Newly diagnosed and dizzy

Hi fellow parkies,


I was recently diagnosed and put on Sinemet which so far works great. Are there people out there who started on Sinemet and had great results ? I still have to go for a DAT scan but the waiting list is at least three months and i am wondering if it has added value after being at least 4 months on medication already as this restores the transport of dopamine?

hello and welcome, I'm on sinemet & it really helps but this was not my first drug! but hello

Hello Maria

welcome to the forum , cannot help you on the Sinemet , i started taking it but had to change to Madopar due to side effects but i am sure someone will be able to answer your question

Hi Maria 

I'm newly dx and on sinemet and it has helped quite a bit , I don't get so tired  speech much better  tremor on my left side not as bad. Can walk better  though have noticed my right hand now has slight tremor and I seem jerky at times. I don't know if that is side effects of the meds or the pd progressing. 

It has helped a bit with my light head and dizziness but not as much as i would like. Lol Got a nuroe appointment this week and hope to talk it over with him then   This only my 2nd so I probably got a few more before things are really sorted to any degree .

well i hope you find something usefull in this post and I know you will find lots of help and support on here,

I have found it really good it's been helpfully in many ways .

any way hi and welcome 

           Live well.  Cc


we have the same symptoms although a dont have a tremor in my hands but in bed in my left leg. I feel better especially on the dizzy side and for instance getting up from a chair.keep me posted how you get on;)

have you checked your bp,it might be low pd meds can mess your bp up!

Hi all 

I've seen posts about dizziness and light head being linked to BP and it is worth getting in checked out,

I've had 2 hart attacks and my BP is done every time I go anywhere near a medical person ( dr. Nurse. Nuro. Person who cleans the hospital n med centre ) LOL   It's always good even when stressed on a tread mill so I suppose it the pd in my case .

I also find getting up out of chairs hard and the sinemet has helped with that to some extent , mainly less pain in my hips and knees but am still stiff.I have to get my feet pointing in the right direction after I'm up or I feel I might fall.  

Any way that's me done for now.

live well   Cc

I have a healthy heart and always perfect blood pressure, I am already 30 years Type 1 diabetic too so things like that always have been monitored. The neurologist warned me i could get dizzy but it will pass she says. I feel better now but still have periods on the days that i feel exhausted. As i am still working full time it can be a burden, especially that all you want is a nap under your then they probably have to call the firebrigade as i never will be able to get up!

I was dizzy / light headed before I started on meds also confused and unable to think logically , or take in and assimilate new info. Which as a mechanic made life somewhat difficult  basically I went into melt down at work and couldn't function . As I've found out more about pd I can trace mine back 4-5 years when I started showing the first symptoms , but always put them down to getting old over worked stress ect  ect  lol. 

       Live well.  Cc


         Hello Maria and wellcome

                                      Most if not all the effective PD medicines can lower your blood pressure so do take care when standing  up after sitting or lying down I made the mistake of leaping out of bed do go to the loo at 3AM   one morning and awoke in NTGH  Casualty, the blow to my head was so severe I cannot recall anything of the incident , despite chatting to the Ambulance men all the way to Hospital, and for a few hours I could not remember where I lived.  It could have been worse, if I had fallen to my right instead of left I would have fallen down the stairs and would not be typing this post, I know its tempting to jump and leap about when the PD drugs are working well  just stay alert, or be alert this country needs lerts, as you do not want to end up in your local Hospital with wires attached all over, its not nice.

                                              Best Wishes               Fedcool

Putting all the stuff on a row from previous years i started getting problems with taking stuff in, getting unbalanced and indeed you think 'get on with it you old goat' but it all makes sense now. Even my GP didnt spot it until i was back again all frozen up and he couldnt even bend my wrist anymore. The sinemet works fantastically but i know i never will be the same again and have to adapt to a new way of life.

And i try to do that with a good dose of humor.


About ending up in the UK in a hospital. Try Ireland where i live:) It makes the NHS look like 4 star treatment.

Yep that sounds just like me LOL. My wife said she had known for years that something was wrong with me , and had tried to talk to me about it quite a few times but I had always poo  pood it and not listened   

She even tried to get me to take time off before Easter but I said I had to much to do . Now I'm sat here kicking my heels n trying to put my life back together .

I'm now going to listen to her a bit more n be a bit less stubborn well maybe

Saw the nuro Saturday n he has changed my meds from tomorrow I'm no longer on simenet I will be taking requip xl 2mg a day for a week and increase as 2mg at a time if I need to :-(( .

will let you know how I get on with it  

Thats it for now.   Live well.  Cc



Any reason why you were taken of the sinemet? Just be nosy;)

Nuro said he didn't want to run out of options with meds to soon as I will need sinemet later when I've used the rest    Which I though sounded nice.   Not :-((

thats sound advice bring the big guns out when needed !

Yep fully agree its good thinking and the logic is impeccable , it also gives me confidence in my nuro dr.

But it dose bring home to me that i will have this illness for life and it will in time get much worse most likely ,

As I've only been dx last month it's still sinking in what's going on and what it will do to me.

              Live well.  Cc

Some people go for years with pd being very mild ,ie not impacting there daily life too much lets hope your one of them. LIVE LIFE NOT PD ! 

You have to see upon it with a sense of humor as well. I recently went to see the movie 'million ways to die in the west' with liam neeson and seth macfarlane and he mentioned in the movie to his gf 'no i will look like someone with parkinson, she says 'what is that'. He replied 'its one of the mysterious ways of God showing you how much he loved you'. It was really funny.


     arrowGood morning maria

                      I agree about thr humour injection, I do try to lighten most of my posts and try to see the funny side of life ( remember always look on the bright side of life) one of the funniest things I have seen, so funny I almost made  myself pass out as I was not inhaling , my daughter bought  a dvd game it  was called the weakest link, I dont know if you received it In your homeland it was televised in the UK, well this DVD hd a fault the contestants stood in a circle around Anne Robinson and when "   I inserted, there is something about that word inserted I know it means something my memory banks alert me but I can  never track it down"  as I was saying the contestants all stood in a circle and due to the faulty  DVD Disc they were all jumping or shaking every which was even their voices sounded parky like , well Maria I know It probably does not sound very funny but if you could only see it, imagine someone with severe Dyskinesia, well  multiply by 10 and it will put you in the picture,they were like demeted disco dancers, it was so so funny, you know the saying if you dont laugh you will cry,  well I was laughing and crying and dying, my beloved had to smack me hard to break the link as I was not drawing breath and was turning blue, this somewhat dangerous phenomenon has only shown itself since I  stricken with PD, so you see parky can kill, but only if you laugh too enthusiatically.                            

                  Top of the morning Maria or beunas dias, bonjourno    or Gut Morgen Frau Maria wie geht es dir, vorsprung dorch  technik Alarm Alarm Achtung  Spitfeur, Das Boot, Donner unt  Blitzen allso Ven Tractor  Kipt Festhalten em Lenkrod Nicht Abspringen.

                                         Thats all the Foreign language I know            FED


 , or Gut Morgen Frau Maria wie geht es dir ,vorsprung dorch technik,achtung Spitfeur

talking German to a Dutch lady is bad for your health, if you thought being a parky was bad I am Dutch but since long living in Dublin. My mum is still alive and anything thats german she ignites...the war you see. But i forgive you if you learn to say hello and good morning in Dutch....