Rotigotine Neupro patch

Hello everyone,
has anyone any positve views on these rotigotine (neupro patch) sorry may have spelt wrong .
Has anyone found them helpful ?
My neuro specialist wants me to start a dopamine antagonist , but im frightened of the nasty sideffects!! but my condition isnt getting any better .
any advice would be helpful . many thanks Janie
Hi Janiegee,
I was started on Neupro PATCHES and found thery were very helpful. A change in consultant neurologist also changed me to Sinemet. However I am thinking about asking if I can go back to Neupro. The only problem I found with them was when increasing the dose, when I found my blood pressure dropped and I fainted.
Thanks for prompt reply Weedy .
im already taking sinemet which did help a lot but wearing off , i will keep low blood pressure in mind as its quite low already !! thanks janie
Hi Janiegee
I've been using neupro patches for 2 years now. When they work they are brilliant, but if you get a non-sticky batch then they are a bit hit and miss. On the whole I would highly recommend them. It took about a week to start feeling the real benefit of them. If you feel nauseous then that will pass or you can get some motilium from your gp which helps enormously. stick with them.... I think you will find them really good. Always ask your gp to prescribe more than you think you will need as they do have times when they come off in the shower or on hot sweaty days, then you will use the extras!

best wishes kippersbear:grin:
I am one of those for whom Neupro patches didn't work well, and I had a nasty couple of months transferring onto them from ropinirole and then back again.
Apart from that experience, I found it not that easy applying the patches so that they adhered well, and it was difficult finding a new area of my body each day, to avoid sticking them to the same skin area for at least a fortnight to give it time to recover. You are limited as to which parts of the body are suitable. I tried keeping a record of where I had applied each patch on a photo of me (which reminded me of people sticking pins into dolls to cast a spell!)
So as the replies nicely illustrate, different people will get different results.
Hi Janiegee,

My oh was on Neupro patches to start with and found them very good once he got used to them. He added Sinamet last year and still used the patches which help to smooth out the wearing off of Sinamet as the next dose it due. Incidentally he cannot tolerate Ropinerole. PD is such a varied condition that no two people are the same.

I would reiterate what has been said about sticking with it, as he had nausea to start with and was helped by Omeprazole.

Good luck.

Hi Janiegee i have been using neupro patches at 10mg a day for four years with sinemet added two years ago.I have not had any serious side effects from these drugs. Every body reacts differently so do not worry to much,just give yourself time to adjust.I have had PD for six years and apart from a slight difficulty in walking very far i keep well.Gook luck and keep well. Best wishes Kathryn
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My husband has recently started on rotigotine patches, but despite putting on waterproof plasters in addition to the patches,round the edges, they still come off. What have people found the best way to supplement the adhesiveness of the patch?

My OH found the best way to make the Neupro patches stick was to put two wide 5mm strips of microporous tape right across to patch. This then covers the whole patch and works quite well. You can buy it at Boots and probably other Pharmacies as well.

Hope this helps,

My husband has been on Sinemet plus for 3 years .. He has ne been doing to well so I asked if they would a different drug .. They added rotigitine patch / He only used them for 4 days . He had to stop because he kept switching off and was very confused when back on , he couldnt string two words together .
I did wonder if he persevered it might have settled down but the consultant said it happens to some people .
update on Rotigotine patches.

If you remember I wrote that my husband consultant added a 4mg patch to the Sinemet Plus that he has been taking for 3 yrs. We stopped using them because they seemed to make him switchoff and couldnt get his words out became dissorientated .

He has been struggling and I asked if he could try using a lower dose Rotigotine patch because when he first tried them he was alsotaking strong pain killers after his knee replacement op and I wondered if it might have benn part of the trouble .

I am pleased to say that the outcome is he is mutch more alert and coping mentally much improved , it's difficult to say that there is any improvement with his mobility because his knee op was not very successful . He is seeing his consultnat tomorrow and I am thinking of asking him to try increasing the dose of patch . I believe they sometimes do that and at the same time maybe reduce the Sinemet it is a lottery isn't it . Will keep in touch and let you know the outcome ..
Hi Johnnie,
I'd be interested to hear how this goes as I am on my 3rd week of titration on the 2mg patches alone and feel pretty spaced out I'm sticking with them as I prefer them to pills when travelling around.
Hope everything works out ok
Hi Trumble . Are you on any other meds .

It is much easier with the patch , we have had a few fall off but I have asked if they can supply some extra to cover this problem . I was very worried because my husband has also got problems with his skin but so far hasnt had any trouble with them .. Skinproblem can be another one of the many symptons I believe.

When he first started wearing the patch i found that he would just drop off and when he came back was dissorientated and couldnt string his words together but as I aaid when I eventually thought that it might possibly been caused by the strong painkillers .

He is struggling and I personally think it is worth trying most any meds to give him maybe a better quality of life what is there to lose. .

I also will be interested to know how you are getting on . One way or the other lol
Hi all,

I used the patches a few years ago and for me they were hopeless. It was very hard to get them to stick and as has already been said, you quickly run out of places to put them. Apart from the fact that you have to give each area a 'rest' before you use it again, you are also not supposed to let the sun get on any area that has been patched. This means in the summer you cant put them on your arms if you want to wear short sleeves. You can get packs of dessing cover which looks like cling film. This works very well at keeping the patches on but is expensive and you may not get it on prescription. I found the only place to put them was up and down my thighs.

Good luck
Hi Johnnie, I have just flown through the night to Singapore and slept for most of it...thanks to the patches, as for being alert, well more spaced out than usual taking into consideration jet lag and stuff. I packed the patches in cooler bags and they arrived still cool..a requirement I believe.
I have been bumping into people and feel more disorientated in crowds now.
I am on no other meds yet, just the 'try and see' agonists...these have been more tolerable at low doses and the moment the strength is increased to be of more benefit for fine motor movements it feels as if I'm rolling around on a boat.
My walking and main motor movements are still good with a little improvement to handwriting.however, my speech is becoming more slurred though, and it freezes up when I'm tired.
I'll let you know how I get on! lol Turmble
I have not yet had any problems with my skin as's early days yet, neither have they fallen off..this may be a problem with the intense humidity out here so will soon see. I'll be off swimming on Sunday and hope not to see my patch floating on the water.
I feel very physically heavy at times and feel like I'm wading through 'syrup' I often feel light headed when I wake up....none of this is conducive to driving vehicles right now!
Kittyw - To keep the patches in place, best thing to use is the plaster strips that you can get from all chemists, preferred one is microporous surgical tape from Boots.

I just want to add that although these patches are very good, be very aware that the side effects are very real, gambling, etc etc, happened to us over a period of two years, so just watch out.

I am very pleased to say the my husband is still doing better with the addition of the Rotigotine 4mg patch . We are not having too much of a problem with them coming off and considering his skin problems he is coping with them well . He has been on Sinemet plus x3 daily for 4 years and to be honest I could never ever see much of an improvement and he didnt seem to reognise if they were wearing on/off , so I think the addition of the patch is keeping him on a more even keel .

He doesn't seem to have any compulsions . He has always enjoyed folling horse racing but has kept the same habits .

I have been wondering if it might even be possible to reduce the Sinemet but he doesnt see his consultant for another 3 months .

Good luck Trumble hope it works for you ..
Dear Johnnie, I am so pleased that you have been more tolerant to the patches. My neurologist has increased my dose to 4mg a day and I am not on any additional meds or levadopa yet as I have only been dx for a year and am under 50....well just! My consultant is reluctant to start this just yet until the dopamine agonist route has been fully explored...we'll have to see.
Right now I am slightly more comfortable with the patches, hardly any tremors, the main benefit is the removal of the highs and lows and that awful rush I felt after taking the ropinirole and mirapexin tablets. Concentration is a little better but the muscles in my upper arms and legs get very stiff and heavy at times...once I start walking and gain momentum I'm ok for fairly long distances but I do get tired if I have to come to a halt and start again.
:wink:Strangely I am able to ride a bike which I find liberating.
My speech has not really improved at this level even though I have had the LSVT speech therapy.
I am very mindful of gambling as that euphoric sensation to take a risk can be very real....but I have fairly strong will power and keep a close eye on things. Very best wishes to you both