Pd friendly recipes

Here is a recipe that takes 10 minutes to cook, can be eaten hot or cold and is full of flavour. If cutting the chicken is a problem try using scissors they really are the best way. I cook it in a wok but any pot should do.

Jeera Chicken
1/2 tablespoon of cumin seed ... stir fry until seeds pop, add
1/2 ~ ~ ground cumin ... lower heat and cook for 2 mins. Add
1/2 lb (250g) cubed chicken ... Raise heat and stir fry for 2 mins. Add
1/4 pint stock... Bring back to boil and simmer 5 mins. or until chicken is done
Raise heat to reduce gravy until it will coat the meat.

You can eat this with rice and a veg. but it is also really good in a wrap, baguette or similar with some salad, mayo if you like, the chicken and some mango chutney or lime pickle.
one of my main dishes (i only have about 3) is a version of cullen skink. first catch your skink
fry some leeks in butter (yes butter, not virgin oil or avocado marge)
chop up potatoes (best to peel them, its a pain but..)
chuck them in
just cover with water
add a fish stuck cube
boil lightly until potatoes cooked
whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (you haven't got a blender? well your having the chunky version)
add some creamy milk (we've been through this already..)
chop up a smoked fish of your choice (well you should have looked ahead. its not my fault. yes corned beef will do if thats all you've got. )
add and simmer till fish is cooked

this is very good brain-food - fish and fat. i have a theory (which many others share), that fat is needed instead of glucose for fueling the brains of people with AD and PD (see coconut oil thread). full fat dairy products especially.
Thanks for those. I love an easy recipe. Especially pleased with the one for cullen skink I always wondered how it was made.
My husbands very special gravy recipe:

Buy a tin of Baxters french onion soup. Wonderful with mash.
Now that is real easy gravy Parkwife thank you for sharing it.
[Buy a tin of Baxters french onion soup. Wonderful with mash]

Also good with pancakes :grin:
Hi Turnip,

Apparently, fat is good for pd patients but good fats such as olive oil or coconut oil which does not affect cholesterol levels: has anyone have easy and tasty recipes using coconut oil, which are tried and tested, please? Would be very grateful!

..but if your cholesterol is ok butter or cheddar is a lot cheaper than coconut oil. And macaroni in coconut sauce is just not the same.
My missus uses a lot of coconut which presumable includes the oil in it - laksa (yumee),pumkin and coconut soup. many indonesian and malaysian recipes use a lot.
pacific islanders seep raw fish in coconut milk instead of cooking it. lamingtons! coconut cake. cocnut muffins. pina coladas!!!!
wagon wheels 6 pack - jammy
Pair of scissors
Creme egg
Bottle of chocolate milk shake

Open wagon wheels (ww) with scissors
Pile on plate (posh chefs like to stack, but if you are a bit shaky just sprinkle liberly on the plate)
Garnish with the creme egg

Pour milk shake

Job's a good un. Enjoy.

To make this super pd friendly try ruining it by adding bran, fresh fruit and fish oil.
is that a free-range creme egg?
Oh .the milk shake should be served in a separate glass, or swigged from the bottles.

If you have already poured tt all over wagon wheels, learn to read ahead, drain off into a glass, scooping out any floaters, and muddle on as best you can.


Use a spoon and call it a soup

Why not try adding extra goodness by adding a fruit & nut
Doesn't say! So I suppose, you know, whatever.

I ABSOLUTELY disagree with your recipe. How can you expect PDites to use a pair of scissors!!!

What you want to look for is the commercial , industrial size catering packs of wagon wheels, that come wrapped in silver paper stuff! They come in boxes of 48.

And don't you find the silver top on the milkshake a pain as well!

My recipe

Mushy peas (stays on the fork)
Some Tobasco sauce (makes it taste of something)

Mix and microwave.

Green = ok
Brown/black = burnt but edible
Smoking = probably give it a miss! Throw plate away as well.

Luxury version = garnish with a liquorice allsort.

This tastes terrible, but at least it's easy to eat when you're having a shakey day

Obviously I've lost the tips of all my fingers. But its worth it. (Remember to use blue cooking plasters.)

A little nick is all that's needed, then tear. So the cut-throat can come back out the drawer and go back to being a productive piece of precision equipment again.

As for the silver foil superglued to the bottle is a major obstacle a pen stabbed into the top (or dare I say scissors) in a psycho stabbing motion does the job. (Again be ready with the plasters). Blind Scottish rage works but you are left with an inch of milkshake in the bottle and the kitchen and chef in an unholy mess.

That could start a new thread or three, pd friendly packaging, pd friendly socks, pd friendly power tools, etc. Sorry if anyone has come a cropper following my recipe. I would put in a disclaimer, but you all really should know better than to listen to me.
thank you Spam and Eck (there's a yolk there somewhere but it escapes me for the moment) and back to Masterchef with scotland's national dish -
MacaRonnie Cheese.
Melt an enormous quantity of butter (note the liefmotif) in a saucepan.
Add the same volume of PLAIN flour - it doesnt matter how much as long as they are equal. WHisk with your plastic whisky thing. If you dont have a plastic whisky thing go and get a pudding supper.
When it is a paste add a splash of creamy milk. Whisk. When absorbed repeat until you have a sauce. By the way I should have mentioned cook the macaroni and grate the cheese,enormous quantities of cheese.And a symbolic floret of caullie.
add the cheese to the sauce and the sauce to the macaroni.
Put in the oven on a low heat for three hours until it reaches the rubbery quality of a retread tyre. Remember how yur mum used to make macaroni like this when taking your sister to Murrayfield ice rink and shed a few nostalgic tears. Tip ruined macaroni into bin. Wipe tears away and suggest a curry from the Revenge of Amritsar takeaway.

Lastly another favourite of mum's - haggis surprise. Put haggis in oven at gas mark whatever. Wait until oven door blows off. Suggest a etc etc.
Hello all you cooks
While I`m still looking for free range creme eggs I`ve got this recipe for bacon risotto - not a real risotto but good all the same
For 2 people
2 portions of cooked rice put on one side
4oz of bacon chopped or ready cut lardons fried until going a bit crispy. Add
1 onion chopped small. Fry until onion is soft add
4oz mushrooms sliced. Fry a bit and add
large tin of chopped tomatoes (450g?)
1 tablespoon of mixed herbs
Mix well and cook until it is getting thick. Add the rice, mix and stir gently while reheating until piping hot.
Bon appetit
Your recipes sound great but I do not think they would much help pd patients somehow! coconut oil is special because of its special fatty acid composition.
(see research on the internet)

Hi everyone
Sorry if you were expecting recipes that would improve your pd condition. I hope others can do that but I hope that some of mine will be tasty enough for those who have a greatly reduced sense of taste. I often try to put added texture into foods to try to combat this lack of sensitivity to taste.
This is my standby and it was easy to make when I felt rotten at diagnosis.
Heat a little oil in large pan. Throw in roughly chopped onion and two chicken fillets cut in half. Slowly soften in fat adding some water to help soften.

Add as many carrots as you can be bothered to prepare (could use frozen ones to save cutting). Can also add courgettes. When all this is starting to be soft, gradually add more water, some stock powder and tin chopped tomatoes. Can also add potato cut in chunk size pieces to make it a meal in one. Cook slowly with lid or in oven. Very tasty and can be put into plastic containers and frozen for supper anytime. I make it early in the day before I get tired.
Hi Hatknitter,

I understand you! as for me, I am always trying to find ways to improve my husband condition and I will never stop doing that (I am his carer).

Have a good day!