Sex, Lies and Parkinsons

The TV documentary "Sex, Lies and Parkinson's" is on CH4 this Friday (12th August) at 7.35pm

it is a documentary following Vicki, a paediatric nurse , who has early onset Parkinson's showing her battle with PD and the effects of medication on her life (and her family's)over the course of a year

Vicki is also being interviewed on the "This Morning" program on ITV on Wednesday.

I admire Vicki's courage in allowing her life to be filmed and expect it to be very entertaining and humorous as well as putting across the initial devastation of the diagnosis and the problems that can develop with some medication.

Thank you Vicki

I hope it gets a big audience

Thank you very much, Jazz, for bringing this to our attention.

I will be very interested in watching as someone whose life has been turned
upside down by the side effects of medication on my husband.
Thanks Jazz

I have put it on sky plus. Looks really interesting.
Thanks Jazz. I will make a note to watch, should be interesting.

thanks,ive put it on reminder x:smile:
thanks jazz x this has been an amazing 18 months- rollercoaster ride thru some dark days... im ready for some bklash but i hope folks realise me and my boys have opened our souls, hearts and lives to the world- im fighting the fight - for justice - for a cure- some may not like it but at least im trying to do sumthing!
Thanks for the heads up on that programme Jazz.

Thank you Vicki for having the courage to make this programme. Perhaps bringing PD more into the public domain will help people understand what living with PD is [u]really[/u] about. My best wishes and thanks go to you and your family.
Thanks jazz for letting us know I have set to record it.
hi Vicki,

You are one very brave lady and i take my hat off to you. It takes courage to go public on the subject of OCD, particularly given the lack of public understanding of OCD side effects caused by PD medication. Just out of interest what support if any are you getting from PUK in terms of making sure your story gets across to the general public in an empathetic way?

all the best
The tabloids don't tend to do empathy Bluey.
Hi jazz and Vicky,
Thanks for the reminder,especially of interest this programme is to me.Hardly one for watching T.V at the moment,i would probably have missed it.My Wife and i shall settle down and watch,another heart to heart we had last night.Having had a few to drink,our marriage spanning 25 years was discussed,cards on the table and things revealed,there were some amazing revelations,some good ,some bad.A balancing act and a controlled awareness of OCD is my stance at the moment.Maybe the programme will swing the balance.Sometimes losing sight of things in a personal struggle,needs a visual jolt of reality,we shall see.
I believe,that personal circumstances in a ones life,state of mind/depression/hang ups never discussed,all play a part in OCD manifestation and the course of action taken.An addictive personality also.Being an open type of person myself,i have the utmost respect for anybody who openly and honestly bares their soul.This respect will remain regardless of how and in which which light the programme paints them.
I would like to add my thanks to Vicky for going visually public,i hope it comes across as intended.Will be watching with personal interest and admiration.
All the best
Thank u xxx
I'm shitting myself - he'll of a week coming up
Going on this morning on Wednesday,
Question re support- they haven't been in touch
As said on another pd forum feel very alone x
good luck vicki we are all rooting for u ,u will be fine ,im sure of it:smile:,im very susprised though there has not bin surport from pduk:confused:
Hi Vicki - just want to wish you all the best for this week, look forward to seeing the programme on Friday and thank you for bringing PD into the spotlight.

Lizzy x
Good luck, Vicki, knock `em dead!
Vicki, you said PUK had not been in touch, does that mean you asked them to contact you and they got back? Or that you did not tell them your going on TV with your story?
they knew bout doc - 2 weeks ago wen the sunday people ran the story re me and side effects which i hasten to add was sensatioalised ad not how i wanted myself to b portrayed
i have done media stuff prev with pduk
its fine - i was asked the question- just answered - not mithering!
Hi Vicki, best of luck and thankyou so much for
doing this for all of us PWP.

I am 34 and was disagnosed 4 years ago.
The Rapinerol works very well with me except I do get occasional nausea, fatigue and the occasional urges mentioned.
The worst thing is not being able to type as well!
I'm still in the early stages though. I'm still trying to work and have bot gone to any support groups.
I look forward to the programme.