Merry christmas

Just thought we the whole forum could put are names all down saying a big thanks to all the parkinsons staff all over the country helping us all get through another year,  

KEITH (GUS) merry xmas

Yep I'll go with that 


Charlie   Cheshire Cat

Hear hear ! Thank you ! Merry Christmas and happy new year . 

Thank you everyone, and Merry Christmas.

Best wishes,



Have a Merry Peacefull Christmas One and All smiley& Happy new year.wink

I`ll join with that, good wishes to all


I agree Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all xx

Hear, hear, good call Gus.

A well-deserved break to the PUK staff. Thanks for all your work on our behalf. Tx especially to the forum moderators foor your patience and knowledge.

And to all, happy holidays and the best 2015 it can be.

Semele, purr purr

Thank you all for your lovely messages - they're very much appreciated as we hurtle towards the end of a busy year. On behalf of all of the forum team (and everyone at Parkinson's UK) I hope you have a very happy and relaxing Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who has used the forum this year, sharing experiences and providing friendship and support. We wish you all the very best for 2015. See you next year!

Forum team


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone x


A very good team, offering plenty of help and support to everyone. Wishing one and all a good christmas and all the very best for 2015



A very merry Xmas and a 2015 to look forward to doing our best in to all the PDUK peeps in all the roles, PWPs and their carers.

On a personal note, without the support of my wife I wouldn't be able to also thank the GDNF Trial team in Bristol for their work that has given me a more positive outlook that there may be some answers out there.

Yes, thank you.

kay smiley

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a better New Year.

May I wish everyone a very happy and healthy ( as far as is possible) Christmas and a peaceful 2015. Thanks to all who have made the forum possible and thanks to all the members for their much appreciated input and advice. Who knows what 2015 may bring, maybe a closer step to a cure! We can only hope. Take care all and enjoy yourselves.


Yes , thank you all very much , and wish you all a Merry Christmas , and a Happy , Healthy New Year.

angel         Ruth

Wanted to say a very big thank you to all at Parkinson UK for setting up and running this
Forum amd to all the people I have met over the months gone by for their support and advice when things don't run well and to have a laugh once in a while, just because..............

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy (as much as pos.) and peaceful New Year.



i am a bit late but a very happy new year to all forum members and puk staff keep up the good work x

Hello friends,

I am very late in saying thank you to all the great Parkinson staff that are so helpful always. I have found the nurses and the help line a real god send, especially last year when I was first diagnosed and so scared and felt so alone with it all. So thank you to everyone & although extremely late i'd still like to wish all the Parkinsons staff and all the members on here a really good 2016, lets hope we all have a good year ahead of us inspite of the daily problems we all face. Mine hasn't started well, but i'm still positive things can only get better.

So a  Late Happy New Year  everyone!!

have a good one