Night terrors

Does anyone have experience of night terrors - I have these occasionally and act out by lashing out in my sleep unfortunately ending up pushing my partner. My Parkinsons nurse is recommending a tablet to be taken at bed time - does anyone else take medication for this ?? Were there any side effects??
Thank you
Barbara Heavey

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Hi @BarbH, :wave:

Seeing as you haven’t received a response from the community as yet, I thought I’d share some information that you may find useful.

People with Parkinson’s may experience a range of sleep conditions which includes night tremors. We have a lot information and tips via the Parkinson’s UK website here: Sleep problems and conditions in Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK

Also, many members on the forum have shared their own experiences with night tremors which you may find helpful and may even find some helpful tips. Please the list of threads below:

Lastly, if you’d like to speak to someone about this in more detail or need further support on medication, please give our helpline a call and speak to one of our trusted advisers. Do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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“tremors” or “terrors” ?

I experience Terrors - (Nightmares) - & have done on and off for years.

What really helps me is to keep things light before bedtime. I watch a comedy on TV, then read some of my book (which contains no horrors), or look about some nice place on Google StreetView just before falling asleep.

I still do a bit of screaming from time to time. I can remember why too. But I shalln’t say in case it seeds some horror in someone else’s mind.

Hi dreamers The best method in dealing with night mares is to take control of them. its difficult, you have to remember all the characters are you. You need( a trigger) to realise it. I have a plate with a couple of teeth on it. l wouldn’t speak without it so as I remove it at night when I talk in my sleep l no it’s a dream. G

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