Hi Babswood
Nothing planned for the moment.
J. P. Has asked me to record a poem for the show next week because it’s a carer’s edition and I have a poem on the parkinsons is 2019 thread called “the Unknown Carer”
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Brilliant stuff Tommy I will be listening in on. SATURDAY NIGHT. Babsx

Hi Roy been on go since 5.15 am just going to r and r for bit 4/5 baby fish nearly passed eaten sizeany luck on house hunting front?

Hi Reah thanks for your concerns but I, m only sorting things out while I can next up is a new will, power of attorney already done my funerals I, m not about to do anything silly I was just running it by group to see if it was good enough to use if you want to use it your welcome to

Hi there folks so how are we all today.?

Well we have had more rain again today
I’m still going to hosp every day to get antibiotics put in.

Babs x x x
Hoping that you are all well.

Hi babs and all the gang been long day been like following pink panther around mam leaving a trail of skin everywhere still she ate most of dinner my Lancashire hot pot got my B12 jab in morning hope you are all OK
Pete and mam

Morning all quick hello before I leave for injection tried to get photos of babies but not playing ball did get one of five together

Hi @peter_corcoran,

Ah, I see. I understand and I’m glad you’re ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

Hi Reah thanks for your concern nice to know people care shame most of mam, s family did, nt show some concern but I guess that, s families for you

You’re welcome, Peter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning babs, Tommy and Roy and Lesley so far babies are doing well think there is 6in there hope they survive anyway anybody heard from Tommy
Pete and mam

Hi Peter glad you are OK. No not

heard from Tommy. Fish tank is looking good. :dolphin::tropical_fish::tropical_fish::ok_hand:X

A late good evening to everyone.

Peter the tank’s looking good!

Babs, you must be sick of the sight of that hospital, hope you’re discharged soon.

Busy period coming up for me, off to a show in town Saturday, 9 to 5, was a xmas present to us both from Les’s girls. We’re off to Clacton then on Sunday, I’ve booked a hotel for the night. We’ll have a nice dinner out & on Monday we’ll go to see Les’s Auntie Marge in Frinton who’s in her 90s! Probably take her out for lunch before coming home. Following Friday I’m off to a leaving do with ex-colleagues (a lot of them don’t know about my diagnosis, I’m wondering if they’ll notice my tremor?). Sunday I’ve got my cousin’s daughter coming to stay for a fortnight, she’s got a placement in a solicitors up town (she’s training to be a lawyer). I’ll have to remember not to walk round the house in just my pants, wouldn’t want to make her sick lol.

Hi all Musketeers and of course My favourite girl.
Sorry I’ve been missing.
I spent most yesterday asleep as the previous three nights I got the grand total of 4 hours.

I even missed all of my meds.
Been to the vet today with Sammy they cut a lump from his head and now I have an open wound to look after.
They wanted to send the tissue to the lab and charge me £300 for the privilege but I have taken an executive decision and refused to accept that on the basis that Sammy is nearly 15 years old and regardless of the result I would not put him through any surgery or medication that would make him feel worse for a while.
He gets terrible separation anxiety and has not long forgiven me for his last operation.
Right now he is perfectly happy and still enjoying his food and walkies so that will do for me.
Tomorrow I will be having my own biopsy from my oesophagus so I’m really looking forward to that. NOT!

TOMMY :pill: :pill: :pill:

Awe ra best pal fur the Morra.

Babs x

I’ll be fine hen.
Poor kieth is back in hospital after another stroke in his sleep.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Oh no that’s awful., , how is he doing?

It happened last week but he didn’t know anything about it till he woke up two days later.
He said that his speech is badly affected.
He hopes to be out by the weekend.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Thanks for letting me know Tommy

Good luck Tommy.

Poor old Keith, keep meaning to message him for a catch up.