I have a question about Sinemet. I am taking Sinemet 3 times a day 125 mg 100mg 50mg before bedtime. About 5pm I feel very tired and very sleepy. Should I took more mg in the afternoon ? Maybe I should take 3 times a day125 mg? If anyone can advice me I will be thankfull.

it seems a particularly daft regime. did your neuro give any explanation  of why your brain's need for dopamine should decrease during the day? 

We were told that a constant level is to be aimed for so my husband takes just under 100 mg every 2 hours ( 1 and a half 62.5mg 8 times a day.)

He has had Parkinsons for 14 years and been on Sinemet for 4 years.

Before that he had 10 years on Requip XL which just about ruined our lives.

He is now more mobile than ever and well managed.




The recommended start dose of sinemet is 3 x a day 125mg(so-called Sinemet Plus). This would give  fewer side effects. I did for a while quite well on 3 times 62.5 mg Sinemet. It is trial and error, as most people react to treatment differently. After all, we often have different symptoms too. However, if you read other people's posts you will find that most start on equal doses of Sinemet throughout the day, with the last dose about 6 pm.

do you know your not meant to split 62.5mg ,i know what your going to say why have they got a mark on them where to break ! i know ...kept on getting a ear full of pd nurse !  i take 4 +125mg sinemet plus & 3 + 62.5mg sinemet now! used to break them in you know this is why they changed the 125 split mark anymore,

I've never heard of this. Why should you not half the Sinemet? I do know that it is a different story  with Sinemet CR, these are slow (controlled) release tablets that are specially coated and should not be broken in half or ,for that matter, at all.

My husband is prescribed 1 and a half 62.5 tabs  every 2 hours and halves them easily.

I agree that it is not possible to halve slow release tablets without ruining their effect.

I presume the 125 mg doesn't need a split line as you can be prescribed the lower dose pill?



I think not sure but my pd nurse said 31.2.5 mg of a tablet would have no effect also they will not be accurate the way they split, No 125mg   you could  split as well making 62.25mg but they have but a stop to these now. There are still some of the old style out but not for long ! People our very sensitive to sinemet i know this as i used to  split 62.5mg.there was a big page of this in last yrs pd membership mags .its only £4 a yr. 

Does anyone have a breakdown of what to expect from the different strengths and types of Sinemet, or where to obtain such information?

Can different strengths be used at different times, such as Sinemet Plus 25/100 and Sinemet 25/250.

Any information on stronger doses causing low B/P and falls.

Has Stavola caused intense diarrhoea to anyone.

What does Azilect do to enhance wellbeing of a PD sufferer.

I realise that any information will apply to the person concerned only but an exchange of information would be most helpful.

you can take different strengths i take 7.30am 125mg plus ,10.00am 62.5mg 12.00 125mg plus 2.00pm 62.5mg 4.00pm 125mg plus 6.00pm 62.5mg 8.00pm 125mg plus 10.00pm 250mg slow release cr,the cr s are not recommend for daily use as they are very unappreciable!

Thanks everyone for your responses. I spoke with my doctor and I take now 6am -125mg; 14pm-125mg; 10pm_ 50mg. And I feel better now that I increased afternoon dose.

at 10pm was that meant to be 250mg cr, that seems very weird times as sinemet only last for about 6hrs.6am to 2pm is 8hrs !  2pm to 10pm is 8hrs !  10pm 250mg cr last for 12hrs ok !.do you get off times example 12pm to  2pm  & 8pm to 10pm if you do maybe you should look at your times. 125mg 7am -1pm .125mg 1pm-7pm .. 62.5mg 7pm to10.30 or 10pm .10pm 250mg cr

but if it works for you hey! leave a lone.

sorry just feel like i have not finished .sinemet take about half an hour to get into system .last about six hrs so if you took one at 7.30am that would kick in 8.00am last for about 6 hours so  really it would be good to take another one at five & half period if you good tolerate that  wearing off & kicking in last half hour.if not saywith six hr not gp but i would took to pd nurse about your timing!

Hiya Gus,

I take 4  Half Sinemet CR 25/100 tablets per day - 0800,1200,1600 and 2000. I don't know whether this is right or wrong, good or bad, enough or not. All attempts to get the full picture, or a treatment plan from my Neuro as been unsuccessful.  What do you mean by "CRs are very unappreciable" for daily use?


sinemet cr are slow release so there are not releasing into blood stream all at once instead they are releasing unappreciable amounts  during the day ,as when your asleep at old are you they normally give crs to older people during the day as they tend to forget there meds!. never heard of splitting a cr in half before. 4+ 125mg sinemet plus or 4+62.5mg sinemet is the norm

sorry what i mean by older people is:they can often forget times when to take meds ! maybe they split  250 cr as they don't do a 125 cr.have to wait a few more yrs to find that out x fingers.

meant to say cr s are  unreliable during the day not unpredictable is this same !

Hiya Gus. Thanks for your responses. Half Sinemet CR 25/100mg is the name of the tablet, it is not split in half. I am 70 years old, and I don't think the state of my memory is the reason for the CR pills. Have you, or anyone else, seen a prescription like this - ie all CR pills?


sorry bob , didn't even no you could get cr 125mg do they work for you. if so thats good,do you suffer from dyskinsia head moving arms involuntary this is what would be the unpredictable side  of the meds i mention .if concerned have a word with your pd nurse she might tell you why,please get back to me as im intrested to.thanks bob, i might goggle it