Problems posting


I keep  having message site is being changed and losing post. Is it just me, am I doing something wrong?


 I cant say what I trying to say


Hi Porthos, 

Is it possible for you to send me a picture of what you are seeing to [email protected]? Maybe I can help you further.

  • Thanks KatC
  • . I get very confused and embarrassed because I can't do such simple things anymore. I have a horrible feeling I'm doing something silly. 



No problem, I'll wait for your email. 


Hi KatKatC

Seem the poblem happens whwhn I add emojies 



Could be your browser? If you're on Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome. Or vice versa. 


I use googlechrom. It sems to be sort of ok at mo until I add emojies, which I like using. 

I don't like machines beating me! So I won't give up


I like being in toch wiwitalall you lovely people so I won't give up



I find I have problems on my tablet, it types words that I haven't typed or it changes to gobble de gooch  which is so frustrating it seems to be okay on   other programs.

regards Sugaplum


Hi Sugerplum, 


This sounds like it could be an issue with your tablet, I've not heard this before. I will pass it on to the team though. What tablet are you using? 

Porthos I've sent this thread to the IT team for them to have a look, maybe they can offer some guidance. 



Hi KatC

  Was there a problem with the site last night ? As I couldn't log on no matter what I tryde all I got was a gate way time out message , 

   Live well.  Cc


Hi Cc, 

Yes there was. The site had some issues late last night, it was down for around 5 hours and I believe they were resolved in the early hours of the morning. Please accept our apologies! 




Thanks KatC good to know it wasn't my problem. Lol

   Live well.  Cc


Well we are quick enough to complain when the forum doesn't work very well so just to say it seems better today after last nights shut down, I use an I pad and it seems to be much quicker loading and changing between posts,   Thanks pduk



I've sent two posts on DRUGS NOT WORKING and they've both gone west !!!!!!!!!!!


Hi BillyWhizz, 

I noticed these posts, I'm not entirely sure why you are having this problem. What device are you using? 


           Hiya KayC

                                    The same device ive used to post all my stuff on...nevermind

                             Billy smile




If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, you can email us on [email protected]

I hope the issue has resolved itself, at least for now? 


Thank you for letting me join, very new on here and have not yet worked out how to post in the forums, I am sole carer  for my 82 year wife who at the moment is hospital, parkinsons ward