Sinemet shortage status

Just returned from the Chemist who said they are unable to fulfil my regular monthly prescription. They offered no advice as to what to do so I have asked the GP for some advice. I see from earlier posts that there were shortages in September and October. Does anyone know the current position? I react badly to changes so would be wary of a generic approach. I take Sinemet 12.5/50mg.

This is the most recent info I’m aware of. You could try ringing the helpline as they may have more information.

Thanks for sharing that link @Mountainair.

Hi @Marigold, Sinemet should be available as far as I know. Have you tried an alternative chemist? It may just be that that chemist had not ordered batch. Alternatively, you could ask you pharmacist to contact MSD to check about supply in your area. Please keep me posted on how you get on.

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I here certainly seems to be a problem in the Cambridge area. Lloyds chemist do not seem to know when deliveries to the UK might be made. Out local village branch was less than helpful: I was told to go back to the GP and get an alternative prescription (but no suggestion of what!). They did not return the original prescription so I had to go back to the GP to get a duplicate prescription so I could try other pharmacies before really panicking! I take 12.5/50 Sinemet - double dose rather than use 25/100 Sinemet - but was unable to find any 12/.5/50 but did have an option of finding the 25/100 tablet. Boots in Newmarket fortunately still had a box of 25/100 which they have reserved for me and I have to go back to the GP to pick up a revised 'script for the alternative tablet size. Boots had been told by MSD that there were delivery problems for the 12.5/50s for which there are no generic alternatives according to the web site. They were very helpful. I pick up the revised script from the GP this morning and will go back to Boots - fingers crossed the reserved box is still available. I do not really want to change drug regime which would appear to be the backstop.
Being told there were no tablets available at my original chemists was like suddenly standing on the edge of an abyss. It has made me feel really vulnerable.

Hi @Marigold,

What a fiasco - I hope you were able to get the box of 25/100 at Boots. It’s a shame that you had to get another prescription but I also hope it didn’t inconvenience you too much. If you need any more support on this, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

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Can anybody tell how expensive sinemet is. I live in Illinois . I have

several samples. But was wondering about the cost.

I’ve been taking Sinemet since November last year and am on !0mg/100mg three times a day. My local chemist has been unable to provide Sinemet for my last two prescriptions and has given me a generic alternative Co-careldopa. I can see from previous posts that shortages aren’t unusual. Do we know why? Has anyone found a solution? Has anyone had experience of using the generic alternatives? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Hi @Mari,

I just wanted to chime in here to let you know that we’ve got info on the supply issue coming out later this week which I’ll keep the forum posted on.


I am due to start on Sinemet 12.5/50mg and was due to collect them today, but got a call to say that the wholesaler can’t get them till mid-June. She is going to call my GP on Monday to let her know and seek guidance. I guess waiting isn’t a disaster - I haven’t started on the meds yet so can wait I think.


Have just come back from my local pharmacy who have advised that they can’t fulfil my prescription due to a lack of supplies at the warehouse. They are going to get back to me later this week and then see if there are any generics available. I take 2x12.5/50mg 5 times day so could replace with 25/100mg if necessary. I just hope it is not as chaotic as last time!

Hello Marigold, I have never had any problems getting any of my meds up until now (I’ve had parky nine years now!) Called for my usual ‘script’ from Boots chemist who have always been so good in my supplies only to be told the Sinimet 12.5mg/50mg is ‘out of stock’, which I cannot understand why, do you think that someone somewhere is maybe holding us to ransome? Boots say they can get hold of a generic brand (cheaper) BUT are they going to be any good?? I am going to speak to my Parkinsons Nurse


Good afternoon Reah, just wondered if you have any info regarding the latest shortage of Sinimet 12.5/50mg? I take 2 tabs 3 times a day, and have enough to last me two weeks.

Thanks sheffy :pensive:

The sinemet-news-update dated 10 May on the website is very interesting and mentions shortages as well as changes to 3 products. I only found it by doing a search rather than it being flagged for information. Other websites indicate that flows/deliveries should start in June. This implies a few more weeks with no supplies.

There are references to patients having discussions with GPs and pharmacist to look at alternatives. This all sounds very cosy and is all well and good if there had been some planning/notification in advance. Allowing patients to turn up at the pharmacy to pick up a regular monthly prescription, with only enough tablets for a few days left, to be told there are no supplies is not good practice! I am sure most of us do not have more than a week or two of tablets in reserve.

I know I have an alternative as I take 2 x 12.5/25mg 5 times per day and could use Sinemet 25/100mg instead. I used a generic brand last time and didn’t notice too much difference. What I need to try and do now is find a local pharmacy that actually has stocks of Sinemet 25/100 as supplies are getting low due its use as an alternative for the other tablets.

I am surprised at the lack of local co-ordination and the apparent reliance on the patient to find tablets and organise updated prescriptions from the GP etc. I don’t know how many of us take Sinemet but surely it is more than a handful in each area. Does anyone have any stats on this?


I have my meds. One of the doctors at my surgery had a chat with the pharmacist and they have come up with a solution - halving the 25mg/100mg tablets and I’m taking one of those (half a tablet) three times a day. Not perfect but it’s a solution, although I feel for the poor pharmacist having to divide 120 tablets in two!!!


Glad you have found a solution.
I got a new prescription from the GP and managed to get some 25/100 Sinemet from Boots this morning - it was their last packet. I think it might have to investige the generics next month!

Take care taking the tablets - they can make you feel nauseous. I always have a small water biscuit with mine and a glass of water. They work better if you have them on an empty stomach - 30 mins before eating or 2 hours after eating and also seem to work better if the amount of protein in the diet is reduced. I hope you manage to establish a regular routine.


Thanks Marigold. I’ve been on them for about a week and a half and have had no problems with nausea at all. I’m not sure about how best to schedule them, so have been having them at about 7am, then at noon and again about 5-6pm - not sure if they need to be more spaced out. I’m careful with protein as you say, I’m allowing 30 mins or so before even having milk in my coffee!

I’ve just been prescribed them, the neurologist said take them at 8am then 8pm for 2 weeks then add another at 2pm after that. He never mentioned about taking them with food but I tend to do that anyway, good excuse for a snack sometimes :slight_smile: .

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When I moved to a different area my new doctor said they did not prescribe sinemet but an alternative as sinemet was too expensive. I got in touch with my consultant who said it would not make any difference taking a different make. So far I have been ok.

Hello Margs1, I know some Parkinson sufferers cannot tolerate the cheaper meds, with me it was the cheaper Ropinirole brands that I couldn’t (and still can’t) tolerate. I wonder if is the length of time you have been on the expensive brands (in my case from being diagnosed in 2010) and that the body gets used to a particular brand. I am now having problems with supplies of my Sinimet 12.5/50mg, and I have been on them for just over a year now, taking 6 tablets a day, so hope by introducing a generic for this med that it will not upset my regime

I live in hope - sheffy

Hello Reah or anyone on the Moderation Team.
I posted you last week sometime to ask you if you could give us any information at all about the shortage of some Sinimet meds namely 12.5/50mg, are the supplies running short and near to being unable to supply anymore at all, to the point of loosing all Sinimet supplies, and to give us hope that another med will take it’s place?? Most of it’s users are so reliant on this medication!