Hi went through similar on chronic pain course didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know anyway before I shower another long day ahead something for you to concentrate on for class white fluff in corner proper baby fish I, m a dad again wait till mam finds out!!! Update you later not sure how late yet arrangements not sorted
Pete and mam


Congratulations Peter!

Morning all.

What next Tommy, sun dried tomatoes?


Hi there

That’s me outof hospital earlier than I thought. Thank goodness. But I have to go to the hospital every day for 6 weeks to get. MY antibiotics put into my arm. Then an MRI scan.

Peter home Mam is continuing to do well tell her that I said Hello

BABs x x x


Good news Babs, you’ll be able to go on your well deserved holiday then?


Hi Babswood
Congrats on your parole
Glad you are out.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Roy

No the Dr has said that I can’t go as I need to get antibiotics every day at the hospital for the next 6 weeks.
So I can’t go on holiday as I’m not right yet.

BABs x x x


Hi babs and everyone else so glad you’re home can you put your holiday back without losing your money? Mam is going to be a long time healing if it heals at all her being diabetic another long day ahead fish are looking good so far and 4 babies definitely alive may be more will be in touch with you all later oh well off to shower and get my stuff sorted


Hi Peter

Sorry to hear that Mam is not doing so good will you give her a hug from me.

Your fish tank looks amazing.
By the way.

BABs x x x


Hi babs know its late but chemical spike is happening need to be careful for next day or so so far so good babies still alive once this is past can start to add more fish can, t believe what happened today first waited from 8am till 4.30pm for doctor to change cannula for drip and then ran out of dressings like 3rd World Country how are you coping? Nice to be home I bet mam is reviewed tomorrow hope Tommy, Roy and Lesley you are all well
Pete and mam


Sorry to hear that Babs.

Hope Mam’s better & home soon Peter (& the fish situation doesn’t get too stressful again).

How are you Tommy?

Had a lump took off my back through the week, doctor said it’s nothing to worry about, seems to be healing ok but it’s a bit tender.

Upped my Sinimet dose yesterday, waiting to see what that does :thinking:


Morning Roy.
Did you have that done while awake?
Have you noticed any change with the sinamet?
I’m alright thanks, just had 7 hours sleep but only 2 on Saturday and 0 Friday.
But did a small decorating task over the weekend and killed the legs.
But they seem to be back to their shaky normal now though got take Sammy out soon.

Good Monday morning Peter and Mam (hope you get parole today}.
And Babswood are you glad to be free?
Sorry to hear about your holiday hen.
Do you have to go far for treatment everyday?
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Morning everyone hope you are all well need to get few things before seeing mam hopefully she will be off drip and on tablets then wait for dermatology to see her hoping she will be home in a couple of days as for tank every new tank goes through this again a couple of days and will be safe to stock may be late before I can post but will let you all know what is happening off to sort out bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes and fried bread
Pete and mam


Yes, my GP did it using just a local anaesthetic, he actually scraped it off, I was only in there half an hour and most of that was for the nurse doing the consent form etc. Nurse Lesley changed the dressing for me and it seems to be healing well.

The sinemet does seem to be helping. I’d got to the stage where I was barely using my right arm but that situation has definitely improved, it actually feels like it’s my arm again rather than just a random limb that’s been grafted on without any of the nerves being reattached.


Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and Lesley mam off the drip back on tablets if it doesn’t get any worse over the next 24 hours she will be home and district nurses will be doing dressing at home looking like a long haul ahead hope you are all OK feel guilty not posted but am totally knackered will keep you posted


Hi all,
have missed so much: mixture of bad fall errant family and just generally life. However, it would appear that I am a bleeding ( literally ) amateur compared to you lot.
We all seem to be in for the long haul. We have so much in common that it was pure relief to come back and find you all wittering along…….so comforting.
Sleep? Joke. Have audio books. Just read ( listened ) to all Lee Child and my now on Le Carre. Without my books and radio I feel life would be hell. And of course music.
Carry on Muskateers.
Love and hugs


Babs must receive extra big hug.


Hi welcome back Mrs T I, m literally all over the place at the moment every day I come home from hospital I seem to fall asleep nights and days seem to be the same sorry to hear about your fall hope you didn’t do too much damage to yourself


Hi Tommy how are you doing pal? Glad to hear you are enjoying your new course.
It is giving you a laugh if. Nothing else.

How’s Sue gettig on? Hoping that you are both well. Best wishes to you. Both.

BABs x x x


Hi babs, Tommy and Roy and Lesley mam being discharged in a couple of hours will catch up with you all later hope you are all OK
Pete and mam


That’s good news Peter :slight_smile: