Sex, Lies and Parkinsons

I was dx nigh on 4 and a half yrs ago - still work full-time as a paediatric specialist nurse- promoted two yrs ago. Not saying it's easy, it's fecking hard but thanks to marvellous madopar in October , doing good,
As I write I'm having nails donevready for wednesdays "this morning"- I feel like I cant breathe and hope I don't barf over eamon Holmes!
What have I let myself in for!,,, lol
I think you are very brave to go on there and I hope it makes people aware of how these drugs can alter the behaviour of a percentage of PD people.

The thing with the media is they like to home in on anything to do with sex etc and I only hope that is is handled seriously and not in a nudge nudge wink wink trivial manner. Also the fact that it is a woman coming forward might add to this - their view probably being that most men would love a wife acting like a sex maniac.

The truth though is that hypersexuality is not funny in the slightest. My husband scared me and became aggressive and violent and completely changed his character. It was incessant and inappropriate and there was no love involved - just a primitive need for satisfaction on his part. I find it hard to talk about and don't really like doing so but it was a dreadful time. Now he is off the drug in question he is completely different but obviously some of the things he did (which I don't want to go into on here) has had a detrimental effect on our marriage.

I truly hope the programme will show how serious it is and that Eamon and Ruth won't handle it trivially. Good luck and tell them how it is on behalf of all your fellow sufferers out here.

p.s. Before we have people saying that DA's are brilliant for some people - I know they are and thank goodness for them. I know there is a positive side to all drugs and that they help many people to live a nearly normal life but for some people, unfortunately my husband being one, they have caused a lot of loss and heartache. If any of you people who have benefitted from them had been through the nightmare that we have I'm sure you too would feel angry and want other people to be made aware.
The side effects have almost cost me my family , it isn't a joke and if it were my other half I'd have walked! The doc has opened to eyes to wot an egocentric bitch I can be!
The side effects have almost cost me my family , it isn't a joke and if it were my other half I'd have walked! The doc has opened my eyes to wot an egocentric bitch I can be!
Hello Vicki.

I wish you luck for your broadcast and it will be very interesting to see how you are perceived by your community over the next few years.

I too have been down this rocky road ever since meeting with Pramipexole in its many guises. Has anyone ever come of the drugs and gone cold turkey. I mentioned this to my Nurse and she said I could but I would have to take full responsibility for doing so. If the balance of my mind has been affected then it is questionable as to my decision making process. Wouldn't it be grand to actually have Catch 22 work for rather than against.

Sorry for the waffle .....honest I only came on to wish you well!!
Thanks Jazz for bringing this to the attention of forum members here.

Vicki, having met you couple of times, I know you are one brave lady and you're doing a fantastic job of trying to raise awareness. I cant say thanks enough for what you have done for the cause. Hope to see you soon, take care, Carol xx
Hi Vicki

I read the Sunday People article and I understand what you mean about them changing the emphasis towards sex etc. Unfortunately the tabloid editors are only interested in selling papers and don't care about peoples lives or families.

They also said that there was no alternative to Requip.

Is this what you have been told by your neuro or is it a fabrication by the media?

What was the reaction of your neuro when you told him the extent of your problem?

What is your neuro doing to help you overcome the ocd addiction?

PWP on the whole will understand your plight,however, the general public may not be so kind. Hopefully, the film will address the balance.


Well done Vicki! I'm sure that you are aware that we will all be behind you on Wednesday and Friday, and of course we will continue support you in the future. i too have been a victim of OCD, when I was prescribed them 11 years ago there were no warnings about ocd at all. As a result my behavior over a 4 year period lost us everything that we had worked many years to achieve. I only wish I had had the opportunity that you have had...should you need any back up regarding the ocd issue I would willingly be right next to you.

Our good wishes go with you...we will be watching with bated breath.

could u tellme which mornin programme its on ,on weds please and wot time:smile:
Thank u so much everyone xxx
It's itv's "this morning" - sum time between half ten n 12
As I write I'm lying on a bed in a posh London hotel - all very surreal!
Have my mum n pr manager from work for support ,
Contemplating a spray tan or g&t...... Corn beef legs not good look !
Have a G&T Vickie it will relax you tonite.....we all will be rootimg for you tomorrow may the PDUK Force be with you.

All the best to you

Radz x
Well done Vicki! (no luck needed, you seem so determined, good on you!).

I am certain it will all go as well as you want it to go!

Best wishes,

p.s. does anyone know if it will be put on the TV's stations website or something similar, for the non-UK folk?
Hi Rico you should be able to get it on ITV iplayer for tomorrow mornings show and them for the Fri show BBC iplayer scoll down till you see BBC4 click on that and then look for programme....Hope this makes sense.....Oh and leave till till after the time the actual programme goes out.

Thank you.Without your reminder we would have missed it.
Cheers Radz!

Excuse my ignorance but I don't watch it "live" right (i.e. it is not streamed via iplayer)? I gather I follow your instructions anytime after show has aired?

Thanks again!
Best wishes,
Vicki`s program is on channel 4. Friday 7.35.
Don't be nervous, just imagine Eammon naked... then again maybe not.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the day.
good luck vicki,i got tv on now,jermony kyle:laughing:then u after ,wow wot amornin :wink:xx:smile:

Vicki's interview is at 11.30am

Good luck Vicki, proud of you girl!!
have just emailed the show asking whether Mr.Andrews has a problem. He may call it "nooky" ,we call it sex. Was anyone else appalle by his sneering, giggly introduction?

I am too sensitive?