I often suddenly fall asleep during the day,especially when trying to concentrate on something,e.g.crosswords,knitting or on computer, is this common with pwp?
Hi Nene.
I often fall asleep during the day but this is usually when I am doing nothing. I find that being mentally active keep me alert. Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise during the day will help you sleep better at night so that you are less inclined to nod off.
Thanks, for your help i'll try that, i'm awake almost every night and take a sleeper at9.30ish hoping that'll help.In the morning i take the dogs out(depending how i feel) but i'm willing to try anything. deep down i think its a lot to do with pd or meds,more excercise during the day will hopefully help. thanks again...:smile:
Hi Nene
I agree with Christo keeping active helps
Im a bad sleeper but exercise really energises me
so even when Im really tired I try to go for a bit of a swim or walk my dogs
All the best Adrian
I think it's very common nene. I find I can look forward to watching something on tv like Garrow last night, I sit down and suddenly there's music and end credits and I'm up now to try again on the iplayer.

It doesn't seem to have anything to do with tiredness. I can be feeling alert and fine, then I sit somewhere comfortable to do something and pass straight out.

If I have a physically strenuous day then I can't get to sleep at night because I ache and twitch.

I have put my exercise bike in the living room and if I am reading or listening to radio then I ride 4 miles to stay awake!!

Is any of this familiar to others?
Oh this the post i was looking for. i cannot keep my eyes open to read a book, watch tv or have a conversayion. Its driving me crazy
ps i go to gym 2 x a week and pilate and try and add yoga class once a week
Mosie - Don't worry. Garrow has that exact same effect on me as well.

I've got more to say on the subject but i'm a bit tired, I'll catch up laters.

Night night everybody.
it can be embarrassing falling asleep at work, especially if your forehead bounces of the screen, i think sudden onset sleep tends to be drug related.
i find a catnap helps as it uses up the sleep-inducing chemicals, though others find naps counter-productive.
taking some drugs such as selegeline earlier stops them causing insomnia.
not sleeping is getting me down as you can see 2.15am awake again been told off for using comp by pdn in the middle of the night but i'm so bored.not sleeping for months now is having bad effect on general health now will have to try sleeping tablets don't want to.Can anybody tell me is it the pd or the medication that causes bad sleep?
A big thanks to you all for advice, my apologies too for not replying sooner. I have other domestic problems to try and solve at the moment (as most of us may have, at times)I don't have anyone that I can totally open up to about these issues to.Hopefully I'll feel better soon. :disappointed:
hi hopeful

dont know about you but i was diagnosed on 21st nov but ive been dropping off watching the tv and missing the end of programmes.only to be up awake till 2 in the morning.i then get 2 hours sleep and help my daughter to the loo.then back to sleep till 6 am then its groudhog day.this as been going on for 2 year before diagnosis.
so it might not be the medication.
Thanks Twins99 for your reply on reading about other people with pd sleeping does seem to be a problem or lack of it i should say but i do not fall asleep in the day so i'm only having 3/4 hrs night which is now making me very irritable and just unwell,think i will have to try sleeping tablets don't really want to but must get some rest.
Hi hopeful

I think I was used to having no sleep since my twins were born 12week early.ive been getting by on 3/4 hours for ten year really.while I was at work I just slowed down and thought it was lack of sleep.thats why pd came as a one cares for me I'm the carer and I don't want that to change.but I do need more sleep for health reasons.
But Im treasuring each day as it comes and try to make good memories

All the best
I wondered when this would come up. Some of the meds certainly carry a warning about soporific effect.They insist on calling it drowsiness: they have obviously never suffered from it!
There is absolutely no way of keeping your eyes open at times.Try:

- a brisk walk every day ( I use a stick now).
- timetable in a siesta. Most civilised. Get horizontal: couch and rug = good.
- don't fight it. Some days are simply " at least I woke up, don't push it girl".
- plan for big events. Sleep beforehand, you have to be a wee bit canny.

It really is about you regaining control of your life and not letting your condition control you.
This sounds like I am a real smartarse. sorry. 20 years of redefining my life, smiling, brave face and all that, I do believe in the +ve power of the mind.
Have been on Prozac now for 20 yrs. Happy people cope better.
Hi Hopeful,

I posted a longer post which has disappeared but the short version is that it does not have too be sleeping tablets. A very low dose antdepressant or tranquilizer is sometimes enough to get you off to sleep and if your lucky you will stay asleep.
In case the last post disappears I am commenting separately that I also said these low dose meds. aren't enough to make you feel drugged up.
Thanks EileenPatricia but i am already on low dose 10mg of citalopram have suffered depression for very long time been on higher dosage at times but cannot do without 10mg suppose i'm used to it now they want to put it to 20mg but i really don't want to perhaps they now best i suppose.Due to see Doctoe in December so see what he says Thanks everybody
Falling asleep at any time can be a problem - was doing it at work all the time - and it can be embarassing when you fall of your chair :grin:
Not so good when you fall asleep when driving:frowning:
Change in meds hasn't eliminated it but made it more predictable so can work around it.
Do still get times when I 'lose' a few minutes - usually in evenings whe watching telly or trying to read. If I feel it coming on keep moving.

Insomnia is very unpredictable - 03:10 now and still awake, been up since 06:30, work all day then in a meeting from 19:30 until 21:30, couple of glasses of wine down pub on way home, written op minutes of meeting, emailed for approval, done some online Christmas shopping, replied to some threads on my classic car forum, browsed this one and still wide awake so guess its another all nighter.
Never sleep much more than 3 or 4 hours a night although once every couple of weeks will have a good nigh and sleep 8 -10 hours. sleeping pills worki f I take them every now and again but dont like the side effects (wierd dreams and dry mouth next day)
Seems to be very common - tried the relaxation CD's but found them irritating, tried herbal remedies and they dont work so now just go with the flow.

Firstly, why is this thread called Insomnia if you fall asleep during the day? If you didn’t know, exercising the brain helps to get tired and falling asleep. That’s a natural way to escape insomnia. I have problems concentrating on something and that’s why exercising wasn’t the solution for my insomnia. I couldn’t do anything besides watching the ceiling. The solution arrived when my wife bought me Teva 74 pills, which are specially made for curing insomnia. After that, my sleep got way better and the next day I had way more energy and after a while, I could concentrate a bit more than previously. Now I’m still working on it and trying to improve it.