Not going out

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Thank you for sharing your experience, I had a nasty fall 4 months ago, since then I seem to have lost my confidence in going out, so I can totally relate to you both, I too do not feel like going out, due to all the issues and the fear that my symptoms will be noticeable to others! I just console myself that it is the winter and too cold to go out anyway :crazy_face::crazy_face: x

I am exactly the same, had a bad fall and have lost all confidence. Hard for others to understand. I also feel that everyone is looking at you when they are probably not, hoping in time I can get some confidence and not worry so much what I think other people think! Recent snow was a perfect excuse for staying in!

Sorry to hear you too, are feeling the on-going effects of a fall! It’s hard to get over it and back to some sort of normality, if there is such a thing with PD, just hang on in there…… you’re not on your own :grinning: take care and keep warm x

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Hi Gillian know what you mean about worrying what other people think as I have swapped shaking for weird winding movements and feel very self conscious about it, I’m not someone who likes the attention that it brings.

Also so sorry you’ve had a fall, it’s a constant worry isn’t it? much easier to stay in, I could happily become a hermit!!!

Hi Suzanara sorry not logged in for a while, thank you for answering my post. It is so difficult to try and not think everyone is looking at you and yes becoming a hermit would very much be the easy option but hopefully as time goes on we can be stronger at dealing with Parkinsons. I have just lost a dear friend very suddenly and keep thinking I am still here and trying to be grateful for that. Hope you are managing to get out and about. Looking forward to the warmer days, it is my walking that is affected badly and the cold does not do me any favors can’t wait for the warmer days.