My libido must have increased 10 fold and if my family hadn't noticed it would have been a disaster as i was lying through my teeth and very obsessive anybody else had this problem.

Yes. Very much so. As noted elsewhere this kind of behaviour is not uncommon among people using mid to high doses of dopamine agonists. (other obsessions are available too) Did your neuro and/or nurse warn you of this possibility? 


I take a low dose , 6m Requip XL and have similar problems. I  have a much greater interest in sex which is becoming a problem.

Initially my husband thought it was great, sex on tap whenever he wanted but that very quickly wore off and now he finds it overwhelming. He would quite happily be a once a fortnight kind of guy but I can't cope with that. He struggles physically to keep up as he worries I might go elsewhere (I wouldn't).

It is not such a problem that it threatens our marriage but it means I am often lying next to him, crying silently so he doesn't know, because yet again he is 'not in the mood'.

What do I do?. It took a long time to find a  drug and dose I can tolerate so am reluctant to try somehing else.



Well I have just returned to the new site after days of fiddling about trying to put my profile on..

First topic I open - wham! My long time partner left me 2 weeks ago blaming my PD and the drugs! Nice to know it's not only me....

I could write a book on why ... the nightmare continues .... but at the moment I am enjoying the freedom thrust upon me.



I think its a similar story for a lot of people 

lot more interest in hanky panky because of the DA  

but as my wife said

Its  like a dog chasing a car

 even if it catches' it  its  not going to be able to drive 

just one more cruel twist  that Parkinson's  plays on us






Hi caroline

your story struck a cord with me as i was in a similar situation a few years ago but not because of my PD (I have only just been diagnosed in the last year).  My husband suffers from a bi-polar disorder and when he has been unwell also suffers from a complete lack of interest in sex.  I found this very difficult as it also involved a complete withdrawal of any sort of affectionate physical contact.  It made me feel very unloved at a time when I was also under great stress from his illness.  Although my husband slowly recovered I realised that our relationship had suffered from this and fortunately my husbands psychiatrist also realised this.  She arranged for us to undertake some sessions together with a psychologist which really helped us move through this and re establish a close relationship.  The sessions were not about our physical relationship but our emotional one. So what I am saying is perhaps you might be able to access some help so that you can work through this together.  I am so glad we were able to strengthen our relationship as i will need to rely more on my husband in the future.


I am returning to see my neurologist soon i have a feeling he is going to prescribe me a dopamine agonists 

increase in libido  one side effect i could defiantly live with big grin


HI carolineb211


 Only on 4mg of Requip XL  at the moment so can't wait to be prescribed an extra 2mg if that is what it does!!


Joking aside,it must be a big problem for those involved. I hope you and your OH find some sort of satisfactory solution that suits you both.a lot of talking must be done

Good Luck x

Hi carolineb211


P.S. Hope I'm not being to forward, ever heard of battery operated aids!!


you said what i was thinking , i recommend duracell batteries wink

I wonder if they do re-chargeable versions.....shelly65....please accept my apologies for cutting you off for a couple of days.....initially it was deliberate because I was not in the frame of mind to speak to anyone. What has made it worse....on an impulse I killed my computer.....well left it well and truly battered and bruised. I will see if it can be resurrected in a new case....otherwise I will have to use Mag's laptop to contact you...trouble is all the details were lost. Hope you get the book Ok....send details in a postal reply/acknowledgement.



I love the analogy Pmac's wife came out with about dogs chasing cars. I thought I knew all the funny sayings of note, but I must have missed this one. It really made me laugh.

As the festive season approaches saves Santa a trip.




Hello, as a person that was adversely effected by DA's a number of years ago, it's really no joke about the side effects. Please do check back on previous posts relating to obsessional behaviours and  hyper sexuality. In my experience the hyper sexuality never ends at just wanting more, it can and often does involve some gruesome behaviours which partners find hard to take on board.

These drugs can be lethal, they have no respect for families, relationships and friendships and whilst taking them the person has no respect either, they become a stranger.

Please, anybody that is considering taking them, do some homework about them first, be prepared and make sure that your family and friends are onboard with you, they will be the people that will need to monitor you. Always take somebody with you to see your neuro if possible...I managed to pull the wool over my neuro's eyes for quite some time before my husband actually told him what I was doing.


Sorry if you thought I was making light of the side effects. It is quite often my way of dealing with things. I have experience of both others and myself suffering from them. If I didn't laugh I'd cry.

I have a psychologist in my family and I also studied psychology. Human givens is very useful as is Solution focused therapy. Although I can self analyse I always rely on specialists. It's the only way to get an objective view..

Basically what is required in serious cases, is monitoring by a third party and consulting specialists. I keep an honest diary of events.

You can't fix this sort of thing yourself.

All drugs have side effects it is a matter of weighing up side effects against benefits.

Hello Orpheus 

where did you returnr from. Any where nice. .?

like yourself I sympathise with those over whelmed by side effects  

but we don't have a choice to have parkinsons but we  do have a choice how we it 

maybe a psych would have an opinion but it works for me to laugh  





Likewise Pmac...

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

My return was from the underworld after challenging Hades, unlike Orpheus, I didn't look back. I rescued Eurydice.

In literal terms this equates going to a very dark place and doing battle with fears then returning to the light.

I liked the comparison and used it for my handle. Orpheus unfortunately wasn't as lucky.


Well, I have been checked out by my GP for drug induced delusional behaviour and have spoken to several medical people about the side effects of ropinarole and await a meeting with my PD consultant - with a clear conscience.

My experience - a long time partner has now left me blaming my behaviour induced by the PD drugs. Gambling - no -  £6 when I remember on the lottery! Sexual yes -a pleasant increase in libido but trying to entice an androgynous being to participate once or twice every two weeks or so (better than nowt before!)

I did note however, that there were a lot of late night texts and PC messaging and secretive calls. Avoidance of holidays together. Go away/nights out ... with her friend(s). Even her lies -  that was never believed possible! Basically there was a black hole which I was not supposed to know about. I felt bad at the time but I did record some things to prove that I wasn't imagining it all. Glad I did in retrospect!

When eventually I confronted her, I was accused of being delusional ... must get help... suddenly the judge, the jury  and then sentence was passed. I started to doubt what I had heard and seen.This forum alerted me that she might be right. Am I that bad???

Then eureka - her word against mine? I got checked out - all seems OK so I asked to prove that I was wrong in what I had seen. Guess what she hasn't got/can't find/won't divulge her itemised phone bill... that would prove once and for all who is delusional and who is right .... the land line records prove  my position!

So beware - although this sounds really bizarre - she had used her knowledge of my medication to hide her involvement outside of the home. Now she has gone off with her "friend(s)". Why  she couldn't have just ditched me I don't know ... but to use my PD as a smoke screen and have me doubt my own sanity.  

It hurts now that she has gone... at first I would admit to anything to have her back. Then it dawned on me - my best friend had used me and lied to me - and why worry now ... life goes on. 

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had  can fully empathise  with you , same situation here my partner became increasingly distant after my PD dx  and seemed very disinterested in our relationship to the point that he has been picking arguments for quite a few weeks now  he made a comment last week  which annoyed me we have now fallen out  he to did not have the guts to say i can not deal with PD  , life goes on , it sure does and mine certainly will

All the best Eternchoesity

Thank you all for the advice and suggestion and yes I do have battery operated boyfriends (not the same but needs must)

I have found another outlet though and have been writing naughty novels


This is the first, recently published on kindle e-books. Number two is halfway done.


Caroline x

Hello  Libido and Lighthousepoet, the sometimes colossal rise in libido is not always a bad thing although it can after a while become a pest. When I  was first told I had pd I didnt even know wha it meant, one of the drugs I was given was cabergoline, and what a effect that had, over night my wife who is admittedly nice to look at, became a sex object, at first she loved the new adventurous husband ,we would act like sex mad teenagers and three times a night was no problem,but things began to get unstable, threesomes and bondage became regular FIXES, it was not until I came home one afternoon and caught my wife  with my neighbour , this caused a rather heated exchange and to cut to the chase a visit to my specialist revealed that the drugs were responsible , when they were changed things settled back down ,although there is still a ellement of OCD Which can occasionally return, soetimes its sexual then there is my obsession with collecting , I have thousands of trucks buses locos cars and especially model Aircraft a very large collection of single malt whiskies which will never be opened some are over 70yrs old,  I am seriously thinking of putting them up for Auction, but thats another tale, at least  the ocd is receding, heh   although my wife is slightly dissapointed,heh ho theres never a happy ending is there, bu the point is they can be managed but intense consultation is required. Hope this helps

                     Kindest Regards   Fed