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Hello, I dont know if I am in the right section?. My partner has PD. He slips over to his right side in particular when sitting down, and then he nods off… Tried padding him but doesnt help. I have looked for chairs that might support his side but needs to be a recliner chair, if we are buying a new one I would opt for a riser as hes finding it more difficult to get out of chair. Has anyone come up against this & found anything that helps?.
Thanks in advance

I love my chair. Not only is it a riser/recliner it also has 3 massage programs and a back heater. I was fortunate to get it for the low price of £100 secondhand but shows little sign of wear. I took a chance on getting it as was unable to test it but it has been my saviour. The massage eases back pain and together with the heater my constantly cold hands and feet are soon warmed.


I have a tilt in space rise recline chair in which the chair rotates on its axis and brings you to your feet more gently than a standard rise/recline as it doesn’t give the same marked tipping point - important to me for balance reasons. These chairs are not the cheapest but mine is worth every penny to me. If you buy new from a reputable dealer they may also be able to advise on the ‘padding’ issue alternatively it may be worth seeking an occupational therapy assessment regarding this to ensure you have considered all options - your local council would be the people to contact. Hope this is of some help or at least food for thought. Good luck.

Thanks Tot, We will investigate option.

Hi there,
Speaking from experience, I would avoid the main dealers who advertise iin the radio times and such like. They charge extortionate prices, have very charming and polite salesmen ( all men in our experience) who give good patter, and big reductions if you seem interested. I wish we had never met any of them. Local mobility shops or care do seem to do just as well…if you are new to this business, it is easy to be impressed by the jargon…tilt in space, double motors etc. And they make a big deal of the chairs being made to measure, but unless you have extra special needs, a chair is just a chair. My husband does now finds the riser function really good. Just don’t be conned into thinking that the more you pay the better the chair and make sure the foot elevation is high enough if you need that. We were advised against massage extra as not really making any difference, but I guess that is entirely a matter of taste and experience. We ended up buying a theraposture chair which was more reasonably priced but I still suspect that one half the price would have been just as good.
Likewise for the riser recliner beds.
Good luck!
Regards, Pippa

Care Co…that was meant to read , not Care do

Hi. Try Occ Therapy through social services. My husband used to do exactly the same and they provided him with a made to measure riser recliner with additional bolster at the side to prevent him leaning over. It’s made a huge difference to him

Thanks Pheebs, will do

Thanks for the points Pippa. It’s tricky business this!

I would entirely agree with Pippa and apologies if I misled you. I would always advise an OT assessment but am aware there is or can be a delay. If you do your homework there are reputable dealers who do not do the hard sell and are motivated by a wish to do the best by their client. They will take time to talk you through options, explain terms and let you try different chairs. This is an excellent site to get you started and is used by professionals too., if you search tilt in space they give a good explanation for the term I used; it is not what everyone needs but I am certainly safer as my chair has this facility. If you have any doubts or concerns or feel pressured by any salesman or company I would strongly suggest you go elsewhere, they are not doing you a favour you are a customer wanting a service and its your money.

Thank you Tot, I didn’t think you mislead me. We will be looking into options. He has been to a PD unit today & one thing they will refer to OT for a home assessment.

My parents gave me a JC Home Massage chair for my birthday. I’m so made up with this chair. I have been having back problems for about a year and needed a good chair that doesn’t agitate my back, well this does exactly that as it’s extremely comfortable and has a nice recline.
Then there’s the fantastic massage function which just makes it 100x better and tbh I really didn’t expect it to be so good considering the price of the chair, I thought it’d be more like a cheap gimmick, but it feels really nice and doesn’t feel annoying even after having it on for a while and isn’t too noisy at all, even on the high setting, as other reviews have complained.
I have it set to normal mode with back, lumbar and thighs enabled on high intensity and it’s great.
I don’t find the footstool massage function necessary personally as I don’t have any problems in my quads or anything like that but I can see how it’d be nice for someone who does.

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I’ll suggest to check these Signature Design by Ashley Ludden and Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner.
Both of these recliner are good ccomforhair for the price. I would classify it as a medium sized chair, i am 5foot 8 and it fits me well. The chair is fairly comfortable except the bottom seat is a bit stiff but not real bad.

Hi pudding 52.

My wife had a stroke 8 years ago at the age of 62. She has mobility problems and is always nodding off to sleep during the day. I have PD diagnosed 18 months ago at the age of 69 years old. We both have problems and have to look after each other. We have rise recliner chars from HSL. There are other suppliers but we found them to be the best not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. The chairs have the ability to lift you completely from a reclined position to a standing position without any help from others. The chairs have good body support so you don’t roll about when you are sitting or getting up.
We both have problems in nighttime sleeping and spend a number of nights in our conservatory in the chairs asleep and comfortable. I would recommend you have a look at a riser recliner chair for your husband.

Keep warm and safe

Merry Christmas

Hi, I’m researching riser recliner chairs for my father. He has PD and has suddenly been finding it near impossible to get up out his current chair. I think the riser would help a lot.

But wondered if leather or material is best for this? I’ve heard that leather can make people slip when rising. But he has also started falling asleep with cups of tea in hand & spilling them, so feel leather might be good for this reason.

Fabric chairs can be treated with a product like Scotchguard which makes spillages more manageable but the product needs to be reapplied regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Alternatively you could use a waterproof cover such as this