Latest post first?

Anyone else wanting the latest post to be first instead of last?
Have just had to scroll through posts since 2011 to post a new one…
Is there any reason for this strange time-consuming construction?

I agree that it would be easier to have last posts first. There is a little grey scroll bar immediately to the side though and you can drag the current position marker (there must be a proper word for that but I don’t know what it is) down that to the bottom quite quickly.

GG, If you click on the bottom right corner where it might say 1/122. Just click on it and suddenly like magic on the bottom left corner you will see a box saying “Jump to” click on this then key in page number you want to jump towards, let’s say it 122… Before you can say; monotonous dopamine agonist Cabaser blows me socks off…you will of arrived at post 122 where you shall be greeted with the latest namely post number 122.

Let’s hope it’s not a post on a dopamine agonist thread because the journey may take somewhat longer if traveling from post number 1 to post 735, if I were you GG I would take a overnight bag because this old forum is a bit like southern rail, it works sometimes and never arrives on time😎

Bluey xx

Aye. The diabetes forum has some threads that are hundreds of pages long. If you click on the thread, you are automatically taken to the latest post. It’s not rocket science.

Though at least this way it stops folk repeating advice or comments made earlier.

I am trying to get there!
Singing Gardener…I can’t see a scroll bar…
Blueeyes…I have tried your advice and it works…
Island Mike…mine doesn’t…it starts with the oldest post and I have to scroll through years of posts…better with the’ jump to’ trick.
Still wondering why it can’t be like emails…newest first…but you seem to get that Island Mike.
Am I going senile or what?
How on earth are people supposed to know how to ‘jump to’? And why do some people not have to jump?

That’s strange! I don’t have the jump thingummy so it must depend on what device or browser we’re using or something.

Singing Gardener…Hampton Court maze is a doddle compared to this!
The jump thing only appears when I press on the page number…the 1/23 thing…
I can’t see a scroll bar.
How are we meant to know these things?
I manage tons of sites with ease…to say this is mainly used by patients with cognitive/dexterity issues…it’s madness!
I only ever use an iPad…does that influence it?

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I’m at a loss! I use a desktop computer and an android tablet both with Chrome as my browser. I get a blue scroll line next to the message I’m reading and nothing happens if I click on the 1/23 next to it.

I tried to post this yesterday using my tablet but the “Reply” button didn’t work!

I don’t get a scroll bar, you don’t get the jump to button and Mike gets latest first!
Admin…any answers?
Will keep on trying but getting dispirited!

Also having to scroll through back years of posts!

Hi @Singing_Gardener and @goldengirl,

I hope all is well.

Thanks for bringing these functionality issues to my attention - we are currently exploring ways to make the forum more user friendly across different devices.

Best wishes,

Hi all,

I’ve spoken to our forum developers and they’ve confirmed that by changing the chronological order of posts, it will cause a variety of implications elsewhere on the forum which won’t be in the best interest of our members.

Also just to note that when I read the thread for the first time, I start at the top, but when I read it a second time it jumps down to the latest post that I haven’t seen. So that’s the way it should be working for users. If you’re accessing the same thread across multiple devices it will jump you down to the latest post you haven’t read on that device. If you use the blue scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen and drag it down using your mouse, this will take you to the latest post on that particular thread.

To our knowledge, many other forums work in the same way so if you’re reading the thread for the first time, the idea is that you would want to read it in order. And as Island_Mike suggested, this is also a way to prevent members from repeating information and so they can find answers to any queries they may have before creating a new thread.

I hope you find the above information useful, however, if you have any more concerns about this, please feel free to email our dedicated feedback department and they’ll address your concerns further at [email protected].

Many thanks,

Hi Reah,
I have no scroll bar so that can’t be of help!
I am amazed that the forum is so complicated given the problems PWP face.
I am a carer with a degree andI can’t really fathom it out!
I don’t have this problem with anything else I do on the internet.
I will keep trying but will also explore other support forums as this is becoming just one pressure too much.
Thanks for trying to help.
Best wishes

Thanks Reah

I do have the scroll bar and do get taken straight to the first unread post in a thread so it’s fairly manageable.

I did have the problem with not being able to post from my tablet though but will see if this one works…

Hi blueeyes42 reading the forum you know what you’re doing so if you don’t mind a question from a complete Luddite could I trouble you with a problem I have using the forum .At the top right hand corner of my phone on my doggie icon there is a green number one .What does it mean and if it’s a message how do I retrieve it?: T1

Hi T1

It could be a number of things.

What type and make of phone are you using? If you have a mobile phone, then what’s the operating system, is it android or iphone? Also do you have access to the Internet via the phone?

Give me answers to these questions and hopefully i should be able to solve your puzzle…:ok_hand:

Best wishes

Hi balueeyes, 47 . it’s just a cheap Vodafone android and yes it does have access to the internet. …Many Thanks T1

Hi @T1,

Let me know if you’d like me to assist you with this? I’m happy to chime in here.

Many thanks,

Hi Reah
Sorry I took so long to get back to you but I’ve been dealing with health problems mainly insomnia and navigating the forum became a lower priority
Anyway the problem was beside my I.D icon there would appear either a green dot with a number or a blue dot and I had no idea what they meant .I’m using an android phone if that helps .Wow just read this again and saw I.d.icon get me eh using I.T. language. Ha Ha.thanks again Luddite Tommy.

Just spotted my spelling mistake on you’re name can’t apologize enough hope you were not offended Blueeyes47 Lysdexia is no joak … Tommy