Newly diagnosed and dizzy

     big grinDoei Maria

         Oh my I could not have got it more wrong if I had tried a millions of the time, so here is my attempt to smooth Anglo Dutch relations, I cannot appologise enough, so,,,,,,,Doei Maria, goedemorgen ,hoe goat het , Het spijt me,  , warr komt u vandaan in the Netherand, I know I have  probably made a complete mess of it but some words are similar to my own language is it a difficult language to learn, I have visited your Homeland three times, well four if you count passing through Schipol Airport, all were very enjoyable, and based in a lovely hotel in Amsterdam,the Tulip fields,the colours truly beautiful. I formulated the words from a Dutch English Dictionary given to me when the company I worked for were looking for a 35ton plus Excavator and I was chosen to accompany two engineers to visit Heavy Plant specialists at Zevenbergen and Bergschenhoek it was a good trip everyone so helpful, nice people. I should tell you that I have great respect for your people, they are of great courage and great fighters, and fully understand your mothers resentment of all thats German so I will be more sensitive in any further posts.

                                  Vaarwel Maria  Kindest Regards  Fed

Dutch is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world due to the grammar. yes mum had a bad time in the war but life goes on, new generations are born. Most people dont like the germans because we lost in the seventies in the world cup final from them;)


Are you leaving this earth? Going on a space trip?


Just pulling your parky leg here. IN holland we just say 'doei'



                    Hello Maria

                             I knew I would make a bulls ear of it , there is another language a mystery language which is the language of my homeland Northumberland, or more importantly Geordieland, or land of the Geordies, the Geordies are a hybrid race, I will have to go as vistors are here


Geordie slang cant be any worse then the Irish Gaelic. Maybe the Gaelics and Geordies are related.


Myself i am a descendant from the good ol' Danish Vikings.


Look after yourself (and your visitors), stay away from coffee cups if you are shaking;)

Here are a few Geordie sayings.

1 mind yi divint cowp yah kreels in the clarts( carefull you dont fall in the mud )

2  Hoy ya hammer ower marrah( would you pass me your hammer my friend)

3 Yi can flee doon th lonnen yersel(you can run fast down the lane by youself)

4 Wor lass is bunked up wi thi milkman(my wife is having a affair with the dairyman)

5 Wot a bleeeze( a warming fire)

6 Geordies lost his Penka(Newcastle boy loses marble)

                 A powerful Regional accent, with a lot of  words very like those used in the Viking language.

                           Kind Regards  Fedcool











Hoy ya hammer ower marrah.... very handy when i have enough at work and want to hammer the


and i am sorry to hear about your wife and the milkman, you are too suspicious. The poor man just want to be nice. Just joking with you.


Tomorrow the Tour de France starts in the UK, are you a cycle fan. Also Holland is playing this weekend and we have high hopes. I put a 5 euro bet on for Holland to win the world cup. Luckily our arch enemies in football 'der mannschaft deutschland' has a flu epidemic ( bad). I think it will be brasil-holland in the final.

How are you feeling today?


big grin

             Goedemorgen or Doei

                                I will probably spell this wrong so please allow,  je bent heel mooi, goen probleem Goed dank je En met jou, I hope that is correct, as regards the world cup I was going to put £50 on HOLLANDto win the cup I have a strong feeling they will crack it Maria I wish I had  put a bet on at  the start if they do win I will kick my self (  difficult ) I am well today ,no pain so my wife and I are going to  visit the local garden centre you can go to the nice cafe there, they do nice meals also.

  Getting back to the cup I do hope your team beats the GEEERMANS 5......NIL  or NOWT in  Geordie, as they bombed my grans hoose or House in English and killed her cat and six chickens, a Spitfire took them out of the game so it was 1.....Nil  to England , those Heinkels did not  like the  Spitfeur.

 I dont cycle any more as I am unable to balance, but I do have a mobility gtscooter which has been slightly tweeked by my Son in Law so it will do about 10 -12kph it doesnt sound much but it  feels fast as I am close to the ground, I go out on it  in the early hrs and fly all over, my  neighbours must think im  bonkers.

                                   Take care Regards            Fedcoolcoolthis is me and my Bro he is 7 yrs older but you can see the resemblance cant you, he has just bought sunglasses identical to mine, im on the left by the way



Alles goed? You need to brush up on your Dutch im afraid;)  I took Holland to win the cup at 10-1 (yes). When i was still living in Holland we had a guy on a scoot mobile and his was tempered with, he had a girlfriend also disable to tempered with and when they were drunk they used to race each other through the neighbourhood. They got knicked a couple of times and had his 'scoot mobile license revoked for 6 months by the court. It bothered nobody we all thought it was ultimately funny but police was less amused.


I am despite the sinemet very unbalanced and started walking with a walking stick which keeps me at least straight, i was walking like a drunk. How are you feeling today?


What is this business about your name 'fedex' ...did you work for them?


 Hello Maria

                       I also have to use a stick as my balance is not good ,also I have severe pain at the base of my spine which can be so bad it makes my eyes water, as this is one of the symtoms of prostate cancer its a bit worrying as I have prostate cancer, my X  RAYS are clear and PSA level is steady so I try not to think about it. the FEDEXLIKE handle I adopted when I was building a large scale model of the A400 ATLAS heavylifter and required  parts for the Aircraft to enhance the detail , undercarriage and interior for instance needed work so I tracked down a company in New Orleans who supplied Brass and white metal updates they were exactly  what I  needed so I placed the order at 11.45am      uk time on the friday and I had the parts  5.45 pm uk time Saturday, which was impressive so thats how fedexlike was created I must go now as supper arrived, bye for now

                                  Besst  wisshes     Fedcool



 Hello Maria

              I have been researching your native language and it is very hard to pronounce the words or at least a large percentage of them, when I went to Holland to purchase one large excavator (without sucess) I was listening closely to the fitters in the workshop but could not understand, yet they understood me especially when I put the demonstrator machine a almost new  LIEBHERR R900  through its paces and as it was this machine that was for sale they asked if I would take care of it,and I did it was a good powerful excavator Air cooled, and rock  steady, we could not agree a price which back in the 90s was about18.000 pounds if I remember right my boss had a briefcase with 80 bundles of £50 NOTES he always paid cash, I dont know why I am telling you this Its just a tiny amount of the useless info in my head, as I was saying dutch words incorporated in english,

1  Maelstrom   +=grinding and current swirling

2  Meerkat         += South African Dutch

3   Sinterklaas  = Santa Claus

4  Yankee         = a personal name mockingly used towards the Americans( jan kees)

5  Blare        = to shout loudly

6  Blister       = Dutch for swelling

                    And so on there are many more used in every day ENGLAND BY ENGLANDERS AND EVEN GEORDIES, OFF TO BED NOW  I  hope you sleep safe and well, I will not night terrors  will return as soon as I  reach   REM SLEEP they eased for a while but have returned with avengence so head down and into battle I go                               FEDeye rollevilcool   




                                    arrowsome, cops have no sense of fun, I KNOW  I must look a bit of a dipstick but its good fun, its not F1 or even F3 its just fun, sitting so close to the ground gives the impression of speed, the only trouble I had was with a rather large dog which followed me home barking all the while, it was discouraged with a clout from my walking stick.

                                         Goedenacht   slaap lekker    FEDcool





               Goiemorgen Mariarazzyou will be smiling tonight and I forgot to put 1/2 a ton on them to win. what a prat eh, as I told you  even weeks before any games were played I had a premonition your team will win the world cup and when I get these feelings they are 98% of the time correct, I hope you are well and happy ,Iwill put money on them to win tommorowbig grin

                                            Best wishes coolFed

arrowred faceHello  Mariarazz on the left me on the right you, I forgot to put money on your team to win, and you  are of course happy hence the smileys, you can be confident they will win it will probably down to pelanties which eye thinc is a rong weigh 2 wyn a impotent eeeeventtt lykeahwarldkip, doentyueargeeree,


                              BE HAPPY  fed   big grinifawgotmy raybans  NITESLEEPTITE

                                               fedexlikeekilxedefedexlike or if you preeefir    FED i HAVE also left a oposton page faw ovthisfred  mawawlessthesaym

                                               Its the pills you know!!? 

Hi there again

Well I've been on the requip for a week now so as promised here's an update,

So far so good even though I'm only on 2 mg a day things do seem to be looking up,I'm not so light headed and my legs while stiff still , don't hurt as much n I'm able to walk much better I only feel like I'm wearing clowns shoes not full leg casts lol,   Best of all though is my cognitive ability seems to be improving and my personality has improved , I'm more my old self my oh has noticed it and I feel more me .

Im going to try upping my meds on Tuesday in line with what the nuro dr said n hopefull will improve more but if not then can at least I can function better than I could ,so happy days,

My sense of humor is coming back again as well ( much to my wife's dismay ) lol. No she loves me and is glad to have me back .........most of the time anyway lol

well there you go that's it for now will let you know how things go from now on.

Live well.  Cc

thats really good news ! pd is always alife of ups & dowms ,thats were they get the saying on &off times you soon know what they


That nice to hear. I have good days and bad days. Although there has been a significant improvement so far i still have a long way to go. I am still unbalanced and although i walk better i have been in my legs. And saturday i had an off day all together as i had memory problems. But today i am fine so I try to enjoy the days that i am ok.

are you in pain anywhere in your back or legs this can cause walking & balance problems,if so see a gp and get on some meds,nerve pain amitripyline really help also provide  a better sleep,gabapentin for nerve pain in legs. co-codomol for back pain and so on fight the pain and be easy moving body & swimming spa ,steam room makes for more on days.



I have got tramadol and ixprim for pain relief and i have bought a wii fit u for exercising and its great. YOu can do a load of fun balancing excercises. Its just one of those things....keep smiling is the answer too

thats  good  i am on 7 sinemet,1 sinemet cr,2 bp tablets,9 gabapentin,2 amitripyline,1 zopiclone, 1 omprezole,3 diclofenics just recently gp has changed my 8 co codomols 2- 4 times aday. to 2 tramodol- 4 times aday take diclofenics with them also paracetomols and there great balance & walking better. love the said i have come immune to co codomol been on for 8 yrs.also have deep brain stimulation. i think im walking better as im not in so much pain & started swimming & the way just had your hair done looks nice!

hi Gus,


The hair is a battle with parkinson because it is quite a bunch but i manage.


The spa is always nice, gives you really a sense of pampering. I use the nintendo wii to exercise and i love it. Its great for balancing exercises and its fun to do.


Hope you are enjoying your day so far, keep smiling