone else sorry been preoccupied last few days but getting a good feeling this is what I have been up to still not totally clear but hope to add 3 fish on Wednesday to get filter working

Pete and mam


Hi Babswood,
This is the 5th time i have tried to get you on a personal message,and now trying this way,i have no idea what i am doing wrong,anyway wanted to tell you i had the botox on fri got 4 or 5 injections in one eye and one or 2 in the other,what a difference i can see now,zi have to go back in 4 months, but can get intouch if needed earlier. Can i ask you babs how many times have you had it done,
How are you doing.?You have so many other problems,i do hope your not too bad.c
Cheers ANNE29 xx


Hi Anne
So good to hear from you… I am glad you got the injections and they seem to be working for you that is great news.
I got my injections about 2 weeks ago and my eyes are still terrible I have the injections for around 1 year now. I just don’t know what is going to happen. As you know it is so horrible. Please keep in touch and let me know how you go I am so pleased for you. Babs x x


Morning Musketeers
Babswood thanks again for your help.
Peter fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for the new tank.
Roy I treated myself to a new watch yesterday purely because I thought I deserved it but I’m not confident that you would approve because it is a smart watch that link’s to my phone.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Good morning Tommy I like the new watch by the way.
I have been PM our friend
I hope that you are keeping better and that Sue is okay too. Thought I would message you while my eyes are Ok as that can soon change…
Have a good day Tommy.

Babs x x x