Mass exodus?

Everyone seems to have jumped ship and gone over to PD Junction. :disappointed:

Personally I prefer it here. :sunglasses:

Voting with their feet, I suppose. :cry:

G'night all. :rolling_eyes:

Hi Desertorchid,
Must have my head in the clouds,but what is pd junction.
All the best
Hi there,

everyone gone to pd junction because they can chat to each other without being afraid of recriminations!!!!!!!!

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Don't think that this link will be allowed to stay,

but there it is,

I am sure you will enjoy it, and meet all the old faces there.


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Google PD JUNCTION FORUM and you'll soon find it.

I've just had a look at the PD Junction website. It appears that it's not possible to just read stuff on the forum on there without logging in, like we can do on here.

I don't know about anyone else, but I personally don't like the idea of having to register my details on a site, including my email address, before I can see what the site has to offer.

Every other forum that I've come across gives people a chance to read existing posts before deciding whether or not they want to become a member themselves.

Unless I'm missing something.....?

You're right, Kathy, but some see this as a plus point. Everything on THIS site is open to every internet user in the world, so if someone in Timbuktu were to do a Google search for "Mass Exodus?", say, they'd probably come straight here. They can then read all the postings we've ever made - some of which may be very personal.

The plus side of having to register and log in before access is gained is that nothing can by seen by outsiders just browsing around, and you can therefore perhaps feel a little more secure.

The other site allows you to post photos (only if you want to), upload/download music & videos, have proper online chatroom discussions with as many people as you like simultaneously, join subgroups like football, countryside, rock music, etc., AS WELL AS all the PD stuff. And for those who want to they have weekend get-togethers. They had one last weekend near Birmingham, with over 100 attendees.

It's a completely different ball game. Lots of people belong to both forums, but there seems to have been a big shift to using the other one as the "default meeting point" over the last week or so. One thing that's never been seen over there is moderator interference. No posts - as far as I know - have ever been deleted or edited. People are treated as adults.

I understand that a couple of weeks ago the CE of the PDS promised the membership here that he'd look into how the PDS forum might be upgraded, possibly by including some of the features of the other place, or maybe introducing new features of our own, and get back to us. We've heard nothing since, though.
Are people using the same user name at pd junction:question:.I assume some have totally switched,flitting between the two or other.Also who created/runs the site:question:.Just had a look at home page out of curiousity.
All the best
Titan, can you change your ID to accept private messages?
Most, but not all, seem to use the same name in both places.
Thanks Desertorchid,
Just set up initially to not receive private messages until i'd settled in,never felt the need before.Could change if need be.Thanks for the info.
All the best
I was just going to answer your query about who runs the other site, but didn't want to post it publicly.
Before I venture over to the other site could anyone please tell me if, when you opt to receive PM's on there, your full e mail address is revealed to the person you send a PM to?

This is one of the drawbacks of this site, IMO, although I have been in touch with a few people, after much consideration as to whether to reveal my private e mail address by doing so, and it has not been a problem. However,sometimes I would very much like to ask a further question on a post/reply that is private/personal, and am wary to do so as, as has been said, this site is open to all and sundry.

I am a member of 2 other forums where it is possible to send a PM without your e mail address being revealed.Surely this is possible on here, with a bit of tweaking of the site, and is really essential these days with being able to access so much on line
information about a person simply by cross referencing a certain comment as I know to my cost.
I don't believe the Junction reveals email addresses. As for THIS forum, you'll see above that the CE has agreed to consider enhancing it, and promised to get back to us, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
Hi Desertorchid.

I've emailed you privately re your reply to my post on this subject.

Kathy :smile:
Hi Benji and all

In answer to your question Benji, yes, you can send each other private messages without giving out your email address. You can also chat online (bit like facebook) to one or more friend, or even use video chat, which is obviously useful for those who are finding it difficult to type.
I use both sites now. You will find a lot of familiar names there. Many with a photograph of themselves too which is nice.

The site was set up a while back by Cutiepie. I see no reason for not saying this openly.

Hope this helps
Carrot :grin:
Hi all,
The other site anyone can use without having to register is PDUK. Org.
See you there.
Thanks Carrot.

For me that is real bonus, the features that you mention. As soon as I am back from under all that I have to catch up on right now after some weeks away, I shall certainly have a look at the site.

See you there!
I have a very busy life and I don't have a lot of time for posting but I do pop in and out to try to keep up to date - my opinion right now is that this forum is on its last legs - people have lost interest because of the cencorship!

Hi, I often log in on this forum, but find it very difficult to have a chat. I for one will keep an eye on this site, and if anyone fancies catching up with me I would be very pleased.

I for one will be staying on here