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        Hello all

                               Doe's anyone know if I can claim for the shower room/toilet  section of the extension we have  planned I have the higher rate DLA or whatever its called now,I know I dont pay vat  any advice wellcome, also while I am here, I am now 64 and on 4/9/15 I will be 65 and will then start my OAP ,what happens to my benefits, I    understand I will lose most if not all as my pension will replace the Benefits is this correct, or will I lose out when my pension commences.

                             Any advice   most wellcome              FED


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Fed.  Looks likely to be local authority for grants to change your home as it asks for postcode. Unlike PIP and VAT at 0% it's means tested. 

Try your postcode here



I know you can get money of council tax for a adapted bathroom. also as your on dla ie pip before 65 you are still entitled to it to you die.its just people of 65 can not claim it.also when you re do paper work for change of dla to pip you will get £140 amonth as it goes on points now nearest to the pound

meant to say More .ie extra money a month


I don't know about any grants but I had a project manager for my downstairs extension and he got  the  VAT element of the cost of the  wet room/downstairs loo taken off the total cost which was in fact the  starting point for the project.    I also added an extra downstairs room which if needs be can become a bedroom.  I was told by the council that although there was assumed to be a reducton in value where  disabled facilities were added, they wouldn't reassess unless the property was changing hands.This does not make a lot of sense and also  not everyone owns their own home so I would be interested in what info. others have on council tax.


Hi Fed, you apply to your Council for a Disabled Facilities Grant for the extension. They will do a financial assessment to see how much, if anything,  you will have to pay. There is usually  a long waiting list, so best to apply asap. The Council will usually send an occupational therapist to discuss what you require and he/she will make recommendations to the Council on your behalf.  Its important that you don't start the work before approval is given, or you will probably not be given a grant.

If a house is adapted for a Disabled person,  the Council may reduce your  council tax, but I don't know what adaptations qualify.




         Thankyou Kendo, Gus, Eileenpatricia, and Bluebarb,for your help and suggestions, it will not be possible to claim for a grant , we can claim for VAT exemption,which is good, every little  helps.

                                May all the things you wish for be yours in the brand spanking new year my friends



Hello all

             The build is underway and progressing well, there was the  customary slicing of the water main , a age old custom practiced over 21/2 thousand years ago by the ancient population of our country, and at he same time,the Aztecs, Egyptians , Aboriginies and the indigenous peoples of North America,  Q  how did they know,my own theory is Wogan Radio 2,.

                 Anyway where my workshop once stood is a very large hole which extends across the back of my home its about 5ft deep in places and will be filled with crushed concrete in layers each layer about 1ft thick and rolled then strip founds excavated and the whole area steelfixed with  heavy duty reebar then concreted, I asked if they had the plans mixed up with the Geordie Shard, apparently not, its par for all modern builds said the Foreman, so there you have it, 3weeks to completion  weather permitting, so dig out your arctic clothing and place all furniture upstairs,, FEDS dig is underway.wink

                         BFN  FED

That's good more tea fed



       Certainly Gus,milk and 6 sugars if you please,,well were only here once eh my friend.


bacon butty only hp brown sauce will do as the lady said on coggle box five rashes as they shrink in the frying pan lol



              My first experience of the mouthwatering menu was back a while, I was 18,,thats 14yrs ago, well 20,yrs, sorry my broken memory section wont go any further back, and was helping my dads brother , he used to drive steam shunters for the N C B remember those days Gus, he used to cook our brekfast on the shiny coal shovel,best food ever, yes there were bits of coal, but coal is organic, no harm done Im still here, I used to ride with Bob to and from the Tyne a distance of 14mls each way, that is until some jobsworth spotted me and grassed to the Sweeny,,which I promptly ignored, happy days  Gus, never to return.



those were the good at least we had a great time



    You know when people say things were better then Gus, well they were,me and all my friends had no need of vandalising, drinking stealing cars beating up guys with the wrong coloured skin,infact my best mate was Jamaican, I met him in 59, I invited him  to my  9yrs birthday party, I did'nt notice his colour, he was my friend unfortunately  he left on his journey to infinity 3 years back, he was such a funny kid, the only time I ever wet myself laughing Gus,, his name was Lloyd.  Happy days.big grin



                      Just in case you are wondering, the  kitchen build is the second attempt at  improving our home, the first lot were hopeless so I paid them off,I was struggling and losing with PD and Dyskie, and the quality was very poor so that was then, I brought in a better  team and at first they were good, the gound works were completed to my satisfaction, then they brought in subbies to board  the walls,and thats when  dissatisfaction set in, they started 3 days ago  and have not finished, so I will e mail the boss tonight,and it will not be what he wants to read as I told him I wont pay until satisfied

                                             watch this space

sounds like there taking the need some good old southerners up there.



  The plasterers are crip, and if  you want any of my dosh dont send them tommorow.

            What you see Gus is my negotiation skills,in action, a different team today,

             I recieved a letter from the double glazing company that installed our windows and doors, and I quote

              Dear FED,

                                    You have not paid any money for the items installed in your home.

              Me      "  You told me they would pay for thhemselves in six months"  ??? no reply as yet.


like it lol


arrowbig grinHello Gus

                     I MET A OLD BUDDY TODAY, he did not look well, so as  I was  worried I asked him how he was he said he had been very ill but was through the worst, though,, " I have to take one pill  per day for the rest of my life",  oh well thats not too bad said FED, thinking of all  the drugs I take,  "Yeh but there's only 6 pills in the bottle""???    BU???R,                  AHL GET ME COAT

   You will all be interested how went the day, well not bad but also  my little wolverine has requested I cease forthwith my antagonising the management of the firm building the full size copy of the EMPIRE STATE BULDING,  well on present showing its probably going to take the same amount of time, and thats all I said honest,  imagine  ME ANTAGONISTIC,  hhmph, so they are working all day SAT and until 12  SUNDAY me badgering managers, whoever heard of such a thing.wink

                                                              BFN              FED


sounds a  nice environment i take it bacon butts & tea then on a saturday ! bet they love you