Many of you must have heard about this project, it appears in a few earlier postings, but I wanted to dedicate a separate thread to it.

I have read the book on the site by Janice Walton-Hadlock, the new version dated July 2008 a more than 900page tome.

has anyone else read it?
have you heard about anyone who participated?

any thoughts?

Hello Zel... I havent read the book yet, but I have come across the site and am very interested in what it appears to be concluding about PD. If anybody else on the site hasn't seen this yet, its well worth a look.


I am fairly new to PD as I was only diagnosed in December last year.

I have however read sections from this book and find it totally iinspiring. Janice Walton-Hadlock seems to be totally informed and gives a very convining argument and body of evidence. All that seems to be lacking are testimonies from cured sufferers! That aside, her methods have to be worth a try to anybody who is not on medication. Does anybody know of Yin Tui Na practitioners in the UK.

The method of stimulation when applied to PD is often called FSR (Forceless Spontaneous Release.

Apparently, once you have taken medication (of any kind!) for 3 weeks or more, they will no longer treat you, even if it was years ago. So whatever you do, don't take pills before you have at least tried this. So pass it on. They reckon that dopamine enhancing drugs cause permanent brain damage that only come to light when someone has recovered using their methods. The symptoms of this brain damage cannot be treated by any drugs and can lead to death (or worse!, read her book "once upon a pill").

My Neurologist handed out rasagiline the first time I saw him without any discussion about implications. Luckily,I had just about taken 3 weeks worth when I first came across the PD recovery website and promptly binned the rest.

It may be a big con-trick, they are based in California after all,
but I think that the literature is so authorative and well written and convincing that anyone not on meds has to give it a go.


Very interesting info.Have not taken any medication yet.Will be reading the book and looking further into.
Hi all, Glenchass, Steven and Titan, good to hear from you

Good to hear I am not the only one not on meds here and find the book inspiring like me. It is a heavy read with lots of purple haze speculation, but it is so full of insight that resonates with my experience that I am sure there is a lot behind it.

The sometimes even naive honesty of the book plus the genuine brainstorming and case studies spanning over 700 pages all speak
against hoax not to mention that it is free.
On the other hand, the lack of first hand testimonies all over the net is a little discomforting I must say.

I am intending to give it a go in April (date unconfirmed), but
there is also Yin Tui Na in the UK, watch this space, I will come with more info.

I live in London. Where does everyone live? I would like to organize a special interest group about non-pharmaceutical treatment and early-stage PD especially about pdrecovery ideas and method.

I would probably like to set it up on pdjunction.
Let me know who is in.

BTW, for those who have not read the book, it is not simply about yin tui na, it is about a lot more.
Over the years I've come across dozens of very convincing, eloquent documents and brochures outlining all sorts of hare-brained schemes, theories and methods of ridding PwP of their awful illness, many originating in California or the Far East.

However as JD suggests, show me a list of genuine sufferers who have been cured by such schemes and to whom I can talk privately in person, and demonstrate to me that I can liaise with these folk, and look over all the documentation, without spending a penny or committing myself to future expenditure, and I will be more inclined to show interest.

PwP typically and unsurprisingly worry increasingly as Old Father Time marches on, and spend more and more time looking for solutions to their woes. Many a con-man or dubious practitioner has used their fears to line their own pockets over the years, and continue to do so.

Caveat Emptor.

Hi to Vik and all who are interested in this treatment,

Chris Ells sent me an application form for prospective patients and I'm currently waiting for a reply although he has emailed me to say he's recieved the form and will get back soon as they are very busy.

I'd be willing to go to the first available treatment in Amsterdam although I would ideally prefer to be treated in the UK. I did search for people in the UK and found a guy in Gloucestershire,has anyone heard of him.

Vik, would be interested in joining your group. I do not live in London but I work three days a week there. I shall register on PD Junction and contact you from there.


kyle, jd

i have been waiting for other skeptics to come out,
wonder why it took so long, lol. you cannot outdo me on that.

I totally see your point and share your wish to talk to alleged full recoverers in person.

JD, the problem is that PD diagnosis is not based on rock solid methodology, dat scans are not even available in the USA, let alone
any 2nd world country or below. The medical profession holds a dogma that PD is uncurable, so all recoveries will be by definition deemed as misdiagnoses, right?

The power is in the statistics and surely once convincing cases abound, the mainstream medical profession will eventually modify their view. Until then science's job is to be conservative.

That said, those who cling to dogma rarely bring about breakthrough.

Zeligf how are you
its not that im a septic at all ,i dont understand any (or little of the medcail jargon that goes with pd).ITS just in my opinion if somethings sounds to good to be true it normaily isnt
The most vunerbale people are mostly people who are desparate are those who in there mind they have nothing to lose (as in the case of those of us with pd),they will try anything and totaly belive in what there doing .BUT IN 100% OF CASES WHERE MIRICLE CURES FOR PD HAVE BEEN EMBRACED BY THE PD SUFFERER. ITS ENDED IN FAILURE . With the person £100s if not £1000s of £s out of pocket. IM NOT DISMISSING YOUR miraicle cure by any means but myself personaly i would like to see a person with pd totaly cured by this so called cure and veryfied by the medecail proffesion . ONLY THAN CAN WE BELIVE. instead i feel its just another poor pd sufferer thasts going to be many £s out of pocket AS i said to get a pd sufferer and promise that person a cure donest take a lot of persaudeing to that person. They want to belive there desparate to belive they will do anything to make there pd go away and thasts when they are caught .Resulting in £ioos of losses and NO CURE zeligf i wish you no offence and also wish you well in what your doing please just be carefull and dont be to disapionted if and when failure happens with the greastest respect jd
The Views Expressed by Zelig and others on this thread refer to a form of treatment that has not been scientifically evaluated. There have been many examples of private individuals and clinics making claims of remarkable new treatments however there is little or no evidence to support these.

It is up to you whether you decide to participate, but you do so at your own risk. We would emphasise that you should always get medical advice before changing or stopping your medication or participating in any form of alternative therapy. We would also like to point out that you should act with caution when entering into any form of treatment which has not been fully evaluated and about which you know little.

As is stated elsewhere on this forum, the opinions expressed here are those of individuals, and do not constitute medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional, such as a consultant, GP or local Parkinson's nurse, before acting on any advice received here. The PDS also has the advice Helpline which can be contacted on freephone 0808 800 0303.

Some of the postings have been edited to remove details of individual therapists as this is not allowed under the forum terms and conditions

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Tim and JD, just to be clear.

I am not talking about 'miracle' cures, I am not expressing views about yin tui na and related ideas in the book being proved.
In fact most of this thread is about this very issue.

I only bring attention to and want dialogue about something I have read and found inspiring.

I actually have read the book. There are no miracles there, and certainly no $1000-s or £-s implied.

Every single post on this forum expresses individual opinion, people often do advocate unconventional ways of dealing with PD, including ideas even about 'alternative' dosages of medication, acupuncture, types of massages without them being prefixed by such a patronizing sticky.

Tim, people on this forum are responsible adults who can think for themselves. Please consider removing your sticky, because it gives the discomforting feeling of biased censorship.

ONE person in the whole of the UK??
That speaks volumes!
Zeligf. Sorry, but I don't believe or trust you - I've seen too many charlatans over the years. No offence.
What's in it for you? Why are you so intent on pushing this stuff? You've made your suggestion, now leave the good people here to consider it, and act as they see fit.
If you are still determined to convince us for whatever reason, please PM me with your real full name and address, and let me see your last tax return to demonstrate you have no financial interest here.

Hi Kyle,

I am in no way connected with Zelig so don't start some crazy conspiracy theory. I have read most of this book and have to agree with Zelig that it is very convincing. It is not trying to sell anything and simply documents over the last twelve years the groups research in dealing with PD patients. We can't tell if the success rate is exaggerated (or even fictitious!)but I think the principles are logically presented and it is at least worth looking at and debating without accusing each other of trying to cash in. Download it and read at least the first few chapters.


HI to everyone on this thread
I've read all your posts but haven't a clue what you're talking about!!:exclamation:Is this all about a book or what ? I'm very curious and have obviously missed earlier posts re-this subject. Can you please give me a 'quick' summary of what the debate is about
Hi Steven

My only concern is that I've seen so many PwP have their hearts broken and dreams shattered (and occasionally wallets emptied) by hearing of new wonder drugs or alternative solutions which subsequently prove worthless that I am now ALWAYS very very wary, and advise others to be the same.