Lost licence help

Just came home and parked lorry only to find they have taken my licence off me starting today , but yet my driving perfect how can this be done without an asesment ? So that's my job and independence in one swipe !!!!  Sad flying Scotsman 


So sorry to hear what has happened Ian.

How can they just do that?


Thinking of you.Hopefully get it sorted.

Best Wishes xx

Oh! My Goodness!!!!! How can this happen? My husband is a porter/driver and needs his license for work and also getting to work daily. He works 15 miles away with no public transport available for the times he works.If he loses his license he loses hus job just like you.....what makes this happen? Had you any idea it was on the cards from DVLA?.....life with PD is bad enough without taking your job away from you........keep us updated please. Thinking of you....

Hi Ian,

        Very sorry to hear this,I don't drive so don't know much about this,surely you can appeal and get your licence back.There was no problem at all with your driving when we saw you in sept,perhaps your boss could help if you can appeal .,hope you get it sorted soon Cheers Anne x



Hi Anne sorry your not going to York ,nice to hear from you 

take care ma wee bluebell. Xx

Hi babes brown 

that's life !!    Thanks for your post but I'll be back 

tooralooo xx

Thanks gig I will get the licence back one way or another but my career is over ,  that's life !! See you in April you take care 

tooraloo ma wee tartin terror xx


Really sorry to hear this , if it helps D1 form and pack from Post office for cars/motorcycles to reapply for licence. Evidence from your doctor or consultant to reinforce you are still able to drive.


D2 form to reapply for lorry ?

Hope it goes smoothly

I'd just, Can't believe that happened to you. Surely they have to give you notice and also speak to your consultant to gather evidence. I've just received my new 3 year licence. I assumed it would be assessed every 3 years. Good luck and keep fighting.

Thanks teehee but it's okay and yes dr thats just the. Way it happend I parked the lorry up came in all happy opened the mail and fell apart !! Okay now shock over 


 thanks anyway Ian      Ps it's a good job I have my bike lol

You are an ace bloke, wish you all the very best xxx

Ian, have just read your post. Didn't think that sort of thing happened and that you were assessed 3 yearly!! Fight back and get advice if you know you're drivings ok. Seems so unfair. Good luck Ian! X

Got all my licences renewed. Just under 1 year ago and I was asked to go for a medical which I passed , but this year no medical they just asked for me to fill in an application form no medical required so that was done and bang out the blue Friday night letter saying you no longer hav a licence I lost the hgv the car and the motor bike it might not have been so bad if they gave a little bit of time but they dated it as of the day it came in bloody jobs gone now and I am left here in a daze . Now it's gonna be the war between the dvla and me am not done yet as I can drive better than some I see on the roads . Don't really want to post more about it for now but this is WAR!! 

Tooraloo the walking Lord ha ha !! X

So sorry to hear what has happened to you.

Is it possible that your consultant put something negative on the form? Suggest you contact the secretary.

It is so unfair.good luck with your appeal.

Suzi xxx

Thanks suzi xx


OMG! Ian, didn't think they would do that. You haven't mentioned anything about 'freezing' at all to the DVLA, because they will take your licence from you even if it's just slight?

Don't really know what else to say but goodluck in your fight and hope you win


Aye Sheila xx

Hi Ian.......just seen this post and totally gobsmacked. Dont honestly know what I would do if it were me. Get in touch with DVLA first thing and ask their reasons then find out the appeal process, your boss sounds a good bloke maybe he could keep your job open depending on length of time for appeal process......Good Luck mate


Hi Ian,

Couldn't believe this has happened.

Sorry I can't offer any advice, but am sending some good luck vibes in your direction. Hoping your appeal is successful!


Aye aye John 

Jobs gone mate I put that poor boss through enough he is a gentleman and doesn't deserve the hastle ,  but I will fight on but gave up the job he spent a good while here the night and I said I was throwing in the towel , so job advertised tomorow some one is gonna be a happy man as I have never in my life had a boss like him Christ he used to say some days what are you planning the day then Ian Christ you would think I was the boss !! Am nor happy and I will fight this but my working days are over !!! It's a shame but that's it 

tooraloo Ian