R u curious




                 I have a idea of meeting up with  some  of  you  guys I  have  often wondered what you  look like so basicly thats  what this post  is all about w  can meet  at  the WILLOW FARM  DUDLEY  NORTHUMBERLAND,its a big  pub and the grubs gud   first do  you think  its  a  good idea  cozifYEWrnott iNTERESTED  I  WONT   CREATEADATE




im out sorry fed to far for me ,hope to see ya when come to weymouth cheers 



             Hello Gus well  you  are  the  only one  to  reply  so  I guess its  a  no  no,  might  be down your end  about  july   will update yo  later  good  night  Gus leep   well



Hi Fed,

Bit far for me also as over 300 mile round trip. x


I'm still up for it Fed.......like I said in my pm to you.


Hi Fed Twinks,

If Twinks ok about it could do part journey with her on the train ?  just a  bit far on my own because I am a whimp. x



           Hello TeeHeeTwinks, sounds like no worries youse guys I  dont or did not expect  folks to travel huge distances , though did I  mention the £ 150 000 prize for  being  first, yes  folks  £150 000 IF you can answer three  simple questions upon arrival  these questions were created by  the  same species as humans but  are  not  here  we  go then

1  How long

2What if


 Yes  kind peeps  moneys  yours just  answer and  its  yaws              FAIRPLAYFED




   Sorry  little bit of  self  editing  went  on  there  TeeHeeTwinks  sounds like a pop group,  and  the  species  similar  to  us  but  not,, the  same  lot  that  made up the  questions for  the  pip  form  ,  sorry



What are you like Fed, any chance of a translator ?  hope you keeping well and a bit barmy x


Hi fed

  Letme know when your down in Weymouth as I'm only a few miles up the road in Wincanton

Hi....we live near Bath so miles away......sorry Fed.....


700 mile round trip from the New Forest so a bit far unfortunately 


Whereabouts are you TeeHee? I'm living near York at the moment, but moving soon, so would be catching the train from either Rotherham or Doncaster. Driving could be an option too.


I am a Derbyshire gal, I would be catching the train from Chesterfield or Sheffield.  I am ok driving but get very tired on long distances. 


big grinHello TeeHee and all  sorry  if my post  goes  a bit  sillyish at  times , I am inclined to  be  silly most  days and oh what  fun  I have though  beloved wont  agree with  that ,  take my decision to  leave  my   brain in  a  brain bank, (when Im  finished with it) Iwas visiting NTGH which is where  I have  just arrived  home from  coincidently , when  one of  the Docs running  this  brain  bank  sat beside me,  he   was  a  big  guy and  a bit Boris Karloff about  him  "would  you  be  so kind as to  donate  your  brain to  the  brain  bank   " Said Boris",  oooh  err  hmm can I finish  my  tea first  said FED ,, OH  i DONT   MEAN   NOW    when  you  kick  the  bucket  would  be  fine  , which was his  very unprofessional  reply, anyway  I agreed after all its  just  going to be vapourised  so  I  said  yes of course,  but  since  then  about  4  yrs ago I have  been thinking,   what  if  hmmm what  if  our  bodies are simply a transporter for  our  minds  we  know  the  mind is  or  has been  generated by  our  brains but  even  the most  eminent surgeons and   top  scientists are  not  quite sure  how ,  so it  goes  like  this  we  die and  by  means  as yet  unknown  our  brain, arguably  the  most  powerful  organ in  the  history of  science,    I AM BECOME DEATH  THE  DESTROYER OF WORLDS,,old Bob Oppenheimers, words were  generated  in  his  brain  sorry  about  the  spillieeeen mi  brain  is  fullmanching   at  the  mormont   hang  on  (load  bang)  ahh  thats  better  nowt  like a  clout  with  a  cricket  bat  to  wak  sleeping  brain  cellls as I was saying before I was sidetracked   ,tanks have tracks on both sides,,???    sorry  sorry,  what if our  bodies are  no  more  than nurseries for   our  minds  the  brain as I said  is   the  centre point  for every  deed carried out by  every human  ever  born  the  most  evil and  the  most  kindly generous loving  ,  Hitler Stalin  killed millions  but  so  did  the  amercans  and  the  brits  who  simply rowed ashore and marched up  to  the  indigenous ABORIGINE and said """ HELLO OLD  CHAP  well I know  youve  probably lived  here longer  than  us but  heres  a  crate  of  single  malt  now  sod  off its  ours  now""  of  course  the owners of  Australia  objected so  they  were   murdered,  now  it  was   our  brains aided and abetted by   our  minds that carried out those  Heinous crimes .

                  So any Ideas  remember if I allow my brain  to  be  diced  and  sliced  my journey through eons  of space and time will  be  ended and I will be  very annoyed you wouldnt like me  when im annoyed,,ILL  BE  BACK                     FED


evilSorry I was  cut  off  there  what i was about  to  say was this when I  kick  the  bucket, I will be cooked  at TEMP of ???? well  many  many temps  until I AM DEATH THE BECOMING OF ASH so my transporter is vapourised will my mind  escape on  point of all signs of  life   extinguished  so I can   no  longer keep  it warm and safe so it leaves without so  much  as a  thanks  mate any ideas anyone  just  curiouseye roll


TEMPS ,,  TEMPS  you would think they would have permenant staff working on the brain train. keep smiling Fed xx  


big grin


              I most  certainly  will  C C and will inform yyouu  and  my  old  mucker  Gus  also and as I am entering a  unfamiliar Tribal district the  traditional exchange  of gifts will  or must  should  I say be observed  from Geordieland  a book  titled  LARN YA SEL GEORDIE acompanied by  a 1 litre bottle of finely  distilled alchoholic beverdge  lovingly produced by yours truly in  the  depths of  a  old Auntie  Tank  bunker at the  foot   of the  garden,  apparently my  Dad and a couple   of  his  mates  realised  it potential and purchased it  from  the  M O D for  the  princely  sum of  1£  in 1948 and  production  has  been almost continous since 1949 the  only break when the Customs and  Exercise, confiscated all the equipment and a  fine of £23 .2 shillings and 6 pence was  levied agaist pops and  his buddies,but as they were   lads whos hobby  was  installing fire places for  nowt  ( NUDGE  NUDGE  WINK  WINNK SAY  NO  MAWAH) Production  resumed and  continues to  this very  day  , the only proviso being only  a very small  intake is allowed rather like holding a loaded AK47   great respect is needed as my  mate Les found out when  he  had  a xtra portion vindaloo  plus  a  tumbler of  Geordies FINEST BREW,  he phoned me from Latvia asking for  his credit  card   number  and passport to buy  his way   home, the dna of  FEDS  top  secret water  of  life is  almost idntical to  the fuel powering the  I S S wizzing round the  eath  at 17000ph  or 7 mps   but  this  must  be  kept  toptiptop secret as I will be  given a    jolly  good  ticking  off if by the CUSTUMS BLOKES IF  THEY  FIND outbig grineye rolleekcoolme and my buddiesred facemr green  these little  chaps are a indication of   the  two  colours  of  before   lift off  WHICH once  started is  irreversible  by  the  so if  you  think  I  spelled Auntie   wrong with  further reference being to    annoying tanks well you have  not met  the   lady  "nuffsaid"

                                                                                                FEDMcSilly EXLIKE



t total now for 6 yrs not happy but just had to because of tablets, every friday 10. 12 pints half a bottle of whisky and 40 embassy no 1s .oh well thats that !cry


Yep t total since 1st September 1978 lol , smoke like a train though, hope the cigs get me before the LB totally melts my brain LOL.

We will need a couple of days notice mind fed so we can make sure you get a full welcome from West Country border control , including cavity search and steam clean, we got to be careful with you northerners.

  Anyway live well.  Cc