Recent forum update

Has anyone else found that after today's update they cannot now access the forum via their favourites and have to get in via Goggling PDS forum?

Just need to know before deleting it from my favourites and never gaining access again!!


Hi Benji, I'm not having that problem,I have accessed the forum through my favourites. Hope you can sort it our, we would hate to lose you.


Aw, thanks Glenchass.

I will wait a while as I can still get in here by Googling. Don't want to delete it in my favourites and then have further problems gaining access as a member, having to re register and all that and maybe not being allowed to do so as already registered, if you see what I mean.

Hi benji,

I had the same problem, 'server error' and couldn't get back on from favourites.

I took the plunge, deleted it from favourites, googled Parkinson's Disease Society. Got the website and hit 'forum' so brought up home page.

Then added it to favourites again. 'puter said already in favourites, did I want to overwrite it. Yes et voila!

Hope it works for you.

Cheers, Cecily.

PSI've just tried 'spell check' and there seems to be an error on that!

I've had to do the same Cecily!

Now I keep going to the wrong place in my favourites as it's now bottom of the list. Old habits eh!

Hi again Benji,

Just highlight PDS and drag it up to where ever you like

What is happening please? There seems to be something out of kilter with both the total number of responses and the presence of the first post of all.

Is this post web servicing 'hiccups' moderater?

Are there cobwebs on the website?

Is this a universal challenge?

There seems to be a weak link!!!!!


PS what's happened to spell check?

Has the alphabet been put in the alphabin?

PPS, now the threads 'Meany' and 'Twit' have disappeared!

It's time to clear up old girl, new broom ay what, funs over, tidy up, it wisnae me mister honest.


Thanks again Cecily.

Summat very odd going on today!

Am I missing something GG?

Ooh err!! They've chucked me out again. Back to the drawing board.

Strange, very strange.....

Cecily, not like you to miss the highlights earlier this morning. I posted this and it went the same way as the perpetrator, whoof and some others went as well for good measure. Possibly your and benji's problems are urelated, but if Mr Moors's indignation at my remark draws a response it might clarify that.

Mr Moore or sudo nim,
Pimpernel or are you Tim,
Some may say your jests are right,
Some may say a refreshing delight,
This may be an elaborate hoax,
With all your posts not juxtapose,
For a while this forum so forlorn,
Been brought to life this Friday morn,
Who can tell at this present time,
Will the reason come in verse or rhyme.


Sorry GG,

Missed the fun and games, in the land of nod. Up at 4.30, bed by 7am but I'm upset not to have experienced some excitement on the forum. One sees so little of it nowadays!

More, Tim, more.

It is true when things are so bland, you miss the one bit of excitement, drat and double drat, god knows when the next will come, but Sod and his law will dictate that.


Is our new moderator a little over zealous..without us guys he wouldnt have the job. Come on Mr Moderator chill out a bit...loosen the tie, undo the shoelaces and relax with a big mug of steamy chocolate. i am seeing friends disapear vey quickly from the site and for some of us this is our only outside support. Just give a little!!! BET THIS DISAPEARS TOO

Well, it hasn't disappeared glenchass but we still seem to be none the wiser as to what was "occuring".

Well Glenchass & G.G.
I'm not writing any more cos I'm sulking!
My innocent tongue-in-cheek replies to Mr Moor's postings this morning were sent to the sin bin - the first time this has happened in the 8 or so years I've enjoyed this forum. So there!! :cry:

how do you know if your postings have been sent wherever politically incorrect things are sent cuz I have put several postings on the forum and they dont appear anywhere??

Hi dejay and Mary,

The posts you put on the threads went when our comedian removed the evidence when he or she cleared up. The poem i put on under the title Madness introduced by mystery man,aka Tim Moore, shot off but it is still up above after i put it on again as you will see.

So Mary it would seem your offerings went out with the rubbish, just like the others. Deafening silence too.


Thanks Grumpy gramps
Can the moderator be so kind as to tell us why we have a forum if we can only say what he agrees with, or has the berlin wall gone back up and we no longer live in a democratic society. I dont suppose nyone will see this as it will also be assigned to the rubbish bin. Dejay

Agreed dejay.

All we ask is be told what went on and why?