Is Parkinsons classed as a disabilty under the Equality Act

It has been nearly a year now since I was diagnosed and I am having trouble at work. They do not think I can carry on in my role.

I think I may be being discriminated against as extra work is being put my way, extra stress and I need to know if Parkinsons is classed as a disablity under the Equality Act.

No "REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS" have been made in fact the opposite.

Not sure what to do next.



pd is classed as disability so have to by law make reasonable adjustments to hours and working practices .

what kind of work ? Is there a union involved or HR dept that you can go to for help 

or phone the helpline


Hi kittens is right PD officially means you are disabled and you can claim pip which is non income based.

your employer cannot discriminate against you what they can do eventually is discard you under the cability rule but they have to have a very strong case for it,  

If got rid of on those grounds there is no pay out you can get the necessary info from 

good luck hold your own against them PUK help line can and will help you with this. BB

Does the disabled protection (if that is indeed the right word) kick in immediately you are diagnosed, regardless of how mild the symptoms?

Does it allow for benefits claims to provide the means to build up savings (theoretically in my world) to pay for later when there's no (or much less) income?

Does it also mean we should jump at any redundancy scheme we might be offered for fear that the alternative is that we eventually leave empty handed under the capability rule?



Stop panicking,Yes disability kicks in from the day your GP gets notification of your condition,.

Symptoms, if they are mild then you may not need meds yet BUT you can still claim Personal independence Payment ( PIP ) it's not about the fact you have a condition it is about how the condition and any other you may have effect you. YOU MUST TELL THEM EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL ON YOUR WORST POSSIBLE DAY. I do this in block capitals because it is so important. go to all the info you need will be on there if not call me I will send my mobile in a private message, I will help you as best I can.

Job Loss Do not jump straight away,  your symptoms are mild you say your employer has to by law make reasonable adjustments  What do you do ? and how long have you been there ? If 2 years or more your company are obliged to pay you the statutory figure set by our government which is crap but you are a protected under the disabled act. I am actually in the middle of this happen myself with my company after 9 years. They cannot get shot of you because of you disability!!!!! if you have a union there join it cover your back with them. The capability rule should only kick in when you are at you worst therefor not able to do your job ( I am in the process of checking this out for you ).

Try to stay calm stress is the worst thing for us.  BB, Karen.


i think too claim ssp you have too have earnt £111 a week and have been in continuous employment for 12 months ?? BB.

your local disability advice service

find your local PD support worker


Thanks for the replies, I have an appointment (my first) with the community Parkinson's nurse in a few weeks, so will phone DWP and hopefully the nurse will be able to help with the forms.


               When your PIP forms arrive phone ParkinsonsUK and get a support worker out to fill the forms in for you, they are brilliant.

                         All the best to you    Billywhizz

Spoke with DWP, so forms will no doubt arrive in the coming few weeks.

Good but they are not quick the day you called them is the day your claim starts from mate.

K xx


I would book a session with your nearest citizens advice bureau.   I have a friend who works there and he helped me phrase the wording for my PIP claim.

They can also help on employment issues.


With help from Parkinson's UK, Citizens Advice AND my Parkinson's nurse, I'd hope my chances of getting any financial support are as good as they can be. Not that the forms have even arrived yet (of course).

Hi mate the forms are never quick let alone their decision mine took seven months in total, and I told them on a regular basis the claim was being monitored by PUK. 

You have to be firm with them and keep pushing otherwise they just drag their heels.

Give me a bell if you want to talk I am now officially on gardening leave in other words made redundant 

so am at home planning my next move.  

I have contacted a law firm to deal with my case I know for a fact I have been targeted due to my condition.


Look after yourself xx BB.

Hi Betty I am so sorry to hear you have been made redundant .Best of luck with fighting your case x

Thank you i will give it my best shot hopefully PUK will be able to help me with this as I feel my condition has been used to discriminate against me.



Sorry to hear your news BB, I feel targets are painted on our backs the minute we get diagnosed. I told HR and the CEO and what do you know, suddenly my role is at risk of redundancy. I'm sure they'll follow process to be sure of no comebacks, but it does seem highly dubious, and ultimately what can any of us do about it?

Hi Drewster, I am going to bring S*** to their doors one way or another.

I even knew it was going to happen yesterday I felt I was carrying a heavy load all morning something was telling me something was going on. And tomorrow  at 1pm I have a meeting with my senior line manager & the witch who is responsible, she has had her sights set on me for at least 6 months how I am going to keep my hands of her I really don't know. 

I will let you know what happens  x BB,

I am afraid that illness interpreted as weakness gets the vultures circling.  It is not only PWP's who experience this - not that that is any comfort...One lady describing  this kind of bullying on the forum  actually worked in a neurology dept..  A friend of mine was born with cerebral palsy and her parents told she would never walk.  She did walk and did very  well at uni and was happily holding down a job as a housing officer when "the witch" came and started harrassing her so much that she resigned without another job to go to.  You do hear of really supportive employers but there seem to too many of the other persuasion.,, even in the so-called caring professions.

When I collapsed at school the resident "witch" got to work as if one doesn't have enough to worry about.  I turned out to have under-active thyroid with associated depression.  Once on meds, I was more than fine  I found out incidentally from the head a few terms later  that she had told the head that I had had a nervous breakdown.  Not that that would make it right but it shows the mentality..    .

Try to keep a lid on the stress levels BB, if you punch her lights out, that probably constitutes gross misconduct and no pay off (other than smug satisfaction)


Don't worry I did keep my hands to myself I am not going to say goodbye to a seven grand pay off. 

I can be a bit daft but not stupid don't get me wrong I am angry as hell but I know how to behave myself I was quite stressed when I wrote that post. I am going to go down the correct process and try to claim constructive dismissal I know that it is on me to prove this. It's more about the principle than the job  now as it turns out I am not the only disabled person they have got rid of. Any way enough about me what's happening with you?


BB x