PDCare Laser by SYMBYX Biome - have you any experience of using it?

I would like to here from anyone who has first hand experience of this device especially to know if they have found it of any use in reducing or eliminating symptoms.

no but having just listened to the talk on No silver Bullet by Dr Catherine Hamilton I want to know if anyone has found or used the red-light hats etc she recommends? They’re expensive new and so she tells you how to make our own - which I know will be beyond me. It seems only Australians are into this yet.- or buying them. at nearly $800 dollars each… If I can be sure it would work I would cough up. Any experiences?

I have one which I bought in January it seems to help with mood, gait, smell, . I would purchase one as apposed to trying to make one.
There are two wavelengths and it is also temp. controlled. There are supposed to be no side effects if used as described. The therapy makes sense to me. Treat yourself for Xmas. Compared to other products these are relatively cheap. The therapy is also used for dementia.

I would like to know too. The research does look hopeful

Hi My husband bought this device from Australia last October at a cost of over £800 from Dr Catherine. he uses it twice a day and I can honestly say it has had no affect on his Parkinson’s. It is not a scam but its a lot of money for something that may not work for you

Hi I’ve been using the symbol biome hand held device on my abdomen and back of neck in conjunction with the helmet for about 6 months. It really has helped me with sleeping and much improved during the day. It’s not instant,but I’m so glad that I persisted with the treatment.

seems pretty convincing. Tony Wilkinson, Parkinson’s Advocate, describing SYMBYX Neuro light therapy helmet (youtube.com)
likely varies personally but could association post case studies.

As my Kids are richer than me, I decided to splash out and spend some of their inheritance (smile) on both items. (PDcare and the Helmet)
I’m on week three of the Pdcare (15/03/2024) and sticking rigidly to the instructions, will start using the Helmet from week five (twice a week at first, gradually building up to five times a week).
When patience was given out, I wasn’t even in the queue, but spending twenty minutes, three times a week hoping for (any) improvement doesn’t seem so bad.
I use a simple two minute timer, as when watching the TV I need to know whether that ‘bleep’ was one minute or two (for each of the ten areas).
Will update in about nine weeks.(some improvement should be noticeable within twelve weeks, everything crossed !! ).
Keep well All,

Brin thanks for posting this. I will look out for your updates as I’m interested in getting one…just have to find the money!!

Thank you Snowy,
I haven’t noticed any improvement yet, but keeping positive.
It’s obviously of interest to many people (2.7 k views).
I’ve been swotting up (on both items) for over a year before taking the plunge, and took advantage of the ’both items’ for a reduced price.
Keep well,

How long have you been using it so far?

Hi Snowy
Just started on week four, Mon, Wed & Fri, for 20 minutes each (at 8-00 am)
I will start using the Neuro Helmet on week 5 & 6 Tues & Thurs, (24 mins) gradually building up to week 9 and onwards (five times a week Mon to Fri).
It’s a strange thing, but after saying I hadn’t noticed any symptom improvements on my previous post …… Last night (18/03/2024) I had the best sleep for months and this morning, my Left hand / Arm tremor seems much reduced, also my neck is not so stiff …. The sign of things to come, I hope so !!

Sounds promising Brin! Keep it up! I suffer from a stiff neck too and I hope it continues to help.

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Hi Snowy,
I thought it might be ’wishful thinking’ on my part, but my Wife has confirmed that my Left hand / Arm tremor has noticeably reduced over the last couple of days.
Also my neck is definitely not as stiff.
My sleep pattern varies from night to night, but two out of three, in these early days gives me hope for the future.
Keep well, brin45

Keep using the device Brinn!
It comes up regularly on my Facebook feed.

I am sure I’ll buy it eventually. It sounds as if it’s starting to help you.

Any negative side effects?

No negative side effects at all. :smile:

That’s good!

I hope all is well and you’re still using the PDCare Laser.

Any updates on the treatment? Is it still working?


Hi Snowy,
Just completed week eight, and so far the most noticeable improvements are :-
Neck muscles less stiff and painfull now (at first I could barely turn my head to the left !!)
Left Arm/Hand tremor much reduced.
Gradually getting a better nights sleep.
Feeling generally stronger in myself.
On the whole, I think these improvements must be down to using the Symbyx combination, as my medication has not been changed.
Existing user reports seem to indicate that it takes about twelve weeks plus (and onwards) to get the full benefits, so I’m keeping positive.

Thanks for the update! I have really stiff neck muscles so very encouraged to read this! I’m so glad it seems to be positively working for you. I think it’s only a matter of time before I buy one.