PD warrior core exercises

For anyone interested in PD warrior here is a link to the 10 core exercises.


I forgot to say that if you click on the photo for each exercise it takescuou to a video link showing you how to perform each one…


Hi Jayne849 - I actually attend an excercise class where they do a number of PD warrior excercises, and they are very good and leave you quite invigorated!


Hi Sheila

I go to a class too and I’m certainly not finding it easy! I put the link on for anyone who’s interested but not got a class nearby.

I’ve also ordered the DVD from the website but having trouble downloading it.

How long have you been doing the classes and are you noticing any improvements?


Yes and No, Been going about 6 months on and off, you’re supposed to do them every day, but it depends on how I feel as to whether I do them, and what time I have on that particular day. When I do manage to do them, the force you have to do them with really seems to get the oxygen to your brain and makes you feel wide awake, but then your muscles seem to do the opposite, if you get my gist, and you have to rest…Lol :flushed:

Let me know how you get on! - Sheila

I’ll keep you posted with how I get on. I’m trying to sort out a personal trainer as well as I need the ‘encouragement’ when I go to the gym!

Not sure how I’m going to fit it all in once I go back to work in a few weeks, I’ll be knackered!! But the consultant stressed that I must do as much exercise as I can to slow the progression. Then got to Sort out my diet… it all sounds so easy :wink::rofl:

Hi Jayne
Interested in pd warrior is it an exercise class, I will look at the link you have put in, I’ve just ordered dvd basic tai chi,and basic yoga to have a go at home, and started a gentle Zumba class on a wed, but depends how I am on the day , miss the time when I was an avid fitness class attendee, and swimmer :persevere:so blooming frustrating this pd.

Hi Laney_star

Pd warrior is an exercise programme developed in Australia.

It is supposed to get great results and slow down progression, however there aren’t many places in UK that deliver the classes because of the licence costs. I am doing an exercise class in Leeds with a Neuro physio and she does incorporate some of the pdw core exercises along with other methods. Ive only been a couple of times but some of the others have done 10 weeks and say they’ve noticed improvements in gait and fine motor skills so I think it’s definitely worth a try.

I’ve heard two chi is good too so hope you get some results with that.


Tai chi not two chi haha

Hi Jayne
God takes me ages texting always deleting and trying again, checking and rechecking,either to many letters or mistakes, tremor definitely doesn’t help, thanks for info sounds good just waiting on delivery of dvds and give it a go.laney

Just an uodate… i dont think the link i oosted works any longer so I’ve listed the exercise names below. All can be found on you tube by typing PD warrior and the exercise name:

Pd warrior:
• Skyreach
• Penguin waddle
• 007
• Over the river
• Scarf snatch
• Box step
• Stop and squat
• Tahdahs
• Overhead
• Warm up


Thanks Jayne

Going to try these exercises, you tube here I come, Laney.

I try and do them every day… I find some of them quite hard but I think they make a difference…


Ok , determination,
Balance not brill, something to work on, don’t work now,so plenty of time to give this a try.
Thanks Jayne

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Hi laneystar and joanie849,
Just reading your posts about PD warrior exercises. I started a class just before Xmas and find them really helpful, especially for walking.
You don’t have to do them perfectly but try to do them to the best of your ability. And push yourself. It can really build up a sweat.
Good luck!

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Hi Laney_star

I go to a neuro physio and she said to make sure you exaggerate the movements, so for example when you do the stop and squat really force your arms out in front of You, bend your hands back from the wrists and spread your fingers as wide as you can, then pull your arms back with your fists up at shoulder height and squeeze your shoulder blades together. If your balance isn’t great have a chair behind you. I find this òne quite hard with my left side but I as I said earlier I’m seeing benefits.

Good luck with them :muscle::facepunch::dancer:

Hi Divine1

I know what you mean about working up a sweat… is your class specifically PD warrior? Mine isn’t because she said the cost of the licence is extortionate but she’s done the course. So ours is a mixture of lsvt, Parkinson’s power and something else. I then get given the pdw ones after as homework, but she watches me doing enough reps to make sure I’m doing them right and I’ve videod her doing them so I can refer back.

You can order the 80 minute digital DVD from Australia, it’s £23 but I couldn’t get the download to work for some reason so they gave me a refund.

Whereabouts in the country are you?

Jayne x

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Keep going gals! Lets save some brain cells together. Exercise , chocolate, coconut oil and wine, (vodka for J) :blush:

Hi Jayne,
My class is the same as yours ie. Called pd warrior type exercise. The physio says the same about the license being prohibitive. Its private so it costs but she has approached nhs and done a class for PD nurses (mine included) to get some interest. There’s only 2 of us but concentrate solely on warrior moves. We scale each movement from 1 to 10. So if you feel the intensity could go up or precision better move up.
Hi Teehee, hope you’re well! There’s always room for chocolate and wine! Although I’ve had a week of visitors and need a break! :grin: Just a small one…

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Hey gals,

Just had an idea, how about we devise our own pd warrior class with a bit of the All blacks rugby team haka .

That way we work our bodies

  1. Do facial exercises to help against the PD masking , frozen chops thing.

  2. Chant loudly and exercise our vocal chords,

  3. Doing a task like singing and pulling a face in addition to exercise is multi tasking, keeps the brain learning and active.

Maori Warrior courses available soon, might do a dvd. :slight_smile: