Latest post first?


Hi @T1,

No need to apologise at all and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing problems with insomnia. Based on what you’ve described, I think the blue dot that you’re referring to is a notification that you’ve received a private message.

You can view your private messages by clicking on your icon image and by clicking on the envelope image. Please see the imaged attached for further assistance. Profile pic 2

I hope that answers your questions, if not, feel free to get back to me.



Thanks Reah
Maybe before they close the curtains on me whilst playing Nighswimming by R.E.M. i too could become an I.T. expert
That was a long way to say croak it but I might as well use the grey matter while I still can.
Anyway I.T. expert is probably pushing the envelope so I think I’ll settle for using a smartphone. It’s more than the dinosaurs managed. Thanks Again dark humored Tommy


Hi Reah
As you probably know I live in Oxfordshire I’ve just been talking to my son in Glasgow and he said if he types in 4am club forum on Google he can read my posts is this true
And is there any way to make it just for pduk users?


Hi @T1,

I hope all is well.

I noticed that you sent me a private message which I’ve now responded to.

Best wishes,


Thanks for explaining that Reah
I guess I’ll have to be a bit more careful what I post.
You see my son is a bit of a computer nerd .
My fault really I bought him an Amstrad when he was 6 years old and he had learned BBC basic by about, 7
Just as well I didn’t mention his huge nose or the fact that he was useless at football when younger.
OOPS oh well I’m sure he’ll get over that last bit.
And anyway I’ve already received my birthday present this year HaHa all the best… Tommy


"I’ve spoken to our forum developers and they’ve confirmed that by changing the chronological order of posts, it will cause a variety of implications elsewhere on the forum which won’t be in the best interest of our members."

Such as?


I’ve just been talking to my son in Glasgow and he said if he types in 4am club forum on Google he can read my posts.

Just tried this and it really does lead you to this forum. Appalling!! But, we’ve been there before many times and nothing will change. Anything you post on the here is there for all to see, if they use the right search words.Sadly this is not a closed forum, so, poster beware.


Hi @benji,

Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you feel this way, however, we’ve made it clear in our forum rules that the forum is public and the threads can be found on search engines (aside from the social club) which is why your son was able to view the ‘4am club’ thread.

If you have any further concerns or questions about our privacy settings, please feel free to send an email to

Best wishes,


I quoted a post by T1 and added my comment. I don’t have a son.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Last time i looked at this site it had made a distinct improvement.Now someone has dug it up to see if it’s growing


I just hope that that the money that is sent from our branch to HO for research, is not used for research into forum improvements!

I wonder how many thousand of pounds this re incarnation of the forum cost? And, for what purpose???

I think that many members were happy with how it was before. The old adage comes to mind…if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I was locked out of the new forum for months, just when I needed advice and support at a very difficult time.

I asked if Admin could delete my account and I could register again with a new name, very similar to my user name of years, and explain that in a post. The answer was great big NO.

All I received was numerous e mails telling me to click on the link to reset my password, OR, be on the phone whilst this was resolved. I was at the hospital most of the day so that was a no no.Nothing worked.

Ultimately I tried something, don’t know what I did, and that did it after weeks of not being able to gain access.

I frequent holiday forums and when such a glitch in access has happened, it is very easy for the Admin on there to sort this out very quickly. Why not here???

How many times now have we had a ‘new’ forum and all the accompanying problems with usage??


"I’ve spoken to our forum developers and they’ve confirmed that by changing the chronological order of posts, it will cause a variety of implications elsewhere on the forum which won’t be in the best interest of our members."

Such as?


I also would like to know…


Hi benji,

Thanks for your feedback on the new forum.

We had to change the old platform that the Parkinson’s UK website was hosted on and as the forum was hosted on this too, we had no choice but to change it as well. I can assure you that we got a really cost-effective solution that offers a lot more than our old forum and we also user tested the new forum with other forum members who found it easy to use during the testing phase. Most of our members have adapted to the new forum pretty well and I am more than happy to support you so that you can get to this stage too.

We really wanted (and tried) to support you when you couldn’t access the forum but in just creating a new account we ran the risk of the same problem happening again. However, I appreciate that was very frustrating for you and I am here to help if you continue to experience any more issues on the forum.

Regarding the chronological order of the posts, by changing this it would cause disruptions on the back end of the forum with our settings which has more technical implications. Without boring you with too much techy jargon, everything on the forum assumes chronological order and if we were to change this, it would break that assumption everywhere.

We always appreciate feedback from our members and again, if you have any more feedback that you’d like to share with us, please email our feedback department (I think I noted the email address in my previous response).

I hope this provides more clarity for you and please let me know if there is anything else we can do to support you.

Best wishes,


Why? was it broke. The old adage… 'if it aint broke why fix it?

‘offers a lot more than our old forum.’ What exactly?

I would have loved to tested the new forum BUT I had no access!!! I even signed in, as advised to do so, before the required date and still had no access.
As is evident I managed somehow, don’t know how, to gain access eventually.

'we ran the risk of the same problem happening again’explain what that problem might have been, because, I said before, when similar problems have been encountered on other forums that I use…there has never been a problem with deleting an account and creating a new one.

Money spent on this debacle would have been better spent elsewhere, IMO.


I frequently comment on plain English summaries by researcher applying for grants from PUK via my involvement with the RSN and the off shoot, the area RIG group.

Could you put this into plain English?


Hi @benji,

Thanks for your response.

To answer your question about the old platform, we had to change it in order to update the website to make it more user friendly for our visitors and the old platform could not facilitate these changes. This also affected the forum as mentioned in my previous comment.

Regarding the order of threads, when members come to a tread they are automatically taken to the most recent comment and this is common practice across many forums. Unfortunately, due to more technical reasons that affect the general management of the forum, we cannot change the chronological order of the posts.

Again, if you have any more queries or feedback on the forum, please feel free to email our feedback department at

Kind regards,


What am I doing wrong?
I don’t get taken to the latest post!
I have to scroll through them or faff with the ‘Jump to’ procedure…which I wouldn’t have known about without a member’s help.
How do new users find out how to do it?
Still wondering about the knickers and crackers…
Just clicked on the heart above and accidentally 'liked’



I am none the wiser even after Admin’s reply.

They changed/updated the website to make it…_____'more user friendly.’_Excuse me whilst I splutter in to my G&T.


Below is what I just got when I searched ‘cutlery’ on the PUK shop.
The picture showed the clothing protectors but the blurb was all about a tray???

Self adhesive clothing protectors (pack of 100)

_ _
_Regular price £17.00 _

_ _

_ Add to cart _
_ _

Product information

Delivery and returns

VAT exemption

Stop splashes and spills with this oak finish non-slip tray. It’s ideal for people who are less steady or those who have tremors. Compact and durable, the tray has a special non-slip coating, perfect to use at home or outside. It has an outside lip, two handles and can hold a glass, cup or plate at angles of up to 40 degrees.

Product information
•45.5cm x 32.5cm