It's too hot!

Hi all.

I don't know if I'm normal, but in very hot weather my medication seems to be much less effective.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

Ray of Sweatshine.
i think so ray ,cus yesturday i felt like meds not workin as the should be ,but i just oput it down to the hot weather and just feelin hot and bothered kinda thing if that makes sence,i do think that the warm weather though makes joints feel beter than the cold though:smile:
I put the very same Q to my neurologist - does hot weather make my PD symptoms worse? Needless to say ,I did not get a yeah or nay reply. Apparently the jury is out, except for acknowledgement that hot weather may increase the dizziness caused by some PD meds. I got told to drink more water
Gosh, how strange, yesterday I too needed an additional dose because my normal morning tabs didn't kick in. I never even thought that it might be the heat, just goes to show, if we all were not in touch little things like this would go unnoticed. Thank you all my parkie friends!!


In contrast, I have felt better today than I have for a long time. The heat made me feel more relaxed and so reduced my tremor.

Shivering makes me tense which makes my stiffness and tremor worse!
I think the general consensus is that hot or cold weather definitely DOES have an effect on the effectiveness of our drugs, but each of us reacts differently. Typical!
I know that if I get cold my tremor is terrible. And find when I sit out in the sun I am more relaxed and my tremor is very mild.
I tinnk the extremes of weather do affect how you feel my husband will shiver and becomes more stiff when he gets cold and it takes a long time for him to recover I even wrap him in a blanket . He feels much better when it is warm but not when it is HOT , then it takes all the energy he has got .7
yup, extremes of temp. complete bitch.

Phew, it's hot today.

I'm sweating like Rupert Murdoch's ink supplier.

Mornin' all I suspect there are a few hurty heads today:grin:

:fearful: :imp:
Self sympathy:laughing:

Anyway, how's life out there in the middle of nowhere today? :wink:
It's really cold and overcast in the North of Scotland. Typical.
Same old same old Ray, waiting for my meds to kick in. I, believe it or not, am watching 2 snails crawling up my window pane. OH shoot one has dropped off.

My daughter is off work today so no doubt she and grandson will be around at some time this afternoon.

How are you my friend:question:

Radz x
Not bad at all.

Now if you were OCD you'd have had £500 on one of those snails! :laughing:

you know I probably would:wink:
i asked my PD specialist the same question last time i went for my yearly check up, only to recieve a puzzled facial expression with neither a yes or no reply. Seems to me the more we use these forums the better, so we can help each other, so yes my PD does get alot worse with medication being less effective during a hot summer and a very cold winter. Maybe we can all help each other to be PD specialists to a certain extent with the personal individual touch.......All for one & One for All..... *winks lol*
I've learnt that the more the "experts" try to look aloof and superior, the less likely they are to have an answer - or even understand the question.

A few years in medical school will never let them know what formication spreading slowly across the body actually FEELS like, or what it's like to be shuffling forward and suddenly find one can't stop, or turn left, for example.

ANYBODY with PD, however new to the experience, is 100 times more of an expert than any neurologist, PD Nurse, helpdesk advisor or moderator (no offence to the team here, or disrespect for their efforts and dedication). Such good people have experienced NOTHING. The different aspects of our condition are simply impossible to explain or describe.

Similarly, any Parkinson's patient who has been through the full Obsessive Compulsive Disorder experience is 100 times more of an expert than any professional OR any PD Patient who HASN'T. The non-experienced unfortunately know nothing: they HAVEN’T A CLUE.

So why won't these consultants get down off their thrones and LISTEN?
I find I feel much improved in hot weather - The Vitamin D level rises and the natural Dopamine produced by the Adrenal glands appear to increase too!

Feeling that medication may not be working - may be the reverse - ie. too much Dopamine in the body.

We all function in a Natural way - So expect requirements to fluctuate with both diet and environment changes.

Listen to your body