Joined today

Hi all

Am new to all this first time on any forum .

Was diagnosed with pd on 7/6/14 after melt down at work. 

Im 57 and have been kidding myself there was nothing wrong with me for about 2 years or so.

Apart from old age    Lol.

started meds 4 days ago and things are slowly improving . So am hopeful of getting back to work, Though as a hgv mechanic having a shaky left hand stiff legs n unsteady head that might take some doing.

but I live in hope :))

Welcome Cheshire the pic.  as you can see i adore cats. You don't say if you are a gal or a fella? you sound a positive person which really helps with the old Parky, and pleased that the meds are kicking in already, especially with the job that you do, you def need a steady hand !!! You will find plenty of support on this forum, we all have the same thing in common but different stories to tell. if you want to click on my pic of Jess my lovely old moggy it will give you a bit of my story. Since writing that i feel generally much improved and the meds are doing there job yay!razz 

warmest wishes and keep posting


Welcome to the forum Cheshire cat

Welcome from me, too, Cheshire Cat!

I was 56 when diagnosed and, like you, had actually had PD some years prior to that.  When the symptoms began bothering me, I started taking medication, which worked immediately and eliminated my symptoms completely!  Over the years, of course, they have returned and I have had to add other meds and increase dosages.  But after having PD for 17 years, I am still living a very active life, living alone (widowed two years ago), managing my household, and travelling as well.  Think optimistically and exercise a lot -- you'll have many good years ahead, I'd bet.

Best regards,


Hi all and thanks for the welcome.

Have been reading other posts and story's and found loads of stuff that is usefull and reassuring .

I'm male by the way and do have a love of cats lol.

I thought my avatar and user name really sums up how I'm feeling , I tend to have an odd sense of funrazz

Though the white rabbit might have summed me up better in the last days of work when I finally went to pieces ,to much to do not enough time to do it in feeling to tired n ill to cope .

I also have a hart condition though that doesn't slow me down ,I love walking and take holidays hill walking in wales n Scotland .

Well Dolly I have read your story and think I know what you mean I feel a lot like a bell that's vibrating in a low tone but inside my head ,it can be quite unsettleling and confusing it then makes my trembers worsemad

Thanks again to you all for your welcome  

      Live well 


Hi Cheshire cat,

As a cat lover myself I love the moniker, I too have left sided PD which leaves me numbness in my leg and tremors in my arm. First notices something was not right 2 months after shoulder surgery after walking up & down stairs set of a twitch. It's a couple of months later that after handing a work report to a very close friend of mine whom said why is your arm shaking that I said I know I know I am at DR's today after work thinking it was nerve damage from the surgery to which I got the reply are you really & promised her I was. (she's very protective of me) cried in her arm's many of times over several different reason's. (Shes also done same with me, mum & aunty dyeing, one daughter's relationship going down the pan then up again).

Turns out I'd had symptoms before not recognised walked 2 miles to my work each way & thought I needed a hip replacement, And just before that been on holiday to Norfolk for a 4 night break & found after what was supposed to be a 2 mile walk on the sand turned out to be 9 after returning to our caravan I could have happily decked my husband after that walk. Sent of for a nerve conduction study weird thing, came back normal that the penny then dropped as to what my condition was, I had not quite early onset but not normal either (46 to 47). My GP telephoned me at work to say she wanted to see me today had a 11.15 appointment line up to refer me to neurology, which was done & a month before my appointment my condition developed other symptoms ( restless leg syndrome & eyes getting worse) that I was then re-referred on the fast track seen in 10 days on a Saturday that I was then told suspected PD after about a 10 minute chat. Gave me the drug pramipexole 0.088 micrograms that I noticed a difference in one pill on the Sunday morning I heavily suspected PD any way & it was confirmed after several blood test & a MRI scan. That I felt like I had be hit by a hgv lorry and slowly my world started to crumble before me & then I went in the learning mode & started to educating myself with a much information as I could handle so I have now come through that black cloud by dreaming it's above my head and I swim back through it & seeing me & Colin on a beach in Barbados with the water slowly tickling our feet & the palm trees blowing in the breeze. That's taken anti depressants counselling & lots & lots of tears various major rows with me nose to nose with my husband & people disbelieving me ( you don't look like you got PD & even being called a liar). That I'm now on a stick first thing in the morning from 20 minutes to 40 minutes some day's being good and some bad I'm still in full time work in the summer can manage a electric bike & in winter bus, husband or friend car ferries  me. Stiffness & joint pain I'm now on L-Dopa & Seleginine & pramipexole as well. And last night another spat with him at home that I then get 4hrs sleep after posting on this forum to another member & now to you, But I'm still in full time work about to start receiving PIP (personal independence payment) & working tax credits. I'm now going to have breakfast down my necessary pills for the day & get on the bus into Lincoln so I can get the bit's & pieces I need. You know us of the female species. That I must go & wish you the best of luck with everything you've been trough & will go through. Lets hope we both develop slowly and live long & prosper as Dr Spock would say, will say farewell my friend & hope you stay strong & don't let anyone beat you. My very best wishes Karen M.

Hi bettyblue

have just read your post and profile , I to am mad about motor bikes big grinI own a 1100 cc Honda custom n use my bosses harly fat boy more than he dose,  though can't ride at the mo cos my sense of balance is shot sad face

But am aim min to build a trike From the Honda when my head is screwed back straight  lol

thats the plan any way .

I think I'm lucky as my wife ( second lol ) is a trained counsellor and a mindfulness practisoner so is use to dealing with things like this , though as she has said its diferrant when it's closer to home.

I liked the image you use to get through your bad times it sounds really soothing ,I use meditation my self as I have practiced it from a teen , though I let it slip for a few years , I find half hour before bed helps calm me so I sleep better .though it gets hard to still the mind some times it is worth the effort .

Can sympathise with you on people not believing your ill as my boss said to me. Well my hands shake somtimes n I feel tired but I don't make a big thing about it madyou can't educate some people n thay only see what thay want to.

well I guess I've rambled on long enough and it's nearly time for tea lol.    I've fell in love with cooking since being of work .   So by for now live well n ride free Cc

So that's two common link's for us. We ride a Triumph Bonnie t100 & a Triumph Sprint, We shipped bonnie to USA & road 3000 miles over 4 weeks & got a ferry to France & went to Germany first then the East Algarve to visit hubbys sister which from France was 3500 miles in a period off 3 weeks. In fact when hubby said to me new kitchen or a motorbike my words was F######### the kitchen get the bike. Not to many wives like me I'm told & also I'm a dream pillion as I'm so intune with my rider they don't notice I'm there.


Now we need to sell our house so we can buy a bungalow as the household chores are getting to much for me.

I'm gonna crash now only slept 4hrs last night.


stay safe Cheshire Cat.


Regards BB

Hey Chesh if the worst comes to the worst and you need to retire, remember you are not alone. I struggled on till 55 and finally had to give up. At first its strange, then a pattern forms.

I worked my way down from engineering to very simple jobs to try and maintain employment. Eventually it became too much .It was not an easy decision. I was fortunate I had a great doc who helped me. I now have a PD nurse as well and she is brilliant.

There is life after Parky, it just takes a bit of effort to find it. Main thing is keep helps family and friends to cope better and in the end will benefit you.

Can't compete with the Triumph Bonnie, I had a Triumph Tiger 100ss (500cc) among others. Daughters partner has a restored Bonnie and also a Ducati. I'm afraid my daughter is a dangerous sport freak and a bit of a hooligan. She may grow out of it. She is only 42. She has just given up deep sea diving.......she was scaring the sharks.

Good luck is something we make, not something that just happens. My wife makes things happen so I'm lucky.


Ya Saturn 

Have had bikes all my life started with 175 BSA bantam at12 ......rebuilt by myself .

thrugh to a z1300 street fighter Fule injected with 2x nox bottles that I road on road  n drag strip lol.

Never thought I'd get this old so every extra days a bonus , just got to find something to peek my interest ,

Thiinking a trike might be in order as two wheels are out now , n I got a 1100 v 4 Honda bike an super charger of a BMW mini kicking around lol think that might be fun , just need my head to settle down some n I will have a look see .

I was a bit down yesterday ........had n MRI today that stressed me out but ok now it's over

any how thanks for the good words 

so live well n ride free ( even if only in your memory )Cc

OMG Chesh that brought back a memory.......

We used to meet at small cafe. it had a long straight leading up to it. Sid had his first bike........a 175 BSA Bantam. He screwed every ounce of power out of it as he approached the cafe and then changing down, as he got nearer, it went............ ying ting ting ting........ying ting ting ting. He got christened Ying ting, even when he graduated to a 650 Road Rocket.

Chesh on a serious note........I got diagnosed with PD on a Wednesday last year, the very next day I had to see a Urologist about some high blood counts. They suggested prostate cancer. At that point I touched bottom.

I had to go to Ireland the following week, so it was a while before I got those results. While in Ireland I thought to hell with it and had a damned good time. Guinness never tasted so good.

As it turned out the cancer scare was unfounded. I have another biopsy due in about 3 weeks just before I go to Cornwall as a follow up.

Chesh we aint gonna die from PD, we might look like a reject from a rock and roll competition at some point, but that's down the line a bit, so no point worrying. Today Guinness.......tomorrow......f*** it.

Live now, laugh now, remember the end of the day we all gotta die of something......but not today.


PS I see you walk and love Scotland. My walking is now limited........but.....there's more than one way to f*** a pig than wi butter, as they say round here. I got on a coach and went on a package tour to Fort William a couple of months ago.

Was it good? Your too damn right it was. Short spells of walking with tours round beautiful scenery in the coach. OK it's not what we used to do, but its better than sitting around with a finger up yer bum. Met some ace characters had some good laughs and Mrs Morph enjoyed it too.

Food was excellent, 4 free drinks per person per night, entertainment and a great crowd. It was do as you please at all times.

It's all down to compromise.......that's the key word Chesh.

I posted the Avatar for you Chesh. I'm on my Triumph Tiger 100 SS 500 cc top speed 100mph......not fast by todays standards, but not bad back then. I loved that bike it never let me down.

Sorry quality is poor there were no digital cameras then.


                Hello Cheshire

                                       From one muckshifter to muckshifter mender, wellcome  when I was going about my trade as aMaster Muckshifter I relied on the skills of guys like yourself, fixing broken earthmovers of many types in all weathers, I remember one fitter a red haired craftsman who went by the handle of John The  Hat, he attained this unforgettable nick name through  being called John and always wearing a hat, funny that I would never had guessed, I just thought I would let you know that without the abilities of exellent mechanics like yourself I could not have carried out my job.

                               Once again wellcome of many?      FED

Well fed 

Any mechanic worth his title will always wear a hat lol normal ya wooly type as it don't hurt as much when you hit your head on some part of a machine .....normally a corner made of steel .. N it also keeps weld sparks off  thinning head lol plus snow rain n dirt LOL    Plus you can tuck your fag in it when it goes out n wipe your hands on it when you've done so you see the hat is an important part of the tool kit :-)))) 

live well Cc

Hi saturn

I also had some bit iron as well ..royal enfilde 350 ..BSA b50 500 single ..BSA a65 lightning ..Norton commando 850 there's more but I won't bore you with along list ha ha ha.

My walking not so great any more as well but I make myself do at least n hour a day n hope to keep it up for as long as I can . Helps me stay fit n happy and will build myself an off road tracked chair when I can't  LOL 

no retreat no surrender :-)) 

  Live well    Cc

Do you remember the Royal Enfield 250 GT? My mate Watty had one. It was a smart bit of kit.

One of mine was a 350 Matchless single cylinder. It was an old plodder.

Yep remember both well 

My brother nearly lost his leg on a matchless  g30  350 .old themes van puled in front of him n he hit it at 60 mph he two year in plaster n disabled ever since ,bike was fine started first kick n road it home .

that some bike lol

enfield gt 250 was A two stroke .....looked good but totally gut less ha ha 

I use to track race Japanese two strokes in 70s n 80s  250 Yamaha ....500 Suzuki  built own engins n expansion chambers ...noisey as hell but went like stink ha ha ha.


I worked with a few lads who raced. 2 did the Manx Grand prix, one on a 250 Ducati and one on a Matchless 7R, one raced for Crooks Suzuki at the TT and another rode for Silk.

One was quite good and won a fair few local races, he was my Mothers partners son in law. He died recently which is a shame, because he was a really nice lad.

He bought a Williams F1 team bus with a blown engine. What a piece of equipment that was. We spent a large part of Christmas afternoon in there while the rest of the family slept off Christmas dinner one year. It had everything.......including lots of beer.

Mrs Morph has no interest, but my mate down the road is engineering based and we dump the girls in town to go shopping while we's good to talk. We might be on the scrap heap now, but we had our moment in the sun and no one can ever take that away.


      I used to ride a chopper  (bike )//?      AL GET ME COAT!       FEDeek

Can I have a backie Fed, the dustbin man took my bike years ago?