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hello my name is janni. i am 52 years old and was recently diagnosed with pd. its taken nearly 4 years for the doctors to come to this conclusion although i had a pretty good idea that it was pd.
i have been given requip for medication and it seems to be working quite well. i do have a lot of sleepless nights and terrible shooting pains in my legs. i have a very bad tremor in my left arm and have a habit of dropping things. usually cups or glasses.
pleased to meet you all.

Hi Jannie

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it as useful as I have.
I have noticed lately I also seem to drop things a lot more frequently. Small things like buttons also seem a little more tricky. I'm sure you will find lot of support from this site.
Take care.
Sorry janni !!

Hi Janni
I'm 41 been diagnosed for about 5 years,I have 3 sons aged 10.12 & 14.I have found the forum to be very helpful and made some friends on here.Hope you find it useful to.
Take Care Dot xxx
hi ya welcome to the forum ,there r some great people on here ,lots of advice ,helped me loads ,hope to see u around the forum,im 40 been dx 6 years.xx:smile:
Hi janni, welcome to the forum. I hope that you will find it a helpfull and supportive place to be. When your feeling down theres always someone to chat to and some of the discussions are really helpful. I have dx now for nearly 9 years and I have learned far more from using this site that any talks with medical professionals. Welcome again and hope to chat along the way.

Hi Janni,

Welcome to the forum,I,m just a newbie myself being only 1 yr diagnosed, but have found the forum a great help, and like everyone else found out more than I have from doctors. Wish you well,


Hi Jannie,
I'm also a new to the site, and new to PD. - Only dx in October. I've found the forum very helpful and supportive. Welcome.
im dennis.
i was told i had parkinsons two yrs ago and just got round to joining very iformative site i`v spent hrs on here in the last couple of days
Welcome Janni.

I'm 59, male, diagnosed in 2000, still trying to find the optimum meds to suit ME....
hi janni im 43 m pd welcome :laughing:
Hi all

Thank you so much for such a warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know you.

Mind you, I did laugh at the last 2 notes sent by the 2 gentlemen. They gave me the impression of a dating agency advertisement.

Thanks again from janni
Hi, welcome!
Bonjour Janni
Welcome to the forum I'm new too dx 8 months ago.
I'm trying hard to decide to join fitness classes and overcome my
lack of confidence.
Hi Janni
Welcome to the forum. My husband is 50 and has PD (DXD approx 18 months. Probably had it about 4 years. Hope you find the forum useful. OK?

Carrot x
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Seems that a previous post of mine has gone astray. How else can a reply to my post be made when it is not there? Or have I now lost the plot??
I think the latter Benji.
I'd have a good night's sleep if I were you.

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