Hello Peter, good result for you mate :slightly_smiling_face:. Hope Mam’s legs are better soon. How are things with the new tank?

Morning everyone else. Well been taking the sinimet for over a week now & no problems so far, they actually seem to be helping!


Hi Roy
I’m afraid you are right again.
Older time pieces are the best as I asked my new up to date piece of sshhhocking plastic by voice control to set a reminder for four twenty.
And it has just showed me a Ford transit.
Is it Coz I is a Jock?

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I struggle with technology sometimes Tommy, part of the reason I still use a record player. Lesley is pretty savvy with phones and such, my new iPhone locked the other day, she managed to get it working again. How are your ills & ailments?


A BIG THANKS FOR ALL YOUR KIND MESAGES WHILE I AM IN HOSPITAL and where I will be staying for quite a while yet.

I feel as though I’m going into that black hole again as I feel so down. It is so hard trying. Not to cry all the time x x x


I’m alright Roy thanks, well compared to Babswood and Mam.
My sleepwalking thing seems to be under control mainly because I have only had about 10 hours in seven days.
But my yoga /mindfulness starts on Wednesday although I’m a sceptic myself and much prefer to rely on science.
However I fully intend to see the whole 8 week course through except for the one day which clashes with my camera swallowing act. LOL

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Babswood
I’d hate to be in your predicament right now, so I do sympathise.
So i am therefore sending you
a large manhole cover to put over that black hole :hole:.
You will have to have Phil to help though as it is rather a substantial casting of circular steel casting and I would come and position it in person but I hasten to admit that I would be of no assistance due to my unerring slothful tenancies and the mere fact that I am built like the gable end of a product made by Golden Wonder.
Do your best to keep your chin up pal.
XxxTommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi everyone mam just rang moved onto ward in for 48/72 hrs tank is on point of ammonia spike so have to keep an eye only problem is have to be at hospital as well yes Roy cracking result lousey game


You know where I am Peter.

Doesn’t matter what time.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


So sorry to hear that Babs, hope you’re better & out soon.


Hi babswood,

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been admitted into hospital. Sending lots of positivity your way.

Best wishes,


Thank you Reah

BABs x


Morning all hope you are all OK great start to the day phone went 5.32 thought something had happened to mam only to hear someone say my broadband was about to be disconnected if I could get my hands on them I, d probably end up in prison anyway will update you all after visiting regards to all


Hi Peter please give my love to Mam.
I d hope she Is home soon.

Hi Tommy you are all right I don’t need a cover for the hole yet.!!

Roy I. Hope you have picked out your new hoose for you andLesley.
Well that’s me in hosp 1 wk another 5 to 8weeks to go.


Hi babs, Tommy, Roy and Lesley mam back on stronger drip as infection came back with vengeance last night going to be in for a while yet sent me packing during visiting told me to go home and rest felt lousy on bus coming home won, t moan as you all have enough to deal with will keep you posted as and when I can mam said to thank you both for asking after her so far 5 tetra, s are doing well but still waiting for the chemical spike


Hi Peter
I hope Mam will be feeling better soon and I also believe that your fish :tropical_fish: will be a success this time.
Tomorrow I have been my first yoga /mindfulness class.
All because I was rubbish at fractions (if you believed my nutty ex neurologist).
I have been told to wear comfortable clothing so I’ve decided on the Max Wall look.
Regards to my favourite girl girl.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Go with an open mind but keep all else closed can, t believe I passed memory test as I had charging cable in my hand my mate rung put it down taken me nearly 2hrs to find it hope everything is OK with you and Sue same for babs and Phil babs you have been dealt a really bum hand as my grandpa used to say still everyone of us is a true battler
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Peter
How is Mam today?
And Babswood I hope you are well.
Also everyone else Hello!
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and Lesley and rest of gang sorry for the late reply but I fell asleep mam is bit better has 6more sessions on drip and doc said reasess on Friday so hopefully home weekend how did today go Tommy? Don, t let it get you down babs just checked fish one about to give birth I can see formed baby inside her must be something in my tap water
Pete and mam


Hi Peter
Today? Well let me give you a short summary.
About 20 of us seated in a circle complete with little stickers with our name on it stuck to our chests.
Then about 40 minutes studying the texture, shape, how the light changes it’s look, the aroma of wait for it A RAISIN, yes you read that correctly a freaking raisin.
Then about an hour of everyone describing to the group what they had discovered about the little dried fruit.
I honestly expected a 7 foot Indian chief to come bursting into the room, rip the sink out and toss it through the window.
You really couldn’t make this stuff up!
Anyway it came to my turn to tell the group about the shrivelled up little grape.
“what happened when you concentrated on your grape Tommy”
Well I replied “I’m afraid my mind wandered off and all I could think of is how do I explain this when I get back home”
“oh I see said the neuropsychologist, did you think it was ridiculous then”
“well that’s quite close to what I was thinking” I replied.

7 more weeks of this aaaarrrgghh.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


I think next week we’ll be going to a whole new level.
So I’ve tried to get ahead of the team and studied prunes on Google.
Blow me they’re actually dried plums (who knew eh?)