I have applied for PIP as i have already got Diss ability living allowance for my rheumatoid arthritis.Now i have also got parkinsons which I have had for 2 years.i received a letter stating i have to go to edinburgh for a medical assessment. Has this happened to anyone else. Quite worried about this. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Type pip in the search above and there's loads of info good luck 


Thanks just did that and lots of info as you say, Thanks again

Aye aye Glasgow girl 

just found your post , dinna worry you'll be fine just remember it's got to be you on your worst day so even if your having a good day you act out just how you are on your worst one its not cheating it's just letting them see how bad things are , someone came to my hoose and assessed me walking bending ect so please remember it's a show of your worst day , good luck lassie 

ian xx   ( sorry no seen your post before now ) 

Am still waiting !! Bet your sorry you asked now . Ach you have to have a wee laugh it makes you feel better good luck and goodnight 

ian xx

Thanks for your advice.Tomorrow is the day.Reading your post made me smile. Cheers

Aya aye Glasgow girl 

all the best . Your worst mind !!!  Good luck  look out for a post from you  hope it's a result 

Ian xx

Aye aye Billy how's the wife doing these days ? Tell her that mad highlander was asking for her , hope your doing alright yersell  


Aye aye Glasgow girl am still waiting that must be an awfull long assessment , geese a shout when your finished , cheers 

Ian x

I had my pip assesment yesterday... Think it went ok the lady I seen was nice was unable to do some of the physical assessment as my hand was in its worst state thank goodness.

Will hear back in 4 weeks she said so fingers crossed.

Aye trev how was your walking ? And were you assessed  at home , my one was done at home  good luck to you trev hope it goes well 


Good morning Ian...

                                was your PIP up for renewal or a new claim?

Im already on DLA for my spine issues and got it awarded for life but with this PIP coming in this is the governments get out to reassess us all. Hopefully common sense will prevail but I doubt it. It annoys me  as to why people with PD cant just get it awarded without assessments because the chances of us getting better is limited.

Trev.....we have never spoke before but I noticed you wearing your colours. If ever you want a bit of footy banter get in touch. I dont think youll escape the championship so easy this time around. Hope Im wrong.


Aye smoggy 

i got pip a good while ago now I was just speaking to others aboot getting it . Now smoggy no boxing you two when the footy banter starts just watch oot as trev is a hardy sort o a lad ( Geordie )  ha ha all the best dudes 


Well Glasgow girl 

come on spill how did it go ? We're waiting ............…........ Still waiting ........................ Guess am still waiting .....................am still here ......................still waiting .................... Ach a doot your no gonna say .....................


ian xx

Am still waiting   

Ach goodnight  zzz zzz zzz !!!! 

Hi Smoggy guessing your a boro fan your team will have to do me a favour and beat the mackems unless your a mackem fan haha... Hopefully we will get out the championship first time of asking but it's a hard place to get out of we managed last time but we had the likes of Nolan,Barton etc... that said we have signed some quality players with championship experience.

Hi Ian I traveled to the assessment centre for my pip if I get any problems and don't get passed I'll have my PD nurse to write a supporting letter as she said she would... Hopefully it doesn't come to that... How you been keeping your walking any better?


Hi Trev.......100% boro mate so wash your mouth out please. Hope you get back up 1st time of asking the championship is full of fighters. And yeah Nolan and Barton done their jobs as did Merson for us years ago. Foreign players cant cut championship football in my opinion so that may be your problem.

Take care


Reply to#15

Not been on as i have been in hospital. Just got home yesterday. Had respiratory infection.


As for the PiP assessment was in for a gruelling 1 hour 30 mins answering question after question.

Just have to wait now for results!!!!!!  Hope you doing okay.

Aye aye Glasgow girl 

sorry to hear you weren't doing so well hope your a bit better now , hopefully you will get your pip alright it took aboot a month for mine to come through but they back date. It to the time when I applied for it hope yours will be the same ,I just got the paperwork for a disability badge sent to me the day so that's my next challenge right gg take care catch you later 

Ian xx

Aye aye trev

na the wakking is still crap you ? Are you interested in a group of us meeting up next year for a wee holiday somwhere in Britain ? Have a wee think aboot it a years time to organise a group of us  to do it  . How's the walking we yourself , and has the spasms eased any in your hand ? Am of to bed now night