Not going out!!

Does anyone here not feel like going out so much? I have various health issues , the main two being Parkinson’s and Rheumatoid arthritis. Everything is a struggle , my balance is off ,swollen joints, unsteadiness and extreme fatigue are my constant companions. My partner likes to go out to pubs at night (not that often) and I encourage him to go with friends as I no longer enjoy it. Being jostled, loud drunken people(I can’t drink due to meds so probably jealous!!) and standing around in pain when all I want to do is be home all cosy and relaxed. Also plagued by dyskinesia so don’t feel safe. I can’t see any nurse until January. Am scared this is all making me seem boring (I used to love going out)I’m worried this will effect my relationship but I am so done with nighttime pubs!! Anyone else feel this way? What do you do about it?

Hi Suzanara,
I can relate to how you feel. Male or female we can all have the same issues. I no longer like to go out but my wife loves socialising. If I do go out I need to be seated, I’m not in pain but standing up for a long time is very uncomfortable and sometimes disorientating,so going to music gigs is now a no-no for me. It is difficult to explain why you don’t want to go out but I just feel more comfortable at home. This is definitely part of Parkinson’s and I find that I can still overcome most of the physical problems by concentrating really hard but the mental drawbacks are much more difficult to through. I’m sure your partner is understanding so talk it through and it should be fine

I feel the same, am far happier at home!