Hi Babswood
Nothing planned for the moment.
J. P. Has asked me to record a poem for the show next week because it’s a carer’s edition and I have a poem on the parkinsons is 2019 thread called “the Unknown Carer”
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Brilliant stuff Tommy I will be listening in on. SATURDAY NIGHT. Babsx


Hi Roy been on go since 5.15 am just going to r and r for bit 4/5 baby fish nearly passed eaten sizeany luck on house hunting front?


Hi Reah thanks for your concerns but I, m only sorting things out while I can next up is a new will, power of attorney already done my funerals I, m not about to do anything silly I was just running it by group to see if it was good enough to use if you want to use it your welcome to