Hi Peter hope all going well with your fish tank. It looks great.
Regards to Mam I hope that she is keeping well.

Good day Roy and Lesley I hope that you are both well.
Have you put an offer In on the last house yet.
The system for buying a house in Scotland is so different from in England.

Hope all goes well for you both.

Babs x


Hi babs nice to hear from you and good that you’re eyes are ok nice watch Tommy does it link to any phone regards to Phil and Sue from mam and me we are ok :ok_hand: waiting for the tank to clear like misty moor at present
Pete and mam


Morning Babs, Tommy, Peter & Anne.

It’s a nice looking watch Tommy, I’m not too much of a watch snob, couple of my favourites cost less than 20 quid off Amazon.

No offers yet Babs, there are a couple of possibles now at least :crossed_fingers:

Nice day here, we did consider a bbq but that would have summoned all the local clouds to gather.


Hi Peter and Mam
The watch will pair with any android phone and text or posts can be read on it also you could use it to text messages if you were about 14.
It supports calls as well but I’m not talking to my wrist for nobody however you can see who is calling without rushing into your pocket.

Roy I would describe you as more of a connoisseur.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I have an Apple Watch Tommy, it has similar functions to your one. I don’t wear it often as the health bit tells you how little you move throughout the day :blush:

That’s an elegant Sekonda Tommy, my choice for today -


Quality Roy
That was my total collection.
A guy in a Glasgow bar gave me the sekonda 20 years ago as a keepsake when I did a runner from Jockland.
Well nearly 20 years independence day 1999.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi @Anne29,

f you click on babswood icon in this thread, you will see the option to send her a private message there. Just click on the envelope icon and you should be set to go. :blush:

Best wishes,


Hi Tommy I know you are good at all this. How do I change the notes saying about myself as it is so out of date. Thanks in anticipation. Ma China!!! X x x


Hi Babswood
I think if you go to your page with all of your introductions on it.
And below the details are two boxes
The one on the right probably will say “account” touch that and select “profile” and then you should be able to delete your out of date stuff by using your normal delete button and re-write the new one.
This applies to a phone but should be much the same with a tablet or laptop.

Good luck (incidentally did you get all posh in Ayr) I mean “in anticipation” I’m impressed somewhat! :joy: LOL
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I actually wondered if you would notice. I’m no such a wee dunderheid efter awe. Ha ha.



Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Check out my profile!


Thanks for that reah,i eventually got it right thanks again,Anne


Hi all hope you all having a good day. I went to see my Dr this morniNG and now find myself sitting in A and E at Hairmyres hospital.
Dr was concerned about my back.
Babs x x x


Hi @babswood,

I see Tommy has helped you out here but do let me know if you need my help with this too. :blush:



Sorry to hear that Babswood
I hope you feel better soon.
Keep me posted Coz ye Ken av aey gote tae shuv ma auld neb in.
Tommy xxx​:pill::pill::pill:


Can I play a request for you Saturday Barbara.


Hi babs hope you are OK only just catching up as I have been to the chiropractor and when surgery had closed mam decided to show me the skin rash which has come back she said did, nt want to bother me now I know why she was up and woke me at 5.30 are you still in hospital and if you want to chat I will be up as I doubt I will be able to lay down tonight as done a lot of manipulation on my back so I, m here for you anytime
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Tommy you and Sue OK? Not been Best of days put post on insomnia wondering if you know latest on Babs? No fish till Friday as tank is maturing to fast so need to wait mam not been great and I am walking like penguin in pain
Pete and mam


That would be great JP I will have a think And let you know. Ba bsx x x