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I am in the process of being diagnosed (had my DAT and MRI) and am trying to find positives! In retrospect I can now see symptoms going back to the 90's, my foot was always in motion and a slight hand tremor, I simply did not recognise them. Last year I went through some major stress regarding my job, which eventually had my arm in virtually permanent tremor (held closely to my chest). Over the last 12 months this has escalated to effect my right arm and leg (both stiff as logs and half as useful!) Eventually my GP sent me to the local Hospital for tests..... Holding breath for the results (DAT was typically 'inconclusive' as 'he must have moved his head' - like to see them try and do that!) Just looking for some truth within the madness..


Oh, forgot to say I communicate with the dead - now which one is the delusion.....mmmm

Waiting for the results of tests must be very stressful for you.

As there are no definitive tests for Parkinsons, it is usually a case of ruling out other causes and then assuming it must be Parkinsons if the symptoms are there.

Then you are prescribed medication and if the symptoms improve, it is Parkinsons!

I hope you receive a diagnosis soon and medication that helps.



thanks for responding. ITcan be hard fighting both an unknown foe & the dwp


there are some people on here who haven't responded as anticipated too medication, i'm not sure that saying responding/not responding is defining or definitive diagnosis??. a datscan supports a diagnosis.

which is a challenge in itself


Hi Geordie Parr

Welcome to the forum. I'm new too and have found this place very friendly and helpful.

I'm seeing a neurologist for the first time in a couple of weeks - I'm feeling both nervous and impatient.

Agreed .I cant get around having to wait so long

mri was clear:for good or bad.

it's a start!

Hi does anyone know how I can overcome the lack of energy which has been really poor since the new year. I try pacing myself but sometimes just showering and getting ready to walk the dog is an effort. On other occasions it just suddenly strikes and I feel shattered. I'm not on medication at the moment eat a good diet and walk every day. Ideas welcome


hello Susie Q

                        They say that exercise helps but how do you exercise when your so fatigued. Maybe the people who can exercise have not got PD so bad ? My wife who has PD is on medication, getting showered and changed is hard work she has to rest for a good while afterwards. She has been fatigued more often than not lately. I hope people on this forum can help Susie Q and my wife too



It's good to know I'm not on my own as it's so hard to function in a normal way. I hope someone can offer help to both of us. In the meantime I'm trying Bach olive remedy from boots just because I'll try anything to feel better.

Suzie Q

              I hope the Bach olive works for you, lets know how you get on. If you don't try it you will never know

              Good Luck   Billywhizz


Susie Q

             I have been looking around the Parkinsons UK site and there is a booklet all about Fatigue. Click on support for you, at the top of this page and find the Fatigue and Parkinsons information sheet.


Many thanks will take a look.

with me exercise gets done by sheer stubborn mindnessness

Hi guys recently diagnosed. Trying to stay up beat and get on with my life. Just wanted to say hello fellow parkies


Hi Ptroop

Welcome to the forum. That's the best thing to do when you have parkies, keep your chin up and carry on the best you can, and if you want to know anything or have any problems or want to just chat, there are plenty of fellow members who will respond.

Good luck. Take care

Regards = Sheffy

Hello to all the new members and billywhizz,

Fatigue comes with PD i am afraid the answer lies in taking your meds and balancing things ie some exercise followed by rest lot's of us with PD sleep badly due to the meds but can't be without them.

The PD nurses on this site are very good and will return call within 24hrs, 

Any of us on here will try and help you all out as sheffy says,

we are stronger as a group than fighting alone.

try to not worry take it day by day avoid stress if at all possible.

BB x

Thanks Sheffy nice to know others understand 


No probs Ptroop, no matter how long you have had PD there are always things that arise where you need  advice at some time or other, and there is plenty of that to be had on here! Sometimes when you are not able to contact your Neuro or Parkinsons Nurse then the helpline is always there to talk things over or one of the forum members can also help.

All the best - Sheffy