Hi Tommy Peter and Mam
As I said I had went to the Dr’s this morning about my back as it has been really sore. He gave m e a letter and told me to go to A and E. So after a 3 hour wait they said I would need to stay in today I had an X Ray of my neck and one of my back ad tomorrow I get an MRI hopefully then they will be able to tell me something…

I am worried as I have my family holiday to Salou on the 28th. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Babs x x x


Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill::crossed_fingers:


Hi Peter and Mam
Sorry to hear t mam isn’t too good and that you are suffering with your legs.
Seems to be a bad day for the musketeers today.
What with Babswood as well.
Been in a bit of pain my over the last few days.
Pain down front of both legs feels like it’s in the bone not muscular a bit like toothache.
Shuffling about.
2 hours sleep last night.
Oh well!

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi babs and Tommy hope you’re scans Don, t show anything untoward mam and me have everything crossed for you please let me know if you get any answers sorry you didn’t get much sleep Tommy after all work on my back yesterday I can only describe my walking as like tin man from wizard of oz mam ringing gp today to try for appointment will let you know still on bright note freshened tank water still a little cloudy
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and Lesley Mam on double dose anti biotic can, t believe she didn’t show me the state on her legs gp was really shocked wound clinic next Tues next hope you are all OK
Pete and mam

Anyone awake?

Hello Babs, Peter & Tommy. I’m good if a little achy thanks Peter, think I overdid it with the garden a bit yesterday plus I walked a mile to the post office & back, hope Mam’s on the mend soon. Hope you’re ok & home safe soon Babs. Sorry to hear about your poor old legs Tommy, hope the pain eases soon.

The garden looks good for a little while anyway


Thanks so much Reah.

Babsx x x


Hi Roy Lesley, Tommy Peter and Mam.

TOMMY Peter and Mam I hope that you all feel better. Soon.

Im just back from having my MRI. They put some sort of dye in this time.

I was told that the results will be back up this afternoon. So please all keep fingers crossed that I don’t need another operation.

Babsx x x


Roy how do you get your grass looking so green. It actually looks really good compared to mine.

Babs x x x


Hi Babswood
They MRI scans with the dye
I don’t like because when they inject the stuff for me I thought I was having a wee wee accident.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Nothing I do Babs, I don’t do any gardening until I absolutely have to. (you can’t see the bald spot at the top right cos of a shadow).


It looks pretty good anyway. Roy


Hi babs hope you are OK this may cheer you up ready for Guinea pigs (starter fish) probably Fri or Sat


Hi guys wish me luck really big day sat not only fish champions league final Saturday night
Garden looks good Roy


Anyone heard anything from Babswood yet?

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Tommy I was just saying to mam not heard anything was starting to worry are you and Sue OK? Passed my memory test nurse reckons just senior moments agreed that no change to meds did say another tablet there but he needed to read up due to my asthma mam is struggling with her legs if you do hear from babs let me know whatever the time thanks
Peter and mam


Sure will Peter
I received a letter today from Cambridge University saying that the test I volunteered for not only was positive for Barretts oesophagus but two other conditions one ulcer Slough and I can’t recall the other at the moment.
I’m in my cot and the letter is in the living room.
Anyway they’ve given me a contact number and said they were the ones who arranged my camera appointment and I don’t have to go and if I decide not to it will not affect any NHS treatment.
However they strongly recommend that I have the camera and biopsy and they will be following my progress.

So as I’m effectively a private patient, do you think that I could choose a strawberry :strawberry: flavoured camera :camera_flash:.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I would prefer :pineapple: myself whatever you decide i hope it goes well looks like i,m up all night as mam is struggling to get in and out of bed normally goes to toilet about 4⃣ or 5⃣ a night going for :tropical_fish: in the morning only be hour at most
Pete and mam


Hi morning and hello to everyone else I guess still no news on babs yet I really am concerned been up all night off to get some fish this morning but can still be reached hope everyone is OK

Pete and mam


Morning Tommy, babs, Roy, Lesley and our absent friends mams legs are continually leaking fluid have to go for more dressings so apologies if I don’t get back to you straight away tonight’s the night last game and what a game the Big one hope you all have a nice weekend
Pete and mam