No taste or smell

I lost my taste and smell completely in March of this year. Has anyone found after commencing treatment that this returns? I meant to ask the neuro consultant when she diagnosed me but was in a bit of a daze so didn't think of it.



This is fairly common amongst PWP, and can also be a result of some of the meds we take. I tried the slow release pamipexole and found my sense of smell sky rocketed which was caused by the very ingredient that enables the med to release slowly I am highly allergic to, after only 4 days on this med I came home from work and walked into my kitchen and all of a sudden I found my sense of smell was so heightened I thought I was in a greasy spoon cafe. During a consultation with my PD specialist he said in all his years of treating PWP I was only the second person he had come across with that problem. Taken off that med back to to general release my sense of smell normalised about two week's later. My consultant ask me if he could write a paper on it. I agreed, my sense of smell now weak but that is much more acceptable to me. I have been told by others with our condition that the meds can help restore smell and taste, how true this is I don't know.

Hears hoping you find it is Lexi.


BB xx

Thanks BB. I really hope so as I'm someone who usually enjoys their food!! Not having taste and smell though hasn't stopped me eating tho!! Not on meds yet so I suppose time will tell. A pain though!

sue x


Hello Sue

                   Well I was told I would lose my taste and smell  abilities in 98 and I did and  unfortunately the have  not  returned so from  98 until   15,, thats 7 yrs,, oh they also told me  it would mangle my mathamatical capabilities and my spillineeen  but  Icant say eyeve  nohticed, any  dyfferince, sorry eye  am not the  barere of  good  tyedeens  Sue,

                                               Regardes   Broadsword

Hi Broadsword,

Well, maybe not good news but your bit about the spelling did make me chuckle! Keep that sense of humour as its a positive thing. I'll just have to keep those mental pictures in my mind of what I'm eating and remember how things tasted. 

Best wishes to you



             Thankyou  Sue

                 A sense of Hooover,, nope hang on  Dunnnnnnng  sorry Sue I find a clout along the lug with my  Autographed finest willow  cricket bat awakens the sleeping neurons and aligns the into  speell mode  as  you see thare, (rhyms with   Hare)  is abitov  Dunnnng  COME ON   IM NOT PAYING YOU TO SIT AROUND,  sorry  sorry  but Its my way of dealing with the effects of  our guest  inject humour  ohh  he dontnot,, "Im warning you,  Ill get my  magnets,, "  thats done the trick  they dont  like the Magnets,, Im afraid I cannot elaborate on that as only a certain species of brain is capable of the Magnets, please dont try the willow teckneek  at hoam aur yew may injar yaself,, RIGHT  ITS  THE  MAGNETS  I  WARNED YOU BUT  YOU WONT   ?????????!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!       BLOO///////////////////////////////////////////

My wife was diagnosed 2 years ago and lost her sense of smell nearly 40 years ago. Theres nothing wrong with her taste buds.

not sure why I lost both. Perhaps they will never return now which is so frustrating but never mind. Glad your wife can still taste though.


i tend to buy spicy meats or marinated or add in and tangy cheeses i think i still associate taste and smell with different foods even though it maybe lessened to what it was. squirt on a bit more lynx though just too be sure lol.

Conveniently, my sense of smell for my roses, chosen originally  for their scent, returned after meds but my ability to smell the sewage farm type of smell. is completely absent.  Enjoy my food so taste seems little if  at all affected although smell is supposed to be  a large part of taste

Although in every day life I can smell quite a few scents,.  when I do the battery of tests in the research project I am involved in,, frustratingly, I can hardly identify any  of the  - in fact all I can really smell is the carrier substance - at least that's what I think.  

Maybe there's a bit of hope then of their return.

i was just reading this Topic about loosing taste and small. My story in Feb 2019 I went to see my GP i had sores in my nose and use to get very blocked up when try to breath. The worst was at night I would wake up trying to get my breath. The GP gave me an nose spray but after a few times of use it made my nose bleed. I thought that I had just a cold so i put condition on back burner, Then i found that my taste was slowly going, I saw my PD nurse in Oct 2019 and think I mentioing it to her, but not sure, any way with this virus and other health problems again put it on back burner, The worst thing is I do like my food I can tell different textures and taste one best thing is that i can till taste chocolat. I have not got a really horible taset in my mouth, i clean my teeth twice a day use mouth wash. this does not seem to help. I am due to see/phone chat with my nurse in November so I will keep you posted. In the mean time if any member can help/ advise on what to do., it will be much appreciated.