"Off" Dystonia Coping Mechanisms

Let’s build a resource on the non-medication ‘tricks’ we use to cope with Off-Levodopa Dystonia

There’s nothing like a nasty attack of early morning dystonia to put a dent in the day ahead. Medications and DBS aside, which are personal for each of us, dystonia is known to be ‘trickable’ (as usual for PD without explanation). In fact, there’s a term for it.

Here are links to 2 US Periodical abstracts that might help us get started.

Link 1
Link 2

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Clicked link, they are genuine

Here are the useful bits from pretty dry article -

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And in word for easier reading…

Dystonia.docx (15.0 KB)

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I have to say I prefer the medical writing style when it comes to PD. Thanks for converting it to Word!

your welcome, just copied and pasted into word document :grinning:

Sorry, sorry, sorry coolrebel and thank you so much for not turning on me.

Hey @mosie, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We’re all in this together :wink: