PD warrior core exercises

There’s a picture I can’t erase from my brain! Actually that’s not a bad idea :bulb:! Some of the warrior moves make me make crazy faces so i will have watch the all blacks for tips!
By the way Jayne, forgot to say im in Surrey.

For you younger gals on the pd journey its your exercise face for us further along we call it our constipation face ! :open_mouth::persevere::triumph::persevere::persevere:
Yuk, sorry…

Happy exercising gals, keep updating you are all keeping me motivated. Xx

Tip noted Teehee!
How is your exercise routine going?

Great thanks going to the gym now, and starting pilates at the club this week.
Then when grab rails in changing rooms swimming as well. Aiming for 4 times a week…only do a few things in gym and trying to improve squats as need to go down a bit lower, look like a 90 yr old.
But am giving it a good go and feel better already.
So pleased you are keeping motivated alongside Jayne, Laney, Knine, Daffy and many more top gals xx

Thats amazing! Keep it up. It is hard to keep motivated though. But you definitely feel better for it. Like you said it’s great when you read others are trying new ways to get moving, it makes you want to do the same.
Good luck with pilates!

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Hey pd gang
Mines a Bailey’s and ice
Or Tia Maria and ice,
Or glass of rosada chilled of course
Don’t know about squats pushing it there a bit with my knees might just finish me off, just waiting for my big Sunday lunch courtesy of my lovely hubby,and dessert, so no squats today definitely tomorrow :yum:


Hi Laney_star,
There’s definitely a theme with your drinks. At least you’re getting lots of water (ice).
Hope dinner was up to scratch and doesn’t mean extra squats tomorrow!


I think we’re lucky to have neuro physios that do the pd warrior type classes. I’ve had to pay for mine too but I’m on the NHS waiting list. Apparently the wait is 3 months and that’s because they also do the pd warrior.

TeeHee, I’ve got a dvd somewhere for facial exercises, look for Eva Fraser on YouTube… Don’t think it’s as much fun as doing the haka though :wink:. Would you be able to get a free/taster session with a PT at the gym, I had one last week at pure gym and she was great. Good luck with the Pilates, I tried it years ago but couldn’t get the hang of it…

I’ve not had any vodka since new year, I can’t drink at the best of times so a bit wary with mixing it with the drugs! Once I stop feeling sick I might give it a try!

Laney-star anything with ice must have it’s benefits!!


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There’s a trainer at the gym who did my induction he was really kind. Best of all he was funny, we were laughing a lot and it was with me not at me. He says just call him over if I want some help,advice and he is willing to keep an eye on me… no extra cost so feel I have a good deal here. 3.99. A week. Bargain will let you know how Pilate’s goes.

Keep it going gals. Xx

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Just back from pd warrior class and im going to feel it tomorrow! We did some new moves with resistance bands which were good. Also had a nee member join today.

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I’m just about to do mine as I have them to do as homework… what did you do with the resistance bands?

Hi Jayne,
One new move was 007. Loop resistance bands around handle or rail. Stand parallel to rail and hold bands and do repetition to the right then turn and do reps to left.
Over the river pulling resistance bands from the back.
They’re not specifically pd warrior but adapted by physio

Hi Divine1

Sounds like a good physio… the one I go to mixes a few exercises together too. We haven’t done any with resistance bands yet though.

Got my first session with PT today and really looking forward to It…

Good luck today Jayne. Back to work tomorrow after a few days off so need to catch up with things. Being a bit lazy tho!

Hi girls
Haha I only have one drink an not all 3 I’d be on the deck.
Hi Jayne
You tube I found exercises started Mon and done some today need to get a ball etc found them really good but is it just a taster didn’t seem to be on for very long, where do you find a class in your own area I’d love to go, Laney.

Hi Laney_star,
In the warrior videos they just explain the moves. In the class you repeat each movement for 1 or 2 mins. It depends what area you live in and if the physio is licensed in pd warrior. Mine is private but wants to work with NHS.

Hi Laney_star

As Divine1 says you just repeat the exercises. They don’t show too much as they want you to pay!

I just searched for Neuro physio in my area and just checked what they provided. Some NHS physios are also starting to do it as well. The private one also obviously costs.

Jayne x


PT nearly finished me off today! She had me doing all sorts for balance and general fitness, I might not be able to walk tomorrow :grin:x

Enjoy work tomorrow!

Jayne x

That’s great! Well not so great if you can’t walk, you’ll be fine.
Keep up the good work.

I have a ball, or am I having a ball ? Helps with squats , put ball on your back bit notre dame style helps you do more. Physio top tip. Keeps back stable and less pressure on knees well aware 8 yrs or more further on than you motley crew but appreciate joining in with the ‘younger crew’ xx