Ropinirole shortage

There seems to be a shortage of 1mg tablets of ropinirole. My usual pharmacy only had 38 and are unable to obtain more. I went back to my GP  surgery and they gave me another script. They very kindly checked with a local pharmacy for me and they had some but only 84. As I take 9 a day this is not going to last very long. They too are having trouble reordering.

Is anyone else having the same issue or is it local to me. I live on the Wirral.

Would be interested to know if anyone else is having trouble and what my options would be.


Can't you get the slow release ones? Then you'd only need two a day.

Tried the slow release not long after my diagnosis and they had little or no effect compared to the normal tablets.

Apparently 0.5mg are available but that's a lot of tablets

You could ask your Parkinson's nurse - or phone the PUK helpline for some advice on this...


I asked the pharmacist if I needed to but he said not yet. 

I was mainly wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

I have  got enough for just over a week

This is a bit concerning as I have just started meds Ropinerole after being Dx in August last year. I am on the four week build up. Week one 3/4 mpg a day building to 3 mpg a day in week 4 then slow release build up to 9 to 16 mpg per day depending on response.Seen no effects on Symptoms or side effects as yet but dose is very small. Any views on when I am likely to see an effect neuro said a few days. Due to get meds again this week so will ask about shortage. Is the slow build up I have explained typical of your and others experiences when starting this medication.

The slow build up is exactly how they did it with me. I noticed the effects straight away but it wasn't until I reached what was called a therapeutic dose did I notice positive effects.

That was 12 months ago and again it was done by increasing bit by bit. I found the slow release were not very good for me but everyone is different.

I was interested to note you are only just starting medication. I was prescribed ropnirole by the neurosurgeon on the day he diagnosed me.

I would be interested to see if there is a shortage by you.

Good luck


I live in Leicestershire and have not come across any problems with the supply of this medication, it is the Ralnea Ropinirole XL slow release I take. I was DX six years ago and prescribed this med and now take 16mgs per day, I have no side effects and they suit me fine, and they had an instant effect on my parkinsons. Hope you have all been warned of a serious common side effect of this med in that it may cause 'compulsive disorder' syndrome in some, whereby patients can start gambling, go on spending sprees etc., I know of some that this has happened to and has caused deep distress.

I wish everyone well who have been prescribed this medication - Sheila

Thanks Sheila

I am aware of the compulsive behaviour but thankfully this has not happened to me. Ropinirole has had a positive effect on my symptoms.

The problem is with 1mg tablets apparently, the slow release didn't work at all for me so I take 3 1mg tablets 3 times a day so I get through them. Maybe it is me who has caused the shortage!


Hi Ross464 - is it not possible to take a 2mg and 1mg three times a day, I could get the slow release in the 2mg, that would also cut down on the room in your medicine cabinet! Glad you don't have any compulsive disorders and hope you continue to do well on these meds as I have.

Regards Sheila

Apparently only available in 0.25, .5, 1 and 5.

The slow release didn't work for me.

Would like to do more but conscious of increasing the dose too soon as only 43. It would be good to go to the max and have a "normal life"

Regards Ross


You are young to be DX with parkinsons, and everything that comes with it - some sleepless nights for instances hence the time now! Shame they don't make the 2mg, it would make life a little easier.

All the best - Sheila

Ropinirole IS available in 2mg and 1mg.That would extend the supply of 1mg that you have left until the supply is back up and running in production.

I would urge anyone to try something other than this drug. Upping the dose to 24 mg early on after diagnosis and still, 18 years later trying to get off them completely and reducing now the Requip XL is h***ish!


Have you had bad side effects?


Hi Ross

You say that you saw some immediate effects on you symptoms  taking Ropinerole what were your symptoms and what was the effect. I have no tremor but the classic drag on my left foot and the no swing left arm. I have noticed no improvement yet but only in first week of meds. You also talk about reaching the therapeutic dose for significant improvement, what daily dose was this for you please. Seeing my gp tomorrow to increase dose to 1.5 mg per day week 2 of my introduction 




Not me, my husband.


There is another thread on this running now and there have been ;lots of threads previously on dopamine agonists.

Hi Tom

Sorry not logged in for a few days. Wish they did notifications.

My symptoms were similar except on my right side rather than the left.

I was increased from 1mg 3 times a day to 3mg 3 times a day. Again this was done bit by bit. That was over a year ago and I saw the consultant in January and he was happy to leave in where it is as am I. It would be great to not have any symptoms with a higher dose but I am 43 and don't want to get to the max before I need to. 

It was the specialist nurse who actually increased the dose.


I now have the tablets. It turns out it was the "cheap" ones that were unavailable so the pharmacist got a prescription for Requip and I picked them up today.

They were described as Heinz baked beans rather than shop brand beans! I didn't notice any difference with the so called cheap ones.


Glad to hear that all has been sorted.

Shame they didn't tell you before that the 'drug' was available  - but they were trying to economise! I don't suppose they thought about the anxiety that is caused when you think your meds may run out and no-one seems concerned.

I guess that is why the pharmacist was not too concerned as he knew that there was a quick fix!!

Lessons learnt  - you and others who read this - if your drug is apparently in short supply ask if it is available in the branded or generic form of the drug. (But sometimes changing from branded to generic -- or vice versa can cause problems due to the different 'recipe' of ingredients in the different forms of the drug.

Good to hear that you haven't noticed a difference with the 'cheaper' ones....but in your case you would have noticed a bigger difference with NO drug at all!


HI All


Haven't been on for a few days.  I too had problems  getting the 1 mg Ropinerole but was told Requip was available. Went back to my GP who subsequently changed to prescription to x2 0.5 mg rather prescribe Requip tight git.. Chemist told me the cost difference was marginal c £7 per pack. Thrashing on with my introduction to Ropinerole now in week 3 and taking 2.25 mg per day upping to 3 mg per day next week then probably 1.5mg per day extra each week until I find a satisfactory dose. Cant say I have seen much improvement yet but no side effects either so good news there. Consultant says on my letter 9 to 16 mg per day is the  normal dose so i presume as I increase the dose  the effects will kick in. Any guidance here would be useful. I will use this thread as a blog of my experience on introduction to Ropinerol.please feel free to comment on your experiences.