Well, I've taken the 'plunge' made the call and set the ball rolling for PIP.  I have put this day off for some time, it's like admitting defeat to me.  I don't know if I'll qualify and will be very embarrassed if I get knocked back, but I'll give it a go, any advice is very welcome xx


When you receive the part 2 form  try to put as much information as you can on how your pd affects your day to day life  the key  points to remember are you need to be able to do something reliably  in a reasonable amount time  to a acceptable standard and most of all safely

for example  it is no use just saying i cannot cook a meal you need to go into detail why you cant cook a meal and why you cannot do it reliably and safely .ie tremors in uour hands make it difficult /dangerous to carry pans of hot water , difficulty chopping foods etc , you need to paint a picture  for the assessor the clearer the picture the better  chance you have of getting a award


Thank you so much for advice x


your very welcome i made my pip claim in September 2013 and i was finally awarded pip in March 2014  it is a very long process and there are huge delays , my claim took 29 weeks from start to finish , give as much information as you can remember pip is about how your condition affects you not what condition you have , so you need to give as much info about the effects on your day to day life as possible x

Good luck with the claim Ali  xx


If in doubt contact age concern and get them to help. I fill in forms and fail miserably to express myself well,,,,,,as Shelly mentioned. Age concern sent a lady round to help me.

Do not feel embarrassed.......I used to but now realise it's there to help after 40 years of paying into the system. Be prepared for a medical assessment and a very very long wait.

ATOS did my last medical......it took 3 visits to get someone there to do it......efficiency is not their middle name.

Basically they try to make life as difficult as possible for those of us already suffering difficulties.

I can't stress strongly enough the value of Age Concern.

Good Luck.


Thanks shelly65 and Saturn, great advice xx


Or your PUK support worker they will also help fill in the forms , my assessment was done by Capita , the assessor was nice and understanding just a little cheeky , i stated i had problems getting my arms behind my back to put a bra on he said don't wear one then red facebut my main problem was waiting for the assessment Capita offered me a home visit in November 2013 but then told me they had no home assessors employed  in my area i  would have to wait till they hired and trained them  i had to wait till March 2014 for a assessment date , as Saturn said be prepared for a very long wait

Good luck x



A very long wait yes,I first phoned on the 15th of August 2013 had my assessment done 2 months ago still waiting to hear from dwp,phoned them today to be told it will not be long now,I asked if there was any hold up or other information needed to deal with my claim, no was the answer we have had all the information we needed on the 14th of May you should hear in the next week or so,ah well just have to wait a bit longer.

all the best pjc1959


I think they're hoping we die of old age before we can receive any benefit. I feel most sorry for those in dire need. Going by Pjc's time span I'll probably get my pension before PIP.


always remember to tell them your worse day ! ie can not walk as in severe pain all of the time ,can not get dressed as tremor stopping me  doing buttons up,can not pick stuff up as always dropping stuff,need help getting out of bed in morning ! YOUR WORSE DAY REMEMBER THIS AND YOU WONT GO WRONG! AND GET YOUR PD SUPPORT WORKER TO FILL FORMS IN SHE KNOWS PARKINSONS .ITS A MUST


Hi to all,

            In my case it is not just p.d I have diabetes and diabetic neuropathy this makes shuffling even short distances painful,and I have to buy special shoes to help protect my feet from harm,these ware out quickly due to the shuffling,and at a cost of over £120 every three months,savings don't last forever.





Hi gus

         No not as yet,I have a couple of new appointments for my feet and walking,the pd nurse has made some appointments for me,is the boxia a type of brace that goes under the foot and up the back of your leg? as the pd nurse was talking about something like this,I will try anything that helps.

all the best pjc1959


The leg braces do work my physio gave me a splint for walking and it really helped keep my foot up as i was aware of it dragging when i was walking my physio gave me a dyna ankle  splint


The boxia straps round your ankle then conenct with a elastic strap to your shoe which has velcro then you pull straps up & and keeps foot in air.Its not a leg brace shelly i asked about dyna and it does not work for the symptoms i had.but pjc 1959 ask about both of them no harm.


Hi to all,

           All I can do is wait and see what department my pd nurse sends me,but with diabetic neuropathy your  toes fall forwards,so it could be trial and error to see what works best.i have tried elasticated foot sock these have no heel and toes in them this helped for a while but the condition has got worse so a new approach is required,anyway back to pip phoned dwp told me a decision has been made and the letter is on its way,there is an award but the staff could not open the file to tell me what it is,should be here Friday or Saturday .

Cheers pjc1959




Great news pjc1959!


Brilliant news Pjc  well done



Well, I had a phone call this afternoon from capita.  Apparently I had given plenty of information on my form, all consistent with my condition (parkinsons). She asked me a couple of questions relating to a couple of points I'd written.n she then told me she wouldn't need to do a face to face medical as she had all she needed.  She said she was putting it all through to the DWP this afternoon.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad, just have to wait and see what happens.