Hi all Musketeers
Mam if you are paroled Welcome Home.
Peter hope you are well too.
Roy hope that op is healing.

Babswood good to see back again.
More madness tomorrow for me (put the ball in the basket, chief). :joy: LOL.

And Mrs t… I’m glad you’re back amongst friends.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


That’s great news Peter.give Mam my love.
Hoping that your fish are going swimingly.

Roy hoping that you and Lesley are doing okay.

Mrs T good to see you back on the forum.

Babs x x x

Tommy ma China enjoy yer day oot the morra.



We’re both good thanks Babs, off to look at yet another house (or this one may be a bungalow?) tomorrow, I’m losing the will to live with it all but there might be a pub lunch involved so that helps to compensate. Hope you’re having a good day.


Off to my favourite class

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hope you had a good time Tommy :thinking:

We had a change of plan today, Lesley’s daughter was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon with a suspected stroke so we headed up there (she was in St. Thomas’s opposite Big Ben). Thankfully they’ve ruled out a stroke but they’re not really sure what made her face drop on one side & the weakness down that side of her body. They’ve done loads of tests and have satisfied themselves that it’s not an acute condition so she was discharged but has to go back for an MRI. We managed the pub lunch on the way back though :wink:


Sorry to hear that Roy I hope everything turns out OK.
I’ve been to St Thomas’s many years ago with my brother.
We had our lunch on a bench outside Parliament.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


So sorry to hear about your news hope mri shows nothing serious please let me know mam going to have dressings changed have to get taxi as they won, t do them at home unless you are bed bound feel another fight coming on I, m totally wiped from hospital hope everything is OK with you all catch up later
Pete and mam YNWA


Thanks Tommy & Peter. Lesley’s really worried, it’s difficult not to think the worst in spite of all the reassurance in the world. I get on really well with her daughter Chloee, she’s really bubbly & self assured but has recently been suffering from a number of health problems, such a shame, at least she gets BUPA through work (she works for Channel 4) so can get stuff checked out reasonably quickly.


Hi Roy and Lesley
I hope everything is well with Lesley’s daughter.


Hi Roy and Lesley.

Sending my best wishes to lesley’s daughter. X x x Babs


Thanks each, will pass on your best wishes.

She’s seen another doctor today and he’s diagnosed TMJ which is a disorder of the jaw joint, this explains some but not all of her symptoms so she’ll still have the MRI. She’s got some ibuprofen gel to rub in and, apparently, that’s helping things.


Hi Roy and Lesley, babs and Tommy I have tmj that, s why I get all fractures to my teeth and the headaches are something else I don’t think anything is iminant but with her age and health problems I, m realistic I just wanted to share this with you all
It looks like mam, s race is nearly over
She seems to be dreaming of lying in clover
Next to dad the love of her life
For so many years husband and wife
The loss of mam will cut like a knife
Calmed only by thinking
She’s reunited with dad in the afterlife
Together again like they always were
Happy and smiling of that I’m so sure
They lived for each other and for me I know
Their love for me like pure driven snow
Soft and smooth and oh so light
I wait to be with them
When god says the time is right


Hi @peter_corcoran,

That’s a really touching poem that you’ve written. Please remember that if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always speak to a counsellor, they are trained to help support people through difficult situations. They can help you understand your own feelings and talk about them. I’d recommend that you speak to your GP if you’d like to consider this.

Do take care.

Best wishes,


Thanks for sharing that Peter, how are things today?

How is everybody this fine evening? (after a crappy day weather wise here). I’ve been cleaning carpets today, hard work, got the old arm shaking like a good 'un!

Looking forward to duck for dinner just with a few veg coupled with a nice pinot noir to wash it down.


Evening Roy and all Musketeers.
I’ve been a busy boy too today went to the gp and had an x-ray and I’m now back on antibiotics after a three week course with one week off.
Did you see that the chaser Paul Sinha has had a parkinsons diagnosis?
On the bright side I’ve almost finished my decorating job, not easy to cut in the painting with my tremor but as usual I’ve emerged most triumphant.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


You know I thought I saw a slight tremor a week or so back when he was struggling to answer a question.

Nice job with the painting Tommy but I’m not sure about the colour?


It’s called wizard, it’s not the whole room.
The rest is white tiles.


Bold choice Tommy but it works!


You know I don’t have any say in home matters.
I li the rest do as I’m told.


Nice painting job Tommy so what room is next.