Sinemet shortage status

I mentioned it to my GP and Parky Nurse, not heard what we are supposed to do! Cold Turkey off Sinemet??? FFS!!!

The statement on Sinemet shortages in the News Section on this site was updated on 17 May but there hasn’t been any further update. Looks like supplies to warehouses and then to pharmacies will be mid-late June. When this happened last time (Nov 18) I had to liaise with both the GP and the pharmacy as the GP has to confirm that they are happy for a generic or different drug to be supplied as an alternative.

Hi Sheffy, sorry I didnt reply earlier I never received an email about a reply like I usually do. I have only been diagnosed since last April and was put straight on Sinemet. I moved in August and have been on another brand since then.

Hi @sheffy,

Yes, unfortunately there is a shortage on a variety of Sinemet medication including the 12.5/50mg and they won’t be available to early June. This, of course, is’t fair to people with Parkinson’s who depend on this medication, however, your GP or pharmacist can discuss this with you and should be able to offer you a suitable alternative.

We’ve posted more information on the forum here - Sinemet News Update: 10/05/19.

As always, if you have anymore questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline.

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Well I went to collect my Sinemet 12.5/50 and Sinemet CR 50/200 today and the cupboard was bare. Give Boots credit they called all 3 surgeries and other pharmacies in my local area and no one has any. They are saying late June they are hoping they may get some. Couldn’t get an appointment with my GP but again they are not much use. Fortunately I am with my Neurologists tomorrow so fingers crossed for a result. However he is not allowed to write me prescription as I live in another Primary care trust. My surgery will not act on a telephone call from him and he has to write a letter and then fax it which of course takes time. Can be up to 1 week delay, I run out on Tuesday evening so Wednesday at work might not be good… Oh well I will be positive and hope he can sort it out and also instruct my GP to refer me to the PD nurse as I have now found out the delay in seeing a PD nurse is again because I live in a different PCT. I chose to go with Neurologist to Cambs when Norfolk PCT stopped using him 1 day a week 18 months ago as it is easier to get to Addenbrokes than my local hospital and I also attend the Brain Disease Research centre at Addenbrokes on the same day so only have to take one day every six months off work.
So fingers crossed for a solution tomorrow :sunglasses:

I had the same problem last week. Sorted By getting a script for the 25/100 tabs and cutting these in half. Irritating that the pharmacist can’t be allowed t divide by two and issue this without a script but there it is. Very alarming as I take it every two hours and grind to a halt without! I shall stock pile after this.

I find it frightening that individuals have to go round to try and find a solution. Boots have been very good here as well but if there aren’t any supplies then there is not a lot they can do. I am not sure how these ‘generic’ versions are accessed and whether the GP has to issue yet another prescription, or even if there are generics available - they might have run out as well! Is this the process for all drug shortages - what about those who are not able to search for replacements? There hasn’t been any contact from my PD Nurse - although she is a non-prescribing nurse so even if I managed to contact her so she couldn’t take direct action.
Good luck at Addenbrookes. My Neuro is here as well.

Professor Barker has told me the alternatives which he recommends which is Madopar if I am reading his handwriting correctly. Also my lucky day :four_leaf_clover:there is stock of both Sinemet at Addenbrookes just now waiting for the prescription to be made up :sunglasses: good luck to all who are also struggling to get what they need to keep going and trying to get on as normal as possible with enjoying life :blue_heart::sunglasses:

Well a good appointment with Professor Barker he has upped my meds as he says I am little undercooked at the moment :+1: and he has also checked and Addenbrookes have my meds so sat waiting for prescription to be sorted as they will not accept a paper one he has given me.

They have called other Lloyd’s branches in Cambridgeshire and no one has any. They will not let me have my meds as it has not been done on the computer I can actually see them 8 ft away😠 gone back to neurologists reception he says it is a valid prescription and does not have access to the computer prescribing facility.

Back to Lloyd’s well you could try walking around pharmacies in Cambridge or go back to Professor Barker and get him to do it on line. CATCH ****** 22. Explained I have done that so was suggested I could always try A&E. Computer says no :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: you could not make this up. Solution. I will write you a different prescription which I should be able to gef filled somewhere. What an absolute joke of caring

Gone back to see neurology reception for one last time hoping to get somewhere but not confident at all.

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How frustrating - especially when you can see the tablets on the shelf! I am baffled by the system - perhaps it is just Cambridge.
Good luck

Hi Marigold, yes sorted professor Barker called Boots in Downham Market went through what he wanted for me instead of Sinemet CR and then wrote me a new prescription. Just collected them and now sat at home with feet up enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Oh what a day it’s been, never mind weekend with hopefully some nice weather to make things seem better :sunglasses:

Hi Everyone, this particular situation is getting extremely worse. It’s a dire situation to be in and what I would like to know is HOW ON EARTH DID WE REACH THIS SITUATION ??? AND MORE TO THE POINT WHY !!! WHO CONTROLS THE SUPPLIES OF THESE DRUGS ???
I take SIX of these damn tabs a day 12.5/50mg, got enough till Monday next week, and what then? don’t know where to turn!!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted… sheffy

Hi @sheffy,

I’m sorry that you and many others have to experience this, I can’t begin to imagine how concerning this must be for you all. We updated the Sinemet webstory last week which you can find here -

However, I have noted the key points from the webstory below.

As of 4 June, Sinemet 25mg/250mg is back in stock.This leaves the current status of all Sinemet products as:

Still supply issues with:
Sinemet 12.5mg/50mg 9x10 tablets.
Sinemet CR 50mg/200mg 6x10 tablets.

MSD have confirmed that these Sinemet products should all be available as of 4 June 2019:
Sinemet Plus 25mg/100mg 10x10 tablets.
Sinemet Half CR 25mg/100mg 6x10 tablets.
Sinemet 10mg/100mg 10x10 tablets.
Sinemet 25mg/250mg 10x10 tablets.

We will continue to update with news from MSD.

Best wishes,

Hi Reah, thank you for your response to the Sinimet shortage, as of June 9th Boots the chemist could not source any of the 12.5/50mg of Sinimet I was prescribed, however my Neurologist has now, due to the shortage, prescribed for me Sinimet plus 24/100mg - these I was able to get almost immediately from Boots chemist. I must admit I was becoming quite concerned, but I am now relieved!

sheffy :grinning::grinning:

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Hi @sheffy,

You’re welcome and I’m glad you’re now feeling relieved (as you should! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Best wishes,

Hi Reah
Is there any further news on 12.5/50mg Sinemet?

I am finding the generic 25/100mg substitute less effective and am having all sorts of side effects so am looking foward to the taking the 12.5/50s again (I take 2x 12.5/50mg 5 times per day). If I know it is back on the shelves I can get the correct prescription from my GP.
Many thanks


Hi @Marigold,

So sorry to hear that you’re still suffering the consequences of the Sinemet issue. All products are back in stock, however Sinemet 50mg/12.5mg will be subject to intermittent supply until mid-July.

Please see this web story here, for more info and feel free to contact our helpline team for more support on this.

Best wishes,

Went to collect husbands prescription this morning , he is on Sinemet plus 25mg/100 three times a day. Three chemists in Perth were unable to supply this and couldn’t give any idea of supply date. Eventually phoned a pharmacy who uses a different supplier, and they were able to supply the generic version, hopefully they will be satisfactory. Why are we being told that the supply problem is over when it obviously is not?

Be careful about using generic sinemet. My GP advised that Parkinson’s is one of the few diseases whose treatment can be adversely effected by using generic rather than branded. I can confirm this as my husband was badly effected. The generic did not last nearly as long as the branded sinemet.

That is what I am concerned about, husband has 6 days of usual prescription left before having to start on the generic supply but due to see Parkinsons nurse in two weeks so will be able to ask her advice if any problems with it.