Motability Car P.I.P. Assessments

Hi everyone,

Could people let me know their experiences of the P.I.P.  'face to face' interview and the 'walking test' part so as to qualify for the Motability vehicle. Do the assessors actually make you get up and walk a certain distance or take your word ? Could you let me know your experiences with the face to face interview, good or bad. Many thanks, Chris. 


I don't know too much about Pip, or have a mobility car, Or the assessment of it, i have been assessed for esa and i am in the support group of esa i expect it is different too PIP , I can tell you though they have already measured the distance from the waiting room too the assessment room  as i noticed it was written on the back of the door of the assessment room i was in. i think they had measured it as 22 metres.

When i walked  from waiting room too assessment room the assessor walked infront of me timing me how long it took me too walk that distance and with any difficulty, i walked very slowly because i do now anyway and i don't always feel very steady on my feet.

the esa assessment seemed like an attempt to discredit rather than a fair assessment to me.


I went with my wife for her assessment, she is waiting for a decision on which group she will be in.But we think it went well the health  assessor could see from just looking at her how unwell she was. She watched as my wife struggled to get off the chair in the waiting room and then  had to hold on to me like she always does as we walked to her room.The assessor understood PD and was very understanding,although they may not be all the same. Sea angler what happens if you are put in the support group, do you have to report to any such group and do you still need to send in doctors notes ?  




Hi billy

I  don't know what is supposedly officially happen as there doesn't seem too be much in the way of actual support if your expecting that?. I had waited a year too be assessed and diagnosed, after 2 weeks of being placed within the support group a lady from the local job centre called sayin this is just a standard call.

she didnt know what i had been diagnosed with or for how long  or how long i had waited too be assessed, she didnt know anything about Parkinsons or treatment, she had no infomation in front of her about me. just i was ill & recently placed  in the support group.

she had too throw out the line " well we know its raw but wouldn't you like to be going back too work or something".

that's funny when you've just been found incapable of work!!.

When i told her i had parkinsons  & that i wanted too come too terms with it and concentrate on myself she didn't know what else too say as she had no understanding of Parkinsons. it stumped her and she ended the call with 'ok i'll leave it at that'

I haven't had anything in writing about how long i'm in the support group award for 1, 2,3 or more years or  when the next assessment is likley too be??, i havent been called too any meetings or asked to go too any and no one has since called in the last year.

You don't need too send in 'fit notes' for support group or work related activity group.


Thanks for the reply and the information - very sneaky on their part the way they do the walking test.Chris.


it is sneaky i spose that is what they are all about in this day and age Chris.

I hope someone with PIP Experience will leave you a reply.

Thanks for your swift reply sea angler, a benefits advisor told me if your in the support group you get ESA indefinitely...... I assume until your goverment pension !

Chris get a support worker from Parkinsons uk to fill your PIP forms they know how to word it.

You will be expected to demonstrate your ability or lack of it to walk.  The key to PIP is the majority of the time 51% or more you are unable to do the task being assessed.

This earlier thread may help

Hi Chris

I have just got pip after my original application was rejected, my assessment was don at home and the assessor was very positive about my chances so I was stunned when I was told I was not ill enough ,

I have PD with Lewy Body dementia so have no hope of ever working again, the PD support worker who helped with my pip application asked for a reconsideration and got my Nuro and memory specialist to write letters as to the impact of my illness , i have now been awarded both parts of pip at enhanced rate but only for two years ?  Don't know if they think I will suddenly get better in that time or if they don't expect me to live that long LOL. 

The pd support worker was fantastic and without her help I don't think I would have got pip as she helped me fill in the forms and got all the letters from the doctors even posting it all off , I can't thank her enough .

   Live well.  Cc

great news cc


Well done CC sense at last prevails from the folks who have None.

Many thanks, appreciated :-)

Thanks for the advice, I will do that. I'm seeing my PD nurse soon and will speak to her as well. Thanks once again. 


Thanks for the information and getting back to me, really appreciated. I'll have a read of the link you sent me, thanks once more.

That great news that you got both parts but for only two years ? They must be hoping for a miracle cure in that time !! Someone else has mentioned getting a PD support worker to help with the forms, seems very good advice, which I will get onto. Thanks again Cc , cheers ! 

hi chris

               i have always  used my pd support worker to fill forms in they are great best advice your ever get  .gus

Hi that is the best advice get a PD support worker mine was fabulous filled in my forms give me advice and even came with me to my assessment BRILLIANT dont know what i would have done without her ....

Hi all I've recently been for a pip. Considering I felt worse this time than when I had my llast assessment 2 years ago, I was receiving maximum amount for care and the middle amount for mobility I don't understand why I am now not entitled to anything. The letter I got is pretty crap saying I have to return my tax disc straight away and my money is stopped NOW. Feeling pretty depressed as don't know what to do now.

Get in touch with your support worker, there must be an appeal procedure.