New and concerned


Hi, I realise that no-one here can diagnose, so just after a little advice really.

I am a 41yo male, in generally good health, don't smoke, rarley drink.

I have made a few notes of approx dates and what happened and after googeling bits and pieces things seemed to point towards Parkinsons. I have not been to a doctor yet as wanted to get others opinions before i made a fool of myself at the doctors.

sInce 2011 I have been getting a tremble in my right hand off and on, most of the time not so bad but on a couple of accasions I have not been able to put a key in the door as I was shaking so much.

have had trouble sleeping properly, either not being able to sleep or sleeping at the drop of a hat, sometimes mid conversation.

have alwasy had a bit of a problem with feeling dizzy when standing up, however the last year or so it is a lot more frequent, as is feeling really light headed even if just sitting.

occasionaly lose balance when walking, but getting more frequent.

More frequent headaches.

Mood swings, I can be fine one minute but then the next the slightest thing the children do can really irritate me, then back to normal again in the blink of an eye.

started to have trouble remebering things. I can literaly be mid conversation and have to stop because I cant remember what was being talked about.

Finally, my spelling has taken a turn for the worse.

As i say, I just wanted someone elses opinion before I make a nuiscance at the doctors, I know that any one of the things mentioned above can be something else, it is just when they seem to combine and trying to self diagnose things on the web always seems to bring out the worst.

I just dont want to go the docs anf they say it is all psychological

I look forward to hearing other opinions




I tried to edit the post it wont let me so have had to write again.

I should also say when hand trmbles it is usually if resting and sometimes when moving example holding a drink (have worn a drink a couple of time)

I also have pain and stiffnes in joints but this could be down to the gout that I have.






Go to your doctor   a lot of the symptoms you list can be parkinsons related, i noticed my hand shaking about four or five years ago went to my gp on numerous occassions only for it to be dismissed as something else i finally went back to my gp as my tremor was becoming worse i would be holding a knife or fork and it would be banging off the table and i also had a feeling like i was shaking on the inside of my body  and a very painful left shoulder, and stiff and achy when getting out of bed and out of a chair , i was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed Parkinsons .

You are certainly not wasting your gps time as debsie said you really need to get a proper diagnosis the sooner the better x




Hello, Sytra --

I'm late welcoming you to the forum, just noticed your post this morning.  As Shelly said, you do need to see your doctor, who will probably refer you to a neurologist.  With a list of symptoms like yours, you should certainly never think you're wasting a doctor's time or making a fool of yourself.  Those are serious signs of something amiss!  To those of us who have PD, they sound familiar, too.  But I hope that by now you have already made a medical appointment.

Best regards and please post again.



Hello, and sorry i thas taken a while to respond to you all.

I have been to the doctor and am being refeered for a CT scan then depending on the outcome of that she says possibly a neurologist.

All the things are still there and also have developed a strange twitch in my right thumb that is being quite annoying at the moment. will keep everyone updated.

thank you for your help.


Sytra, thanks for posting again.  I'd been wondering how you were doing and whether you had a diagnosis.  It's a shame medical matters move so slowly, but at least you're on the right track toward getting help now.

Best wishes,



Hi everytone, well I went to the hospital this week for a CT scan (wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be), got to get results from doctor beginning of November. Can i just ask what sort of things can the CT scan show up?

thank you all for your help


Hi sytra how have you been ? Glad the CT scan went . A CT scan or a CAT scan as its often called is a specialised X-ray more detailed than the usual x ray . It looks in depth at the tissue muscles bone blood vessels and can pick up certain conditions such as stroke tumours abcessses . The neurologist probably wants to rule out certain conditions . I didn't have a CT scan I had an MRI scan which I believe can diagnose MS . As far as I'm aware the only scan that can diagnose PD is the DAT scan . I think that's the nearest thing you will get to an accurate diagnosis . Best wishes . It takes a long time to get a diagnosis because its so difficult to diagnose . 


Well, I went had the results back for the CT scan, doc said it was normal so at least I guess they found the brain.. Now being reffered to a Neurologist. It is a long waiting game now isn't it


Update time: Went to see the Neurologist yesterday, a really great guy. Went through quite a few tests and questions. At the end of the appointment he said he was confident enough to diagose PD there and then and I have now got to wait to go and see GP for meds. He is going to put it all in writing.

So I guess all the questions are going to statr now.


When I saw my first consultant he said stand up, walk to to back of the room and back, held my hand and elbow as he moved it with me 'relaxed' then said I had Parkinson's.

PD is about treating the symptoms as they progress.  There is no drug better than the feeling good after exercise but for once, read the blurb that comes in the packet.  Not all drugs work at the same stage as PD develops differently for all.


Hello Sytra

I just noticed your post so thought I would have a read through. I was diagnosed twenty years ago when I was 41. Of course, I was devastated but the neurologist gave me a piece of advice which I have tried to follow.

He said that I should not rush home and read every article ever written about Parkinson's. I didn't really agree but even so, I did follow his advice. I am glad that I did. You'll know when something different happens - no need to read it up and frighten yourself to death before the event.

My diagnosis seemed to be based on the fact that I didn't swing my arms when I walked. Do you? I started practising arm swinging but ended up with arms swinging forwards together and backwards together. It was hilarious!

My approach - which worked better in the early days, I have to admit -

keep pills to as low a dose as you can;

have a small cup of coffee when you feel bad;

stay at work as long as you can;

try to be cheerful, positive and optimistic  (ha ha but yes)

have a good hearty swear (in the mirror)








Kendo, yes my Neuro did virtually the same, had me write a few sentences, walk down the corridor and back then did the flexing arms and wrists etc.

Lin, my right arm doesn't swing when walking, funnily enough before my appointment yesterday I hadn't actually noticed it myself, suppose I was just used to it.



Hi Sytra

my husband is waiting for a Datscan re his shaking arm. I honestly feel a little despair. My husband (43) has had a tremor for approx 18 months and I became really concerned (as you were) because it is clearly a resting and postural tremor however because of my husbands age I really feel that he has been dismissed. Our GP is really nice hut he just keeps saying that my husband is a bit young to have PD. My husband was initially referred to an orthopaedic consultant who said it was fasticulation due to shoulder problem and gave him psyio and ultimately steriod injections. I was unhappy about this and asked if they had considered PD and they said I was an "internet freak". The tremor got worse and I went to see the GP and he still was very dismissive saying  that it was probably essential tremor. He made a referral to nuerology and my husband then got an appointment for 4 months later!!!!!! This really stressed both of us out and we ended up paying to see a private consultant who said that he really isn't sure as the tremor is very irregular. We are now (5 months later) still waiting for a Datscan and my poor husband is out of his mind with worry ( because he is a hgv driver) and is now sick with stress and anxiety. This morning we went to see the GP who still keeps saying he us a bit young to have PD which absolutely amazes me given the amount of people who clearly have young PD. He just says well you haven't got any motor symptoms but my husband has right arm resting tremor, reduced arm swing, lethargy, lack motivation and depression so I will be amazed if the scan doesn't show reduced dopamine, I sincerely hope it doesn't but my husband is really anxious and needs some conclusion 




Hi kiou I had the same symptoms as your husband I was diagnosed October last year I to had to have a dat scan as they weren't sure whether it was  essential tremor or parkinsons when I got the results it showed loss of dopamine on the right side of the brain the consultant said it was very conclusive it was pd  I hope you get an answer soon there's nothing worse than not knowing keep posting and let us know how your both getting on  take care xx


Klou I've sent you a message, check in the my account area


Hello Klou,   I'm sorry you're having such an anxious time of it.  Try not to get too worked up.  














Hello Klou, 

I'm sorry  you're having such an anxious time.  Try to stay calm as it doesn't help to get yourself in a tizzy.  I haven't got a lot of the symptoms that others seem to get but I don't like the fact that I have no balance at all these days and I have difficulty in getting any advice as all the medics are so busy.  I have only recently joined this website so I don'r know anyone yet, but I'd be glad to talk to you if you think it would help.

Regards, Pussy.









You realy need a DAT scan


Hi pussy

thanks for your words of support. I feel it is really helpful to have contact with other people who are in similar situations. PD seems quite bizarre, my husband has quite a definite tremor but the motor symptoms aren't that obvious and he seems to have more problems with depression and he doesn't sleep well. 

I think i may have sounded quite desperate in my last post but I do get a bit frustrated, everything seems to take endless amounts of time. We are expecting a PD diagnosis but I think it will still be quite a shock but I am quite a fighter and to be honest I am determined to support my husband who is feeling a bit more positive at the moment. I think that if his living didn't depend on driving (which inevitably he is likely to lose) I think he is  reaching a stage where he could accept and deal with the situation.